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The World's Greatest 4 Week Diet and Exercise Plan Basics

*all information below is from "The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises"

-plan is based on research by Jeff Volek, PhD

-anticipated results are loss of fat, more energy, and better sleep

-suggests a reduction in risk for diabetes and heart disease, cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin levels.

-suggest cutting back carbs cuts calories so you don't need to track your calories ( I will continue to track mine though)

-Eat high quality protein at every meal

-Eat lots of low starch vegetables

-Avoid foods with sugar and starch

-Limit fruit and milk intake

-Keep carb intake below 50-75 grams a day

-Drink lots of water

-for each workout you do eat at least 20 grams of protein anywhere between an hour before your work out to 30 minutes after. ( I am going to take the book's suggestion and try At Large Nutrition's Nitrean protein. I ordered it today.)

-3 days a week do a warm up, the exercise plan from the book (alternating A&B) which includes circuits of strenth training, and one of the cardio workouts.

 Workout A

1 Core

2A Glutes and Hamstrings

2B Upper Back

3A Quadriceps

3B Chest


Work Out B

1 Core

2A Quadriceps

2B Lats

3A Glutes and Hamstrings

3B Shoulders

 The link below will let you look at some of the pages from the book:

 The book is nice but a bit bulky for everyday gym use. It has several different work out plans based on your lifestyle and goals. All of the exercises have variations so there aren't as many different exercises and you expect at first. I do like the lay out of the book though and the illustrations are great. I just wish I could get a digital copy for my iPhone.

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