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Bio-Medic Diet Protocol by Selena

The BioMedic Diet Protocol

You may choose between 2 different Supplements:


#1 – Lipodrene with 25mg Ephedra:


In the US, this can’t be purchased in stores due to an FDA ban. You may order it online from several sources. Please click here to visit our "Supplement Details" page for more information!


#2 - This supplement mixture:


•1 Bronkaid (25mg of Ephedra Sulfate)

• 1 No-Doze or Generic Brand (Walgreens,CVS,etc), (200mg of Caffeine)

• 2 Chewable Baby Aspirin (162mg)


In the US, you will find the Bronkaid card in the medication isle but you will have to take the product card up to the pharmacy area and present your ID in order to purchase it. You won’t be able to purchase more than 1 box at a time due to FDA regulations in the fear that you might be trying to make Methamphetamine. Ha! Take all of these together twice per day. Take one dose in the morning as soon as you wake up and the second mid-day. Don’t take the second dose past 3:00pm or you will find it very hard to sleep! If you feel that you don’t need a second dose then you don’t have to take the second one. Just see what works best for you.


Only on your eating days, you may take one multivitamin with your one meal of the day. You have to take vitamins with food or they won’t absorb properly. Try your best to stay away from fast food when you eat unless you choose the healthier items such as non-fried foods. Also, no alcohol while you are on this diet. This will go without saying but I will PROMISE you that if you follow my rules and DON’T CHEAT yourself, this will be the ONE THING that actually works for you! You may also chew sugar free gum anytime you want! Please don't swallow it! DRINK, DRINK, DRINK…LOTS OF FLUIDS.


Day 1: Fasting! - This means that you eat NOTHING…not one morsel is to enter your mouth (except your dose mixture)…not even a small piece of candy or cracker. Weigh yourself and make note of your weight! This number only goes down from here! You may drink water, iced or hot tea or coffee with artificial sweetener only! The sweetener can not contain any calories or sugar. NONE! Absolutely NO SOFT DRINKS…not even diet. If you want milk in your coffee, it has to be fat free. If having a latte from Starbucks it must be fat free/sugar free! You may chew sugar free gum but please don’t swallow it! You may feel like you are going to die of starvation but you won’t and it will get easier. You may feel a little jittery but this too will pass. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK-All Day!


Day 2: One meal per day! - As soon as you wake, urinate, weight yourself and take your 1st. dosing mixture. You are allowed to have the same drinks as on your fast day. Be sure to take your dose before you eat if you are choosing breakfast. You’re one meal for the day may consist of anything you want within a 60-minute period including your multivitamin or vitamins of choice. I usually chose lunch as my mealtime but on your eating day, you can eat your ONE meal during whatever hour you choose from midnight to midnight. The cool thing is you can eat wherever, whenever and whatever you want on this day, ONE TIME. If you want dessert, have it! Be sure it is within the one hour that you started eating your meal! It has everything to do with the digestion process. Just go a little light on the dessert portion for the best results. Like instead of a huge portion (an entire cake, lol), choose a candy bar, pudding, or even just a bite of something sweet! Don’t eat like birds…get full, feed your cells. Don’t gorge but eat a nice full meal. You probably won't be hungry at all after a couple of days and eating will be like slapping yourself in the cheek, HARD! This is your body’s food for 2 days. Be a little more choosy and smart about it and you will have even better results. Perhaps instead of having McDonalds "every" meal day, cook something greasy at home, ha! Even grease at home is better for you than what they pack into fast food. Satisfy yourself and enjoy every bite. You have an entire hour! DRINK, DRINK, DRINK-All Day!


Day 3: Fasting! Repeat day 1 exactly.


Day 4: One meal per day! Repeat day 2 exactly.


You should stay on this continuous cycle until you have reached your “absolute” goal weight or size. NO CHEATING, NO ALTERNATING, NO SNACKING, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself and your goal. Also, if you cheat, you are not likely to have the amazing results like all of us did.


IMPORTANT! If you feel jittery, ill or light headed at anytime, you may have a few pretzels or wheat crackers with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. If you experience this, it is rare however, and it will pass.


Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for even more information and some great tips!

f you work out, great but it’s not necessary on this diet because you are focusing on the chemical breakdown of fat in your body. Once you reach your goal, then you can focus on physical training and toning. One side effect of this whole thing, you will lose weight so fast that you will have a lot of loose skin. This part sucks and I did crunches like a mad woman after I lost all of the weight to help firm my tummy skin and muscles but that is all I did.


You will be shocked at your results, I assure you. So many of us did this together and not one of us didn’t “freak out” over what was happening at an alarming rate. Remember…there is no such thing as starvation mode! Be sure to keep taking the dosing mixture because if you don’t, you may not be able to fast well, having the energy and appetite suppressant that the mixture provides.




QUESTION: Is the BioMedic Diet safe?

ANSWER: Yes, a physician initially suggested a version this diet. A group of friends and I made some slight changes to the protocol and we did this diet together! We had significant improvements on body weight, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels. Our overall health was dramatically improved without any muscle loss. In fact, most of us gained muscle.


QUESTION: What about maintaining your weight after doing this diet?

ANSWER: The key to maintenance is balance and not consuming more calories than your resting metabolic rate burns in one day. My resting metabolism as of today is 1134 calories per day. That means that I burn 1134 calories per day by breathing, my heart beating, sitting on the couch, etc. If I eat 1200 calories per day, I MUST do something to burn off the 66 calories or I will gain/store. That is the science behind it. During maintenance, you can begin to eat everyday but it is suggested that you eat only once per day (especially if consuming a high calorie/high fat meal) or eat 2 or 3 smaller meals. Simply focus on not surpassing your resting metabolism caloric intake. Please check out the Maintenance Phase section for more detailed information!


QUESTION: How do I find out my what my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) calculation is?

ANSWER: RMR stands for resting metabolic rate. RMR is the amount of calories burned in a day if a person were to do no activity at all.


First you must calculate your weight in kilograms. To do that, first calculate your weight in pounds. After you have weighed yourself, multiply that number by 0.4535. For the height factor you need to calculate centimeters. To do that, find out your standing height in inches, then multiply that number by 2.54.


Calculating RMR for men: (10 X weight in kg) + (6.25 X height in cm) - (6.76 X age) + 66 = RMR


Calculating RMR for women: (9.56 X weight in kg) + (1.85 X height in cm) - (4.68 X age) + 655 = RMR



QUESTION: Do you think this diet helps people with compulsive eating or overeating disorders?

ANSWER: Yes, this diet absolutely helps the people with eating disorders because I used to be one of them. That is why it took me most of my life to be thin. By being able to eat whatever you want on this diet it allows you to stay in control and satisfy your love of food. At the same time, it teaches you that you CAN eat it and still be healthy as long as it's not all the time and a lot less of it!


QUESTION: What do you do if you have a party to go to and it falls on a fast day?

ANSWER: What you should do is on the eating day before your party, you eat very very light such as 1 can of chicken noodle soup with a few crackers or anything light in calories and fat. Then on your party day, you should eat what you want at the party but very light and try to eat everything you are going to within 1 hour including dessert. The CRAZY thing is...we always had a loss even when we did this. That is the most amazing thing on this is no gains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day after the party will be an eat day and you should just eat as scheduled or flip your schedule to a fast day! It's that simple. Do Not do 2 fast days in order to stay on schedule!

BioMedic TIP:



When your body burns fat, the fat exits your body through mainly urine. Although you will still be burning fat at very fast rate, if you don't give it a way out of your body, then it will stay in your body and count as mass and show as weight on the scale. If you want to loose the weight, you have to give the fat a ride out! Drink lots of fluids!



QUESTION: The BioMedic protocol says to only drink water, tea or coffee with artificial sweeteners only but why can't I have a diet drink such as diet Coke since it doesn't contain sugar?

ANSWER: ACID! Carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid and/or phosphoric acid. They both cause your metabolism to slow down because your body is having to put so much effort into breaking down these chemicals instead of burning fat. The carbonation also decreases the calcium in your bones which is never good.


It wouldn't be me if I didn't also give you my medically scientific I go! Obesity is nothing but a simple pH imbalance and a result of consuming far beyond our Resting Metabolic Rate caloric intake. It also has to do with how acidic or alkalotic the foods that we eat are and where it puts our pH level.


The normal pH (Power of Hydrogen scale which measures Hydrogen from 0 to 14) level of our body is 7.356. Healthy human bodies should be slightly alkaline at 7.356. A rating of 7 is neutral. Whenever your body moves away from 7.356, your system takes action to move you back to that value.


Water in most areas has a value of 7 or neutral. Carbonated drinks have a value of about 2.8, but the difference isn't just 4.2. The pH scale values vary exponentially. As the scale moves from 7 to 6, the difference is multiplied by 10. Food or beverage at 6 is 10 times as acidic as that at 7. So that carbonated beverage is approaching 100,000 times more acidic than water.


This is the reason carbonated beverages aren't good for your body...ESPECIALLY when you are on a diet. You are basically running in circles if you consume more than an occasional soda.


QUESTION: If I join BioMedic on Facebook, won't all of my non-BioMedic friends be able to see that I am on a diet? I don't want anyone to know what I am doing so I am worried about my privacy if I post questions, comments and photos to the BioMedic Facebook page.

ANSWER: You can be rest assured that anything you post on the BioMedic page can't be seen by your non-BioMedic friends on your own Facebook page! Also, other friends of BioMedic can't see your personal page unless you add them separately as a friend.


When you are on your personal FB account and you see "news feeds" and "status updates", these are personalized for YOU by FB. It is all of the updates from your friends! You are expected to be able to see the posts that you make to your page, all of the BioMedic posts and all of your non-BioMedic friends' posts. But, if you click on your "profile page" in Facebook, this is what everyone else can see besides you. The only way your friends can see something of yours is if you post it on your personal wall via a status update! They can't see your updates to BioMedic unless they are friends with BM too!


To ensure that BioMedic was fully private, I created a generic FB page in addition to my Selena FB page and the BioMedic page for a total of 3 separate pages. I made BioMedic friends with my Selena page and then made the generic one friends with my Selena page. This left the generic one not even knowing what BioMedic is. I posted back and forth between my Selena page and Biomedic. Then I logged into the generic account...and although Selena page and BioMedic are friends, I could not see anything that Selena and BioMedic discussed, no posts, no pictures, notta!


SO, BioMedic can be your secret diet haven where you can feel free to post whatever you like! :-)


QUESTION: Can I stay on BioMedic until I loose all of the weight I want to loose or is it

necessary to take a break every once in a while?

ANSWER: You can certainly stay on BioMedic as long as you would like until you reach your goal. However, if you feel like taking a break perhaps at your mini-goal it is your choice. I would recommend that you go into the maintenance phase in between diet phases and you would still be loosing just not as fast.


QUESTION: Do I have to follow the protocol exactly or can I make some slight changes on my own and still loose weight?

ANSWER: There are several people who aren't following protocol exactly and they are having amazing results. Some are using other supplements such as HCG instead of their BioMedic supplement. Others are eating once per day, every day instead of completing the fasting portion of the diet phase. These people are essentially using the "maintenance phase" as their diet plan. I caution you however...if you choose to deviate from the protocol, you might not be as successful as you would if you stay on protocol. A lot of people need strict discipline in order to be able to diet. Too many options and excuses for deviation for most people would set them up for failure!


QUESTION: Is it okay for me to have Crystal Light or Propel Zero instead of water or to use them as additives to my bottled water?

ANSWER: Absolutely you can! Just be sure that you read the labels and make sure it is 100% sugar free, fat free and calorie free before you use it! It will deter you from the very best results on a fast day if you consume any calories especially in fluids you drink!


Frequently Asked Questions

& Tips


QUESTION: I experienced a small gain this morning (0.4) and I don't know what I did wrong. I ate everything within 1 hour.

ANSWER: There are two major reasons why you gained. One is an error that you made and the other justifies that you didn't really have a gain at all.


The first reason is that you made the mistake of not drinking enough fluids. You should be drinking "constantly" to the point that you are urinating at an annoying rate. You should be SICK of having to go to the bathroom all the time. Once fat is burned it exits your body mainly through urine. If you want to get rid of it, you have to give it a ride! DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!


The other is not your fault and not really a gain at all. It's a huge loss waiting to happen! Whether yesterday was an eat day of a fast day you should consider the actual weight of the food you ate during your last meal or last two meals for that matter. If you haven't had a bowel movement since you last meal or two, you still have all of that solid food waste traveling through your intestines. You should try and incorporate some high fiber food to your next meal. Romaine lettuce is perfect because it is all fiber and doesn't digest! It literally travels through your intestines intact and pushes the waste out like a wall!

BioMedic TIP:



If you happen to be constipated or haven't had a bowel movement each day or about every two days, you should incorporate some high fiber foods into your meals. Most people don't know this but FIBER never gets digested by the body. Fiber travels through your intestines while still intact. It then acts like a wall and pushes waste through your intestines like a wall. It's a very important part of your dietary process and will produce better weight loss results. Keep in mind that if you have a "small" loss or even a small gain one day, you might just need to have a bowel movement. The loss is's just waiting to come out! LOL



QUESTION: I was wondering when you do your fasting day do you fast the entire next day? Lets say,if your last meal is at you fast until 5pm the next day and then eat something or do you fast the entire next day and not eat until the following day?

ANSWER: The fasting cycle is truly in days and not hours per protocol. Where ever you are...use midnight as your focal point. Let's say tomorrow (after midnight tonight) is a fast day. That means no food at all until after midnight tomorrow night. If you choose to eat around dinner time on your next eat day then you essentially will be going more than 36 hours without food. This is perfectly fine. I normally eat around lunch or dinner and try to keep that consistent for my body. But if you want breakfast one eat day and dinner the next just remember that there will be a longer span of time without food...BUT you will still be able to do it. You won't believe it but you will feel great! I went paint-balling for 7 hours and hadn't had food for 40 hours! I ate my meal 1 hour after paintball and had to force it in my mouth! Your body will be just fine going that long without food. You do not start loosing lean muscle mass until after you have fasted for 72 hours. On BioMedic, you never go that long without food!


QUESTION: Can I workout with weights, do cardio, resistance and/or strength train on BioMedic?

ANSWER: You can absolutely do as much exercise as you want, whenever you want to on BioMedic. Just hydrate the hell out of yourself and you will be fine. Just work out until your body says "no more". We work out on duty sometimes and do the "insanity" videos and OMG! Hydration is the key to survival when working out on BioMedic! Even though you are fasting you won't loose muscle. If you don't want to work out, you should at least do your stretches each day if you have time. It will make you feel so much better in general.

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