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Why I'm Not Logging Cals This Week

Merry Christmas! Santa was good to me this year and brought me cramps Christmas morning and >7 new pounds over the course of 4 days, although I logged all but 2 days of the holiday season so far, was under 99.9% of the time and 1 of the 2 days that I didn't log, Christmas eve, I ran 9 miles. I have missed one workut and that was Christmas day. For the past couple of months I have been 1 pound from my goal of 13 pounds. But, I just couldn't get that 1 pound to leave. Now I am ~8 pounds from it. I realize that mathematically if my calories in are less than my calories out, I should be losing weight. All I can figure is either, A) There's more to it than that and I need to get an even more balanced diet, or B) My math is all off, as in portion control and calculations of calories out (even though I do have a really good HRM that incorporates my RHR). 

A different route is needed now. I have tried this one for over 125 days and it's not working or I'm not working.......something. I'm joining Weight Watchers on Monday and will get myself on track. I feel I need to go back to actual portion control and a truly balanced diet, not just reduced calories. I need to get serious and get a scale and weigh out my food and not just guess.  

So, for the remainder of this week, I will not over indulge but I am not going to drive myself crazy with trying to determine calories and all that and logging them all in. I'll continue to log exercise and may also log calories along with Weight Watchers next week. We'll see. But, I'll be on everyday, regardless.

 Wish me luck!! :) 

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