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my friend J_____ (name withheld to protect the unintentionally guilty) is a divorced but totally devoted father.  he is one of the kindest, gentlest earthbound angels I know.  he went to pick up his son during the Christmas holidays at his ex's apartment.

picture this:   wife opens door, J___ enters the apartment, kid tosses him something.

"Look, Dad, I got a sumo stresgnch ball."

J___ takes a firm grip, exerts maximum force and




off the sumo.  

time stands still.   J___ turns pink > red > purple.    he holds the body in one hand, the head in the other. 

stunned silence and round eyes all around. 

"Look, Mom.  Dad ripped the head off my stress ball."  (now THAT's when you know you are Really stressed....)

"......unghh," sez J__.  "I thought you said STRETCH ball."

fortunately, everyone saw the humor simultaneously.  raucous laughter.   re-erupting raucous laughter.  the best kind. 

Christmas memories are made of this.  

and what makes it REALLY funny is that J___ did it and NOT MEEEE! 



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BeckyLF05 wrote 41 months ago:
LOL!!!!! Poor J...but that is the stuff that makes Christmas great! Love it!
jeanywren wrote 41 months ago:
What a story. And that child will always remember that, especially the laughter!!
MelissaPhippsFeagins wrote 41 months ago:
That's hilarious for everyone except the Sumo.
JanaCanada wrote 41 months ago:
Oh how funny!!! Reminds me of the Christmas when my son got a Stretch Armstrong and immediately took a pocket knife to it to see what was inside (by the;s corn syrup. What a mess! LOL).
dllewis7 wrote 41 months ago:
It's amazing what you learn on MFP. I didn't even know sumo stress balls existed and. . .now. . .I. . .want. . .one!!!! desperately. Luckily, I found out, they are cheap. Lucky for Poor J____ too because he can make right in a big way. LOL God, I can't wait til mine arrives!!! My grown daughters are going to be soooooo jealous (brahahahaah)
bwallace2012 wrote 41 months ago:
what we have here is a failure to communicate......(Cool Hand Luke)
PatArtemis wrote 41 months ago:
too funny i needed a good laugh. Life gotta love it, with all the curve balls and strikes included. Batter up.

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