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only REAL runners need appreciate!

It thunderstormed yesterday.  Again.

Just as it started raining I went for a run, looking for the perfect run in the perfect storm.

The paths were fairly dry as I started, then halfway to the turning point it hammered down.

Picture this, running quickly through heavy raindrops, old school Motley Crue blaring through the headphones, thunder crashing closer and closer behind you.


People stranded in the storm huddled together under bridges and trees, holding kids, trying to ride it out.  I suggested to embrace it, run in the rain. Soul cleansing, inspirational and motivational - run faster to get a hot shower sooner!

The dry paths were 2 inches deep in water when I ran back through them, with the biggest smile on my face :)

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realrayne10 wrote 69 months ago:
Love this!!! You Rock Bunny!!!
Becky1971 wrote 69 months ago:
So Awesome!!
soccermum75 wrote 69 months ago:
Love it! What a wonderul run!
soccermum75 wrote 69 months ago:
Love it! What a wonderul run!
emmaleigh47 wrote 69 months ago:
Ha! I get this ... a couple of months ago I headed out for my run with a friend of mine, about 1/2 mile in the rain just started POURING down ... we finished all 4 miles ... and after the run I had to go to the grocery store soaking wet. People were looking at me like I was nuts!!
Brunner26_2 wrote 69 months ago:
Sounds like a great run! Running in bad weather always makes me feel like a BAMF. Have you run in the snow? It's awesome to run down a sidewalk, and then run down it again several miles later and have your footprints still be the only set there.
andrejjorje wrote 69 months ago:
Great description. I could almost feel it myself.
betam wrote 69 months ago:
Awesomeness! Nothing like running hard in the rain!
sakamanojr wrote 69 months ago:
Woo Hoo,

:) Rain Drops keep falling on my head :)

Rain is so much fun to run in !!!
LettyM62 wrote 69 months ago:
I love it! Some of my best and most rewarding runs have been in the rain.
catcher_in_the_pie wrote 69 months ago:
Rain makes me run faster ;)
twinsies041 wrote 69 months ago:
This made me want to go for a run soo bad.
brandimacleod wrote 69 months ago:
We hardly EVER get rain...I live in the desert, but man, this made me drool....
mrrodriguez wrote 69 months ago:
What a neat story. I once went running along the higway when I was visiting Gallup, New Mexico. After 3 miles out I turned back to my hotel and a huge thunderstorm had formed behind me. I had to run into it to get back to my hotel. Sounds like your run was more fun than scarry. Thanks for sharing.
Starkle09 wrote 69 months ago:
Now that's an awesome feeling!!! I ran 15 miles in the rain a few weeks ago and I felt like a total badass!!!
auroranflash wrote 69 months ago:
I'm a real runner cuz I run :>

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