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Diet Plan to Prevent Acne

A common myth about acnes is it is the problem associated with teenage. However, it is not true, as people from all ages can get acne. Flawless skin is everyone’s dream, especially applying to girls. Our body is a complex mechanism and if acne appears, there may be a reason somewhere. A significant reason for acne is hormonal changes, the one associated with teenage. Nevertheless, there are several other reasons such as prolonged intake of unhealthy food, pollution, and excessive usage of cosmetics. An effective step towards acne prevention can be proper diet.

Diet to Prevent Acne

Diet for acne does not have any superpowers that can treat your acne problem immediately. Eating anti-acne diet can help you because it will provide building blocks to the body and let the body release its disease-fighting forces. Following are the diet tips to prevent or treat acne.

  • Water

    An acne-prone skin can have a lot of toxics inside the body. Rather this may be one of the causes for acne. To flush out toxins from the body, you should drink a lot of water. Apart from flushing out the bodily toxics, drinking plenty of water will keep the skin hydrated.

  • Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

    Fresh fruits and vegetables should be made a part of regular diet not only for those who have acne but for those who have a clear skin and want to keep it throughout their lives. To consume fresh vegetables in diet, you can have a bowl of salad before or after every meal or at least one meal. Fruits and vegetables that contain fiber are good for acne skin, as it keeps the colon clean and toxic free.

  • Avoid Dairy Products

    Dairy products, only if it is organic can be safe for acne prone skin. However, other non-organic dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk should be avoided to get acne-free skin.

  • Cut Off Intake of Refined Carbohydrates

Foods such as white bread, pasta, rice and even sugar is not good for acnes. Such products lead to increase in the Insulin Growth Factor (IGF1) in the body and further cause acnes.

  • Reduce the Intake of Caffeine Beverages

You may be impulsive about coffee and would like to grab a cup of coffee after regular intervals. However, if you have acne prone skin, you should avoid intake of coffee or other caffeine beverages.

Diet is a major factor in acne treatment. Although diet only will not be able to fix the problem, and topical acne treatments will still be required. However, a diet for acne can definitely compliment the treatment. Major diet suggestions include, drinking lot of water, reduced intake of caffeine products, and intake fresh vegetables and fruits.

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