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Another selection from Everyone Needs a Book Like This...


Living in the past is hard work.

There can be way too much baggage to take along, and it can drag you down to the point where it's difficult to see things from the right perspective.  It's better to stay light on your feet, bright on your outlook, and easy on yourself.

Living in the future?

That's no walk in the park either.  Some people who live in the future spend all their time getting carried away with worry and anxiety - and stressing out over the worst that could conceivable come true.  They're like passengers who are so busy standing by the lifeboats that they completely miss out on the fun of the cruise.

The real gift?

It's the one we're given every day... to open, to use any way we want, to grow, to get better, to share with others, and to treasure so completely.  

What a wonderful present.  


[And when there comes a time when things get rough - and they will]

Remember what Goldie said:

"I wake up every day with the intention to be loving and happy and the best I can be.  I try to make each day a new day without carrying over the baggage from the previous day."

- Goldie Hawn 

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