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So, what happened?

I'm home. Back in depressingly cold and rainy Tokyo (the weather has been truly crap this year).

The holiday was great. A very relaxing time. Spent time with my friends, read lots of books and enjoyed being warm just as much as I expected to (which makes being back here a bit depressing - it has to warm up soon though). I have no idea yet whether or not I put on weight but I suspect the answer is yes (I'll weigh tomorrow).

I'm writing this before I weigh though because I want to write down the positives.

1. I did do some specific exercise every single day I was away. I didn't bother to log it partially because logging was a pain and partially because I was so sloth like the rest of the day (and my profile is set to moderate activity level) that I'm sure I was burning a lot less calories than I would in a normal day in Tokyo even if I did no specific exercise.

2. I was certainly more mindful of my eating and ate less than I would have otherwise (and less than I wanted to!). I made an attempt to log it every day but it really was a bit pointless as I had no idea what I was eating.

So even though I suspect I put on weight the fact of knowing MFP was waiting for me will have at least minimised the damage. Now my aim is to get back into routine and try to continue the good habits I was starting to build up before this trip.

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jaabee11 wrote 68 months ago:
That's right, imagine if you hadn't started MFP, a whole lot more damage could have been done.Good to remember tomorrow. You might be surprised though and maintained.
Welcome back.
CharlieBarleyMom wrote 68 months ago:
The point, as you have intonated throughout this blog entry, is that you were conscious of the food/exercise routine. That is the beginning of the healthy you. That is when you know that you're working toward making better choices and you've proven that you are making better choices and taking the positive steps to not continue down a path of destruction.
You are already winning, whether the scale tells you that or not.
Xiaolongbao wrote 68 months ago:
Up a bit. It certainly could have been a lot worse. Now I just need to get back into routine - I always find that difficult.

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