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“Special Time” with Jillian

I saw someone logging “Special Time with Hubby” as one of their exercises. Now I don’t have a “hubby” and if I did I’m not sure I’d be keen for logging our “special times” (hi mum!) but I have a “special” relationship that I do log.

Jillian. Come on, if you clicked on this blog chances are you know who I mean. No second name required (sort of like Madonna or Prince).

Love her or hate her you have to admit she’s spun herself a very successful business off the back of the fact that so many people want to lose weight ( lets face it, the largest part of her market is fat people).

Out of interest I googled “Jillian”, no last name, no extra information. The first 3 links were all her. I learned that she’s about 70 days younger than me, has released over 15 DVDs as well as her substantial TV, podcast and video games work. She’s short, single, trying to adopt a child and claims she was overweight as a teenager.

Well that was fun, I feel like our relationship just moved to a whole, new, level (I also feel a little like a stalker).

At the moment Jillian and I are having “special time” early every week day morning. As the sun rises it’s just Jillian and I hanging together (ok ok, Natalie (for when I’m more advanced) and Anita (who helps carry me through) are there too but I like to pretend it’s just Jillian and I). I follow her instructions, don’t phone it in, don’t stand up and hope that she knows what she’s talking about when she tells me the reason I’m not allowed to rest is because I’m forcing my body to change.

 Jillian has taught me a lot about life. She’s taught me that

* the little knot I can feel in my stomach, that’s fear leaving my body. (what does that even mean? does she ever listen to her recordings and think ‘what the hell was I on about?’)
* if I’m on day 5, 6 or 7 I’ll be finding it much easier than on day 1.
* I should not phone it in, not stand up. (this one drives me crazy because I catch myself wanting to say ‘don’t phone it in’ to people - it’s like there is a Jillian inside my head.)
* Jillian always starts with hip circles (except of course when she doesn’t, like on level 2).
*400 pound people can do jumping jacks (and apparently Jillian has some of these 400 pound people)

I’ll stop there but if any of you know what I’m on about then feel free to add your own life lessons from Jillian to the comment section. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who can hear that voice inside my head.

So thanks Jillian for all of your life lessons. I dedicate this blog to you.

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parys1 wrote 73 months ago:
Your neck is not invited to this party.
I've done the Shred and am doing Ripped in 30 - I have her voice in my head ALL THE TIME. I need an exorcism.
waterwing wrote 73 months ago:
"Some people think.. I'll just take the stairs.. that's a false message of lethargy!"

You were gettin a little poetic in there.. "as the sun rises"...especially for a math geek!

I enjoyed reading about your magical morning!
dovesgate wrote 73 months ago:
Every time she tells me "Cause you strooong" I crack up. I can't help it.
Xiaolongbao wrote 73 months ago:
I was chuckling to myself this morning as I spent my special time with Jillian and hear her tell me that my neck wasn't invited to the party and that I shouldn't listen to false messages of lethargy.
waterwing wrote 73 months ago:
But can you always use a good chest fly in your life?
mcgonigal wrote 73 months ago:
I just added Special Time with Jillian to the database. I don't think I'm able to make it public though, so that was a huge disappointment.
Xiaolongbao wrote 73 months ago:
A chest fly... is that what she says? I've never been able to figure that one out.

mcgonigal that's an excellent idea. I'm going to create an exercise called that. It will amuse me every time I input it.
domsmoms wrote 73 months ago:
Jillian is seriously annoying. If I thought it would be possible to do this and turn the volume down, I certainly would.

Somehow her motivational phrases have exactly the opposite effect on me. Of course, I could be projecting and blaming Jillian for the fact that I really hate this work out. And god help me, I'm only on Day 1, Level 1.
Xiaolongbao wrote 73 months ago:
Anyone who talks to me in a perky voice at 5:30am is going to annoy me so I figure I can't blame Jillian in particular.

I do however blame her for the awful music selection.

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