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Viva Scale!

Last week's weigh-in was not a success. I stepped on the scale, and for the first time in 150 days, it didn't show a weight loss. I felt disappointed, stood there, butt naked in all my glory in the bathroom and started an argument with our new, digital scale.

"This is not what I bought you for," I mumbled and stepped on it again -just to make sure everything was alright. Perhaps the ground was uneven, that had happened before. Surely, the reading couldn't be right. Instead of a weight loss, it showed that I had gained a pound. "Do your job," I warned the scale but nothing changed.

It took me by surprise. I am doing everything right. I eat mostly in my calorie limit. How the heck did the weight gain happen? "What is this scale thinking?"

I bet it was the Chinese buffet. I had been so careful. I had chosen only the healthy dishes, even tried their tasteless salad, but somehow a pound had managed to smuggle itself back on my hips. If it wasn't the Chinese buffet, then it was the fish, or maybe the second Dirty Martini a few days before that. 

I started my daily morning routine thinking about the scale, and the number I had seen. How interesting. For almost 10 years I didn't care about the scale at all. I knew it was there; I moved it and cleaned it but avoided close contact. Deep down I knew what it would show, and I didn't want to deal with it. 

Now all of a sudden, the scale and I are best friends. I step on it frequently, and I am always delighted to see the results. I haven't named our scale yet -but I fear that's the next step in our relationship and only a question of time. 

I thought about the weight gain, the food, and played the number game in my head. "If I eat less than usual today, perhaps..." 

Then all of a sudden dark thoughts moved in and took over. "Obviously, I had already screwed up. Why don't I just continue to eat what I want for a few days and then go back to my new, healthy lifestyle? Nobody would care. Give yourself a break, girl."

I gained one pound. What a perfect excuse it is. How easy and how tempting it sounded. "Eat a few burgers or a gallon of ice cream. Enjoy life and then start all over again," the voice in my head was pretty persistent.

A break – a few cheating days –falling off the wagon, it all comes down to the same thing. I would choose to walk away from a good thing. I would do that knowingly; it doesn't happen by accident -not anymore.

Just a few months back I would have given in, there is no doubt in my mind but the new, rebellions me -the one who wants to lose the weight so badly- she didn't give in. 

I snapped out of it fairly quickly. I decided that my 1-pound weight gain didn't matter; there was no reason to over think it. Setbacks are -and always will be- a part of life. 

This beautiful, new scale in the bathroom is a guide, a tool that I should use on my journey. I will not be overly obsessed with it, but I will never EVER ignore it the way I did for so many years either.

Tomorrow is another weigh in, and I hope the scale does its job. :-)

41 pounds lost

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RenaTX wrote 6 months ago:
You are an awesome writer! I wish I had the same sort of flare you do.
Kfont42 wrote 6 months ago:
I've been there too. There are times I move the scale to three different locations throughout the upstairs before I'll accept the number on the scale. Sometimes, it's because I don't trust that I've actually lost weight. Other times, it's because I don't like the number on the scale.

It's hard when you are trying to do the work and still have a set back. A pound isn't really that much, and sometimes, it's something as simple as just having extra water in your system. You might find tomorrow is a better day than you think. :)
izzybelle2013 wrote 6 months ago:
That happened to me today. I expected to find myself 1 lb and change from goal, instead I was up a pound. Like you, I don't know why. And like you - I wanted to stop in at my favorite bakery. That's what I like about MFP. The support we get from our friends really helps when the candy and cake starts whispering in our ears. I know we will get that lb off, and continue on our journeys. I am proud of your strength. And yes, I wish I could write like you. I love reading your blogs.
LadyLilion wrote 6 months ago:
The other day I got on the scale and it showed a lovely loss. The very next was up 1 1/2 lbs. I thought, "Water weight. No biggie." The next day it was still there. After 4-5 days - STILL THERE! Angry and upset, I changed my weight UP to the new number. And I was REALLY angry and upset! How dare that scale trick me like that? How could it show me down one day - and one day only - then go back up again!

So...a week later it was down again. But: Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me! So I now have a rule. Unless I see a number (or lower) THREE TIMES - I don't do a check-in and change the weight.

As of tomorrow...if the wind is blowing right and God is pleased...I'll be putting in the number that makes me 20 lbs down.

At 41 down in 150 days - you are doing AMAZING! 1 lb is nothing. It will be gone before you know it...with more.
daneejela wrote 6 months ago:
That happen to me last week, second week in a row. I was really pissed how could I not loose any weight after being so mindful about my eating. And then this week scale moved finally :)
But I am glad that it happened because I think it was some kind of a test..I am glad that it came to me in the moment when my motivation was high enough to not just walk away.
What I am trying to say - your scale might not move tomorrow either, maybe not even the week after. But eventually it will. And that moment when it will is the one that counts. It's destination. All those moments before are just peeping through the window to see if you get there. And of course, you don't get off the train because you see that you haven't arrived yet at the destination :) You just keep going :)
Detritus_1965 wrote 6 months ago:
It will do its job,
after all it's a major psychological difference between "being named" and "being called names".

Probably even scales know this.
kamamakai wrote 6 months ago:
My scale is named Annie, after my grandmother. I named her years ago. But, similar to you and your scale, we rarely visited.

A year ago we became reacquainted when I went Gluten Free and decided to be more attentive. I've lost 149 pounds since that last "first weigh in," and have maybe 20 more to go. Down a little, up a little -- my visits with Annie have resulted in a jagged line on a graph. But always, it's a downward trend. And honestly, THIS has been my biggest weight loss 'secret' of all. That stalls and slight gains do not mean "what's the point" or "it's not working" or any of that. It only means ... just you wait. The best is about to come.

Annie and I are better friends today, and she is always honest. Not the only mirror in my life, but an important one. Good on you for expecting your scale to do her job. I promise you, with that attitude ... she will.

Broomstick_Boo wrote 6 months ago:
I've named mine " Larry the Liar", because I don't believe him when I've lost and I don't believe him when I've gained. I believe in me,though, and you believe in you. That's what matters. I've thus far remained a silent supporter of your posts,(you write beautifully and honestly, I truly look forward to your blogs), for what it's worth, you're not alone,honey. 10 pounds or 200 pounds, we're all right here with you. You inspire,reach, more people than I think you realise. :)
kdavid1987 wrote 6 months ago:
I really enjoy reading your blog! This was a very touching piece. I find that if I weigh myself too much it takes a real toll on my mental health. I weigh myself once a week, same day, same time, every time. Then I put the scale away out of sight out of mind. Whatever works for you is what you should do, but maybe a little less scale time could be nice. Sounds like you're doing GREAT getting your mind where it needs to be to make the weight loss happen. Best of luck!
cidplady wrote 6 months ago:
I had a chinese takeaway last week, the following morning I had gained 2 pounds - that is the first time that I have put on weight since cutting back so a bit if a shocker, but fortunately they went away again the next day, and I put it down to fluid retention after so much carbohydrate and hidden sugar - I am not eating that again, too depressing!!
fitbren2017 wrote 6 months ago:
Inspiring! Thank you!!
musicsax wrote 6 months ago:
I'm so proud of you for not giving in. You are doing so well, is just a blip, these things happen. You'll soon be registering a loss again.
lily1972 wrote 6 months ago:
Congratulations on your progress, but especially on your journey! One of the things I've learned during the last couple of years is that it's important to change up your routine from time to time. Sometimes it just means picking up the pace when you go for a walk for a few minutes just to get your heart beating a little faster, or having something different for breakfast to kick start your day and surprise your metabolism (ex: salad with chick peas or lentils!) :) You are doing great!! I really enjoy reading your posts - thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences so candidly :)
RunRutheeRun wrote 6 months ago:
But you didn't REALLY gain a pound. what you saw was a fluctuation from eating that chinese meal - those are really high in sodium, in fact when I have one, the scales goes up 2lbs and thats me at maintenance.

Its a good plan to weigh in often imo, you are doing just fine. Some days you will lose, some it'll look like you have gained but overall your 'fat' will be diminishing bit by bit.

All the best.
ggeise14 wrote 6 months ago:
Great honesty and healthy thinking about "Annie". This MFP tool that we're using - priceless. Love knowing that I'm not alone in this and that there is hope and a reason we all keep checking in and coming back here!
SheilaCali wrote 6 months ago:
Thanks for the honesty and hilarity of your posts! Just for a husband saw me weigh in last week. Actually, he heard me groan and step on again. He came in to assist. He lifted me off the scale, then gently set me back down. Voila, the scale went down! This isn't a legit weigh-in, but it sure made me feel better. My hubby could actually lift me- another reason to lose weight. Who knows when you'll need to be swept off of your feet?
ankleWED wrote 6 months ago:
I enjoyed reading this. It is so true and really good. Thank you for sharing.
Ah,..... "The SCALE" that causes terror & fear to step on it." It is just a tool , not my judge.
The most important thing is that I have stopped binge eating and eating when I am not hungry and not turning to food for emotional comfort. I can eat with my family and friends and socialize choosing healthy choices.
I am sticking to a healthy eating plan and working it. When I stick to this plan ill regardless of what that scale says which is not living; I will eventually reach my goals if I stick to a healthy eating plan and reasonable exercise activity. I am becoming stronger and healthier each day I choose things that promote life in my body. I never give up . This makes me a success. Thank God I am "alive" to do this. Throw away the scale. (smile) just kidding (smile)
codega wrote 6 months ago:
Your scale experience reminds me of a cartoon where the woman steps on the scale pointing a hand gun at the scale, the scale was bug eyed with fear I firmly believe it's the chinese food and if you're like me you drink a lot of liquids after =GAIN. You"ll be fine next weigh -in.
JeromeBarry1 wrote 6 months ago:
From a higher altitude, being able to get out of bed and stand on a scale is a victory. Oh, looky! I'm carrying a bit more water today! I'll drink more water and all will be well.

If there is no evidence of a 3500 calorie surplus in your logging, that is, if you've been logging everything accurately and you know that you haven't had a 3500 calorie surplus since your last weighing, then you can confidently assert that your fluctuation is water due to any of the many factors at play.
andnoodles wrote 6 months ago:
Read your story and wondered where it was going. Then I saw that you'd lost 41 pounds. THAT IS TERRIFIC!!! Every morning, I weigh in and write it down along with my blood pressure and blood glucose. It's become a morning habit. Some days I lose, some days I gain but the ritual remains. I hope you keep at your thoughtful eating and continue having a relationship with your scale. Whoever named their scale Larry the Liar gave me a chuckle.
BSilvio wrote 6 months ago:
You should be more concerned on the body fat % and not so much on the body weight, 1 pound up or down means nothing.
SueSueDio wrote 6 months ago:
So glad to hear you didn't give in to those negative feelings! It probably was water weight from the high sodium meal... my weight jumped 2lbs overnight a couple of weeks ago, after I had pizza and garlic bread. Weight does often vary from day to day, and if you only weigh yourself once a week then you may have just caught a "high day".

That said, if you've bought a new scale then it's entirely possible that it would show a different weight anyway. When I switched from my old dial-type scale to a digital one, my weight apparently went up by about 5lbs! I just took that as my new "starting point" and continued from there.

You're right, it doesn't matter. It's just a pound. I admire your attitude! :) (And congratulations on the 41lbs so far... here's hoping for many more! )
anagrath1 wrote 6 months ago:
Remember the scale is just a number and doesn't determine your worth.
Also keep in mind you could be plateauing. 150 days of only losses is a long time to keep losing without a plateau, so stay strong and keep going.
maxinepiche wrote 6 months ago:
Like your age, the number on the scale is just a number. It sounds like you have things well in hand - I love the way you talk yourself back to reality - I have no doubt you'll succeed in this and most other challenges. High Five!
Arylea wrote 6 months ago:
Stick in there! I've managed to lose and keep off 55 lbs this year, with only a few lbs gained during the holiday later lost again, so technically 62 lbs lost this year, but with bumps like this all along the way. Try to set yourself a non-scale primary goal. Like, do cardio twice weekly for 2 months straight no matter what. Set S.M.A.R.T. non-scale goals, and focus on those. It's helped me not get to discouraged at bumps in the path, and focused on the longterm. For me, it's no longer a longterm scale goal, it's lifestyle changes to make staying fit sustainable. A shift in focus can help tons. Tip: put the scale in a closet after use, and only weight weekly or every other week.
janabanana1205 wrote 5 months ago:
I think because Chinese food can have a lot of sodium, it can make you retain water. That 1 lb was probably just that. Don't give up. I just told another lady, that maybe if we would regularly comment and blog on MFP that maybe it can help with accountability. To be uplifting and encouraging. To help others keep fighting for a good cause, to have a healthy temple and be used by the Holy Spirit. God bless and have a good day. His mercies are new every morning.
ldgraham45 wrote 5 months ago:
I was initially 209 then went to 207 and am now 214. This is all in a matter of 3 weeks. What am I doing wrong?
Anonymous wrote 4 months ago:
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