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Only 99 pounds to go

At first, when I signed up here, I was overwhelmed when I typed in the number of pounds I wanted to lose. Over 100 pounds- 140 lbs to be exact. That's a number that weighs heavy, not just on the scale, but also on one's shoulders. 140 pounds, that's the weight of an adult person. 

"Think small," they said, "Baby steps! Set small goals," and I understood. I made a contract with myself; give myself a reward for every 10 pounds I lose and I clap my hands like a little girl when I get another one.

Looking at the "big" picture, that's just too scary. It's like standing on foot of a mountain. You look up and you try to see the peak. You wonder how long it will take to reach it, you question if it's even worth the effort. 

I didn't weigh in last week, and when I stepped on the scale this week, it showed a nice loss. I have lost 41 lbs so far and later on that day it hit me. I am not in the three digits anymore. I ONLY have 99 pounds to go, and I couldn't help but smile.

I can almost see people's faces when they will be reading this. "This fat lady has lost her marbles," they might say, and they will shake their heads in disbelieve. And I get it. How can anybody in the right state of mind feel joy, when they know they still have 99 pounds to lose?

Well, I do. I do feel joy and happiness. Only 99 pounds left!

"Anybody looking for MFP friends with 100+ pounds to lose? Sorry, can't help you there. I don't fit into this category anymore."  That's a joke, of course. I am still one of you, but I have to admit, typing it felt good, and it gave me the giggles.

Many of my friends here cheer for me as much as I cheer for them, and their success motivates me to stay focused. I call them my "hardcore friends." They are on my side every day no matter what. They are serious about being here -just like I am. Others are not so happy with me lately. I didn't understand why at first and then it dawned on me. Could it be that they feel discouraged by my success? Could it be that my weight loss is upsetting them because they chose to sabotage themselves over and over - on an almost daily base?

Oh, how well I know that feeling; I have been there myself numerous times. How upsetting was it when my best friend lost weight, and I didn't. How frustrating was it to watch my coworkers get slim when I gained weight instead. The weight loss of others frustrated me for a very long time. They could do something that I wanted so badly for myself.

Only 99 more pounds to go and I feel unstoppable.

I am not standing on foot of the mountain anymore; I started climbing and even so it will be a long way until I will reach the peak, I know I am on my way, and I will make it. A few bruises here and there, a lot of huffing and puffing, even some swear words now and then, but I will reach the top sooner or later.

If I can do it, so can you -so can anybody. I am -or have been- the weakest person out there. 

Tadah! 41 lbs. lost - Only 99 more to go!

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thewindandthework wrote 5 months ago:
I'm so proud of you and your hard work! You never stop inspiring, and I'm so glad we're in this together.
joanthemom8 wrote 5 months ago:
You are Wonder Woman! :) So happy for you!
Gardengal1222 wrote 5 months ago:
Every time you post or blog something you make me cry...but for the joy of it! I know where you started and I can feel both the pain and joy. I am proud of you, never give up. I enjoy your blogs very give me inspiration.
Kfont42 wrote 5 months ago:
I don't think you have lost your mind at all! Yes, 140 pounds sounds like a big number, but so does the 41 that you've already lost! You're amazing! And you're doing it with grace and style.

Weight loss is hard - not just putting the work into it, but giving yourself that room to be proud of what you've achieved and celebrate where you are. And it's difficult to share it with other people. It's a personal battle with yourself, so only you can truly, truly understand how much it means to see the change.

I've experienced what you're talking about as far as other people's discomfort with seeing someone else losing weight. People either see you as an inspiration, a partner in healthy living, or as a criticism of where they should be with their weight. It would be great if we could all support one another and our goals and accomplishments instead of seeing someone else's progress as a judgment.

So, yeah, you get to be proud of losing 41 pounds, because that's a big deal. You get to be proud of getting down to the double digits for your target weight (your comment about that made me chuckle). And don't let anyone take away your sunshine or demean the work you're putting into this. You are a rock star.
Domomallow wrote 5 months ago:
This is great! I would be thrilled to be where you are, too!

I loved this part of your blog-

""Anybody looking for MFP friends with 100+ pounds to lose? Sorry, can't help you there. I don't fit into this category anymore." That's a joke, of course. I am still one of you, but I have to admit, typing it felt good, and it gave me the giggles."

It gave me the giggles too. :) I want to work my way out of the 100+ club too.
Detritus_1965 wrote 5 months ago:
You are doing extremely well.

Sorry for currently not supporting you as much as I would like to, but as I wrote in your Newsfeed, I'm currently on vacation ... and this *kitten*-keyboard is really giving me a PITA.

So, even if I didn't explicitly mention it yet ... I'm with you, not need to worry that you could ever scare me off,or that I might be jealous of your success.

Here's a "Weight-Loss-Fairy", just for you.
CajunTess wrote 5 months ago:
I will be cheering you on till you reach your goal! I know you will do it!
lisaleebryan wrote 5 months ago:
WOW! Way to go! I am inspired by you. I am in your "before group" and have more than 100 pounds to lose.
I can't wait to follow your journey!
brookielaw wrote 5 months ago:
You haven't lost your marbles, and I totally GET the ONLY involved here. There is a world of difference between a 100 lb goal and a 99 lb goal.

For the record I've been "one of you," except the amount I needed to lose in the beginning was in the YES, ONLY a 2 digit number remaining for your goal is worth celebrating!!!! Congratulations on your hard work, your milestone, and your future successes!
rdmyown wrote 5 months ago:
Congratulations! This such a big accomplishment. You have not lost your marbles. I totally get where you are coming from. It's wonderful and such an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your posts. I'm not sure if you know how much they mean to me, but they truly are inspiration and motivating!
lovebug112184 wrote 5 months ago:
Congrats! That is amazing! This was definitely motivating for me!! Keep it up!!!!!!
HippySkoppy wrote 5 months ago:
Well done you!! You are very inspiring and for me. As someone who has been there with a lot of weight to lose (178lbs) and now chooses to stay on this site for different reasons, I have seen so, so many people start but never finish. I feel such joy for you, in a way I can see your future (to a mild extent) and each step you are taking is a wonderful gift of opportunity and you have grabbed that, held on and made it yours. It is not an easy road, it takes courage, time and patience to name a few. You have all of these in spades. Congratulations. XX Karen
izzybelle2013 wrote 5 months ago:
You can always count on me for support and cheering you on. I am SO proud of you. Relish this victory! Keep up the good work.
marymcgee54 wrote 5 months ago:
HOORAY! Big milestone! Unless my math is wrong, you've lost nearly 30% of the original weight you needed to lose! That's a lot :)
pizzafruit wrote 5 months ago:
Congratulations! Another thoughtfully written post. The success is shared without sounding boastful. I love that you're always reflective, positive, and looking forward. Please continue to share because you really do inspire many and we always come away having learned something. Thank you.
raleighgirl09 wrote 5 months ago:
Numbers are a powerful thing - and they matter. => Even when it takes a long time, it's a good thing because it is such a big change - having lost 130 pounds, myself, I get it. Having lost 41, 99 sounds doable because you have achieved nearly half of that already. You'll do it again - and again. And it will be wonderful and you'll do odd things like marvel at collar bones, rub your hip bones that have magically appeared and maybe not even recognize yourself. And it is all powerful and motivating. I am so happy for you and am joining you in every ounce of joy on your heart!!
musicsax wrote 5 months ago:
You are doing amazingly! Well done, relish in your success so far and use it to keep yourself motivated to keep going. I know where your coming from having lost 56+ pounds I have encountered that response from some people and as a person who has constantly been on diets and then "starting again on Monday", I am proud to now be eating healthy. I know I shall have to keep on logging in to MFP for the rest of my life to keep me on track. But so be it, is worth it. Anyway, I'm detracting for you, keep up the good work, I'm proud of your determination and success, you keep feeling that too
texteach66 wrote 5 months ago:
I totally get it! I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, having lost 133 lbs over 10 years ago. A year and a half ago I found myself having gained almost all of it back - I had 120+ lbs to lose if I want to get back to my goal weight. This week I hit 90 lbs lost - I still can't believe it.

Good for you! We'll keep on this journey and we will make it!
Wysewoman53 wrote 5 months ago:
Congratulations on your weight loss. I love your attitude and understand the 'sabotage' thing. I lost one of the first friends I 'met' on MFP because she thought I wasn't eating enough when I would be under my goal of 1200 calories. Now, I've lost all the weight I wanted to lose, have maintained it for 9 months and have never been happier in my life. I also remember typing in that first weight of 218 lbs. It seemed like I had so far to go and I did but I just kept plugging away, day by day, and the pounds kept coming off a little at a time as it should. One thing I did to help it seem a little more attainable is to put small weight loss goals in at a time and when I would reach that goal, I would put in another one. I tell ya, the last 10 lbs was the hardest 10 lbs I ever lost! I didn't think I was ever going to make it but I did. I know it was more psychological than anything else but not giving up is always the key. I know you will get to the weight you want to be because you appear to be determined and goal oriented. You have done a great job! You have every reason to be proud of yourself as we are proud of you!!
JButlerEagle wrote 5 months ago:
That is a remarkable accomplishment! I'm so proud of you.
QueenPrudie wrote 5 months ago:
Thank you for sharing amazing!
janbunz wrote 5 months ago:
Way to go! You are doing awesome. I am a bazillion time loser, then gain etc... And this last go I gained everything that took me 3 years to lose. I am now at advanced age and have been sedentary for 1.5 years due to a disease and a bad foot making it hard for me to get out and exercise. I am doing it... pound by pound just like you. I am right behind you with about 60 lbs to lose. Keep up the good work. I am new to this site and not sure how I will find you again but remember, we all know YOU CAN DO IT!!!
shelly24100 wrote 5 months ago:
A nice inspiring journey.
cumali2 wrote 5 months ago:
You are inspiring. I have 35 to go: I only have me to blame - I have sabotaged myself for the last few months. My parents' mantra was always -'anything worth having is worth working for'. So thanks for bringing this mantra back to me. Thanks, also for your sharing - My 35 to go is going to be GONE. Congratulations! I'm going to watch for your future successes.
LeannePeggram76 wrote 5 months ago:
You are awesome!!!!
Firstly congratulations on you weight loss, secondly your blog was one i really needed read this morning.
I am feeling overwhelmed by my weight and feel intimidated by the amount i now have to lose.
I hope that just like you i can get there one step at a time and hopefully in a few months i will be writing about my weight loss.

All the best for continued weight loss to you and health always
spepper50 wrote 5 months ago:
Your achievement is amazing because you are an amazing woman! I know just how you feel, but I haven't put it into words as well as you. I have lost 37 so far (weigh in is tomorrow so I hope that will change a little). I celebrate my 10 pound goals too and I think I have less than 100 to go now too. WOO HOO!!! I say I think because I haven't set a final weight goal. I am 66 and don't think I've ever been at an "ideal" weight since my early teens. So at this point in my life, I'm not sure what that would be.
mgriffith0922 wrote 5 months ago:
First, I would like to say congratulations on getting down 41 pounds!! That is amazing!! Secondly, i wanted to say how much this post meant to me. I am new to this site and I just came to realization that I am morbidly obese. I have finally accepted it today and I am going to do whatever it takes to get my health back on track. Your post almost had me in full blown tears! You sound just like me and it makes me feel a lot better knowing that there is someone else out there like me trying to lose the weight. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in this journey. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to achieve your goal and I hope I start to achieve mine as well!!
Stagecoach2017 wrote 5 months ago:
Congratulations, that's only 44.9 kilograms to go, sounds a lot less daunting if you go metric!
sarajoellen wrote 5 months ago:
SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! You are doing great! You have been an inspiration to me from the very first post of yours that I read. You are going to back in those 'little' clothes sooner than you think.
sdavmor wrote 5 months ago:
Every pound lost is a little victory. Add all those little victories up and it's the big win. Well done!
DebbieWieland1 wrote 5 months ago:
I understand where you are coming from. I started the journey with needing at least 100 pounds gone. I have 66 gone, and have changed my goal to lose another 60. that will put me at the weight that I was when I graduated high school. mind you, I am 62 years old now, and have been overweight since I was about 25 years of age.
paulwatts747 wrote 5 months ago:
I'm pretty early on the journey too. I started 8 weeks ago at 141kg (310lb) wanting to get to 85kg which is a BMI of 25. Currently 127.7kg (281lb) which means I've lost 13.3kg (29lb) in 8 weeks just using this site and walking every day, and cycling most days. Just 42.7kg (94lb) to go. Then comes the hard part- keeping it off. Good luck to all on this journey.
rhenry2424 wrote 5 months ago:
41 lbs is amazing and definitely worth celebrating.

I don't know you, just read your blogs when they show up on the popular blogs list on my newsfeed page,but I am proud of you. What you have accomplished is not an easy feat! Great Job!!!!!
Doresoontobehealthy wrote 5 months ago:
That's definitely something to feel great about. I know when I had gotten done to 249 I was excited because I was a pound closer to 200 then to 300. So I get it. I wish you all the best on your journey. With your positive attitude you're sure to find success.
debk0718 wrote 5 months ago:
You should be extremely proud of yourself! It's never an easy journey to embark upon, but you've been making great strides and you've been doing it the right way...slow and healthy. Congratulations to you for your accomplishments to date, and you'll have my support for your continued journey.
twins1092 wrote 5 months ago:
Awesome Job!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! I know it was very difficult to be consistent or pick yourself up when you have fallen. Keep going!!! I am right there with you!!!!
jeannie39 wrote 5 months ago:
awesome!!!1 keep up the good work...we are all in this together!!!
RenaPink11 wrote 5 months ago:
YAY!!!!!! Loved reading this!!! Congrats to you!!
Thriftyone wrote 5 months ago:
Wow! You go girl! Almost 1/3 of your weight gone! You can do this. Keep on keepin' on!
kimless1980 wrote 5 months ago:
Amazing!! You got this :)
suzannetrew1 wrote 5 months ago:
Beautifully written. Well done you! I by coincidence have 99lbs to go. Perhaps I might want more, but even thinking about that makes no sense right now, so 99lbs it is today. Good luck..
celticheart2017 wrote 5 months ago:
We could be twins! I have 100 lbs. to go! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change, right? Great perspective and I love your mindset, you got this! Best wishes on your continued journey!
lynder64 wrote 5 months ago:
*WOO HOO* Fantastic!!!
dmstriker wrote 5 months ago:
What a great post! I absolutely love your attitude! Congratulations on 41 pounds lost!
BubblyBunnie wrote 5 months ago:
No one could read this and think you have lost your marbles!!!! Ironically I have a seriously overweight brother, he needs to loose 300 pounds. I often feel overwhelmed and lost when I see I have 40 pounds to lose (I was incredibly fit, until I got married to someone with very bad eating habits). The point is I feel overwhelmed with what I have to go up against so I cannot imagine how my brother feels and for you, keep it up! You are so much closer to your goal and I bet you are feeling wonderful, weight loss and fitness can be addictive. Do not ever give up and do not let other people put you down. If someone is not happy to see someone else making a positive change for their health it is because they are jealous and threatened! You go girl! "Haters are gonna hate: =P
iggam0922 wrote 5 months ago:
Your comments reminded of an ad I saw for a "weightless scale." I thought...WHAT? A gimmick! But it is a scale that you preset with your weight and your goal weight. Then, when you step on, it shows how much you have to lose to get to your goal instead of your current weight. Now I realize what a great idea that it. Motivation is 99% for me. Once I lose it, I start to climb back up the dreaded numbers. GOOD FOR YOU! You got this...that's obvious. And you are FAR from losing your marbles!
jel8888 wrote 5 months ago:
New to MFP and so so happy for you!!! I've had a negative attitude all day and THIS post helped me feel better and thank God for others doing well! Though I don't have as much to lose, what I do have to lose seems like it will never happen, so you've encouraged me! Keep at it and God bless!
duclosariel wrote 5 months ago:
That so inspiring to read a story like yours!
Keep up the good work, you're beautiful!
starling39 wrote 5 months ago:
I am so proud of you!! I have been on MFP for quite a while (years, in fact) but I am serious this time. I lost quite a bit previously. Sugar is my vice. I hears sugar is as addictive as cocaine and that kind of made me feel like a drug addict lol. Keep gettin' it every day!
Newlyfit111 wrote 5 months ago:
The 100+ club is like high school - you might have a lot of great friends in there but none of you actually want to be there. Congrats on your "graduation"!
joycefarmer68 wrote 5 months ago:
Way to GO! Awesome job! I know only to well I am in the 100+ weight loss club! I am so happy for you and so should you be HAPPY! Nothing wrong with that! What an achievement you have done! Keep going you will make it to the top of that mountain! I keep struggling myself! ;) Back to it! ;) Yay for you!
PrincessMom08 wrote 5 months ago:
I don't know you, but I am extremely proud of you. Be SUPER proud of yourself!!! At my heaviest, I needed to lose exactly 100lbs to be at the top of my "ideal body weight for my height." I struggled getting started this time around, but once I did, I've went strong. I yo-yoed for a couple years and lost 10lbs over time. I dove in head first just over a month ago and lost another 19! I am now 75.2 lbs away AND 0.8 lbs away from ONEDERLAND! So celebrate honey! You are AMAZING. You are WORTH IT! And screw the naysayers! Make 'em jealous!
Stella3838 wrote 5 months ago:
Keep up the amazing work!! I love to read of your wins, big or small!! And when you are down, I cheer for you. Never give up! You totally have this!!
davanz wrote 5 months ago:
Awesome work! You are so inspiring and such a positive voice on my feed every day. Keep it up!
mseh1 wrote 5 months ago:
rccsinger wrote 5 months ago:
I love that you say "only" 99 lbs to lose! A lot of folks would say I "still" have to lose 99 lbs! You are taking the positive approach! Good for you! Focus on how far you have come and not how far you have to go!!
author4ever wrote 5 months ago:
Your post was such an inspiration! I've been kind of down on myself lately because I've started gaining back some of the weight I lost last year, and the story you shared sent an amazingly positive and motivational message :)
klynthom wrote 5 months ago:
Great job!!! I only wish I was progressed to where you are now! You are truly an inspiration!
WarriorReady wrote 5 months ago:
Every time I read one of your posts I am just amazed by your strength and perseverance! You rock! Cheering you on from the sidelines! What a fantastic accomplishment so far!! Woohoo!
KimsHealthJourney wrote 5 months ago:
Congratulations to you!! I also have a large number to lose, but I select smaller goals at a time, then when I get to that point, I reset my target goal weight. That way, I'm not looking at a mountain. I'm looking at a much less overwhelming and attainable number and don't get discouraged as easily when I see how close I am to my next stepping stone goal.

My Wellness Coordinator at my office gave me another great suggestion - she said take two mason jars. Get a bunch of marbles or rocks or something along those lines (buttons, pennies, whatever works for you!). Take the appropriate number you need to lose in one jar. And remove them one at a time as you lose them in pounds into the other. That way you have a visible target too that you can physically put your fingers on. I loved that idea but haven't made it happen yet, though I plan to soon. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU in no longer being in that 3-digit target number!!! YOU GO and keep inspiring the rest of us!!!!
jlo110 wrote 5 months ago:
Congrats, I am now 72lbs away from my goal weight.
kathyb2012 wrote 5 months ago:
Hello I'm Kathy & I also have that big number to loose, How are you doing it. I'm starting over again.
Rubysue17 wrote 5 months ago:
Hello there! Congrats! It is a big deal any you should be proud. Reading your blog made me realize, I to am out of the triple digits of #s to lose! I started at 280 and am down to 244....only 94 more to go! YAY ME! Lets keep up the good work.
dadsafrantic wrote 4 months ago:
congrats are in order for sure. i've lost 34lbs and have 52 to go. i used to look at little steps until i thought this is silly. let's just look at the big picture. i like to look at weight loss in terms of people and things too. 41 lbs is a 9 yr old kid i think. you can also think of it as 41 blocks of butter. mmmm, yummy.
thecurvycanuck1972 wrote 3 months ago:
Amazing accomplishment! Be proud of yourself...I have a lot of weight to lose myself, and the number can be quite daunting if we obsess over it too much. Good for you :)
suetour wrote 3 months ago:
You have great attitude great job and keep going going and soon it will gone gone!

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