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Gamble wisely

Tonight is our Ladies night out. We will meet at a nearby casino with an all-you-can-eat buffet that is extraordinary. I know, because I have eaten and overeaten there many times.

I have juggled numerous plates back and forth, all of them with piles of food. All-you-can-eat was not just an offer, for me it was more like an order. I had to eat as much as I could; there was just no way around it. After all, I pay for it, I want my money's worth. 

We are a fun group of middle-aged ladies. We meet at the casino twice or three times a year. Some of us like to gamble, me not so much. I work hard for my money. I don't see the point in giving it away. I aways have a fixed amount that I am willing to spend, and I never go overboard. I play penny slots, a few card games but when I hit my limit, I walk away and enjoy watching others win or lose their money. 

Interesting, how I can control myself with money but not with food. I read "All-you-can-eat, " and I take it as a command, I obey without any question. All-you-can-eat means eating until you feel miserable and then you go and get at least one dessert. I am not making it up, that's what I did for years and it shows. 

Money or food; isn't it the same principle. I have a certain amount of calories a day to gamble with. I can spend it all on one meal, or I can spread it out. The point is to know my limit and when to walk away.

I just planned my day -like I always do. I had coffee and a small breakfast in the morning before work and fruits on my way home. I have a nice amount of calories left to gamble with. Ladies night out –there will be alcohol involved, at least a glass of wine or perhaps two -what is realistic because I don't have to drive. 

I know the casino's buffet by heart; it’ an endless calorie trap full of food and temptations. I could have a mixed green salad and a steak, or perhaps fish and vegetables or two pounds of my beloved snow crab legs with a little bit of butter.

Whatever I will do, "All-you-can-eat" is not a command -not anymore. I am done jumping whenever food calls my name. 

Sorry casino, take my picture of the wall; I am not the nation's greatest overeater anymore!

I have lost 34.9 lbs so far and I am going to have a ball tonight. 

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Kfont42 wrote 10 months ago:
Any type of all-you-can-eat anything is dangerous. I keep going to salad bars thinking, "It's salad, that's like free calories, right?" And then I total up all of the calories in my assorted toppings, and suddenly, it's not so healthy anymore.

You've got this. I hope your friends are starting to see the results of all your hard work. Have a great night!
vikinglander wrote 10 months ago:
Bridget, it's like any other addiction...we learn to live and have fun and enjoy the experience without the drug. Concentrate on the gaming and the company you're with. Have a blast!
marymcgee54 wrote 10 months ago:
I hope you had a great time! You went in with the right attitude! :)
izzybelle2013 wrote 10 months ago:
Great planning. I hope you had a wonderful time.
cfoote1505 wrote 10 months ago:
Thanks so much for sharing this! I could relate so much...I actually started to cry when I read your post. I to am a middle age woman 46 and over weight...I love food! Love all you can eat buffets! I am 4'11 and that makes things really hard! lol! I started this program almost 1 month ago and I was 180lbs on the 11th of April...I am 161 lbs now, so I have lost almost 20 pounds. My goal is 50 and it seems so far away. Anyway, what you said made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts helps! Good Luck!


musicsax wrote 10 months ago:
Good attitude, hope your resolve is not dissolved when you have your glass of wine or two, and if it did, just put it behind you and get straight back on. You are doing amazingly!! I so hope some of these friend are the ones that went out with you to the movies AND that they notice the new you.
Looking forward to hearing how it went, you are doing so well and are an inspiration.
girlgroves wrote 10 months ago:
This is just what I needed today - wise words indeed! Thank you.

We can all have a ball without going overboard. Congratulations on your weight loss so far - keep it up!
Sunna_W wrote 10 months ago:
Love, love the wisdom in this blog post! keep the insights coming!
darcy2102 wrote 10 months ago:
I remember a WW leader saying once that you should never eat anything shiny at a buffet...and damn, she may be right. But you have a good plan going in and are totally aware of your traps, so I think you will be fine. Go and enjoy yourslef, and show off the skinnier you!!!
CajunTess wrote 10 months ago:
Love the gambling comparison, and love your positive attitude.
Interbeing wrote 10 months ago:
Wonderful post, great way of looking at food, thanks!
prlgator wrote 10 months ago:
New Perspective for me as well. I am headed to Vegas in two weeks with My Michael, I can't wait. I know about the buffets and like you they have not been kind to me either, bossing me around with temptations. We have promised each other to have a great time and Indulge with our money, food and alcohol intake but NOT OVERINDULGE! I will keep your words in mind as I gamble carefully with my money I will also gamble carefully with my food. OH and WALK A LOT!!!!!
pita7317 wrote 10 months ago:
I enjoyed reading this. And can completely relate. Moved to a small town in Southern Nevada twelve years ago. With two casinos less than two miles from our front door. Gambling. Food. Comps. All intertwined to "get you in the door". Fast forward about five years.
I had gained 30+ lbs. Even though I was quite active, golfing a couple times a week, etc. Then I discovered MFP and everything changed, with food anyway. Buffets? Just, no. A good steakhouse, maybe several times a year. I still have money control but do gamble more than I used to per visit (a given) you gotta play to win mindset and now know when to get out of there 99% of the time.
To wrap up this story I have lost 46 lbs and have not taken any money out of the bank to gamble for a year now. :)
Anonymous wrote 10 months ago:
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