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A good day to be a good day

"A fat lady enters the plus size store and asks for workout clothes." That sounds almost like a joke, doesn't it? Well, I suppose life writes the best jokes because that's exactly what happened.

I started to plan my future workout routine. By the end of the month, my doctor should allow me to work out. I feel fine, my injury has healed, and I almost reached the goal weight (250 lbs) that my doctor recommended. I try to get myself mentally ready for the next big step. I know it won't be easy. My new, used Elliptic Trainer is waiting for me in the garage, the treadmill has been freed of all the stuff it was buried under.

I wondered what I would wear. I have sweatpants and shirts hidden away in my dresser, but they don't fit since years.  I hate to waste money and buy clothes that will fit me now but will be too wide in a few months. 

I got a flyer from the plus size store. They offered a 75% BOGO deal that nobody can resist. It's a bribe that works on me each and every time.

I parked, walked in and the manager greeted me like her best friend. She knows me and my taste, and she didn't waste any time and told me about all the new summer wardrobe that had come in, all of it, of course, would be just so perfect for me.

She looked at me funny when I told her that I wanted to buy athletic clothing to work out with. That was a first, and I couldn't help but grin myself. She pointed me in the right direction, and we both walked to the very back of the store. Of course, they are hidden in the very back and not displayed in the window or at the entry. People of my size and my weight are not supposed to exercise, that's why we shop at the plus size store to begin with.

Morbidly obese people and athletic clothing, that's almost an oxymoron! 

The manager left me and greeted another customer, almost like I wasn't worth the trouble anymore. I entertained myself and looked through the different racks. I know I will be sweating bullets when I start moving around, the 75% BOGO deal came in handy. 

I bought me three workout outfits, this way I won't have to do laundry every day. The athletic capris are "only" a 1X, the tops are still a 2X.

Surprisingly enough, I did not choose the dark colors, as I normally would. No, I went to the bright colors, picked a neon pink top and a bright blue one with matching capris. All of it will match with my crazy, funny tennis shoes, the ones I bought when I hit the 30-pound weight loss mark. I am going down with style. :-)

When I walked to the register, I saw a t-shirt with a print. "Today is a good day to be a good day," it said and I smiled and nodded. I have a lot of good days lately. I feel a happiness in me that is hard to explain. Perhaps I start to feel confident.  

I am not fooling myself. I know working out will be hard and painful, perhaps even humiliating after so many years of being almost immobile. 

I think I am getting antsy to move. Isn't that something?

42 pounds lost 

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RenaTX wrote 10 months ago:
caitky1013 wrote 10 months ago:
Today is a really good day, and like you I've been having a lot more of those lately. With the little bit of walking I've been doing the last couple weeks, I've noticed that I want to get out and walk a lot more. =) Hope your days continue to get even better!!
brookielaw wrote 10 months ago:
Today IS a good day, and rock those workout clothes! Bigger people have every right to have athletic gear. It's all a part of the mental game, which as you know is huge. Dress the part, BE the part, and enjoy!
Stella3838 wrote 10 months ago:
I love this!! I'm so excited for you!!
Gardengal1222 wrote 10 months ago:
Today IS a good day because you are preparing to take the next big step in your journey. I am genuinely happy for you! You already have accomplished so much, keep going.
izzybelle2013 wrote 10 months ago:
I have the print on the wall in my bedroom - Today is a good day.... That way I see it when I wake up, and start the day in a good mood. Love your post - and love the fact that you got bright colors. Again - good mood just putting them on. Keep up the great work.
beginforthelasttime16 wrote 10 months ago:
Love this!!!!
bertadee812 wrote 10 months ago:
42 pounds is an awesome achievement! Good for you -
musicsax wrote 10 months ago:
Well done for reaching another milestone! And you know what the workout will be hard work, but you may surprise yourself and find yourself looking forward to it? Trust me, you never know what other changes in life style can bring to your life!!! Keep enjoying your success you are doing so well.
Thanks for the update, I always look forward to them​.
Detritus_1965 wrote 10 months ago:
When starting with workouts again one of the most important things to remember is: Do not want too much too fast. Let your body get accustomed to the new challenge and raise the level slowly but constantly.

When I started swimming again I did so with one basic goal (You will not leave the water until you swam 1 kilometer) On the first attempt I had to take a 2 minute break every 50 meter and man was I proud when it took 500 meters for the first break (2 months later, with 2 workouts per week).

Have fun with your new equipment.
FriendsForFamily wrote 10 months ago:
Good for you! Shopping with athletic attitude! I love it.

As for me, I will be happy when I finally have a day that I look forward to sweating. I just can't seem to get there.

Power to you. Lining everything up so when the day is finally here you can jump right in there with all your determination, that's the way to plow right through any hurdles.
texteach66 wrote 10 months ago:
You are awesome! When I started up again I was about where you are, that was last May. I know you'll be great - slow and steady wins the race!
adastra87 wrote 10 months ago:
I love reading your blog and hearing about your progress! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far, and stay positive!
thisnameisthirtycharacterslong wrote 10 months ago:
The clothes you buy now are certainly not a waste of money. They'll become an important piece of your history; a reminder of the very you that had decided to make that drastic change in your life, knowing full well what sort of hardships lay before you. A fuel for new adventures or avoiding past mistakes.

I believe the struggle is the most important aspect of any story, and you've got your fair share lined up. Once you reach your goal - if you reach your goal - you'll have an incredibly valuable experience that you can share with all of those who stand in the exact same situation as you, or worse. Who doesn't love the classic story of the overweight person who reclaims their life? It's undeniably a powerful source of motivation.

I wish you luck in your endeavor.
Cynnalyn wrote 10 months ago:
Yay, you've hit an important milestone, and have just opened the door on your fitness journey! So glad you went for the fun colours - personally I find those give me energy just looking at them, and there's something joyous about wearing such energetic colours!

As for the manager ditching you, probably a good thing so you could find what you wanted. She's likely also realizing you won't be a customer of hers for too much longer. ;)
jujufa wrote 10 months ago:
Don't forget that comfortable, fashionable athletic clothes like you bought are fun to wear just because you feel and look cute in them! Just wear 'em because you FEEL like it! Have fun!
cathipa wrote 10 months ago:
Love this!! So happy for you reaching your goals!
SueSueDio wrote 10 months ago:
This is awesome, I love your attitude! :) And congratulations on your success so far!

Like someone else said, take it easy at the start. You don't need to wear yourself out... ANY extra movement to start with, even just five minutes of walking, is a bonus, and you can slowly build up as you become used to it.

Rock those bright colours! I hope you feel great in them. :)
kenkoyle6932 wrote 10 months ago:
Keep it up! What an inspiration.
Kfont42 wrote 10 months ago:
I love this line: "I am going down with style," as in, the number on the scale is going down with style. :)

Fun workout clothes really do make a difference. It helps you remember that working out is hard and kind of sucks sometimes, but that it can also be fun - especially if you think about what you're doing for yourself by working out.

I'm so excited for you! Is one of your rewards a heart rate monitor of any kind? I got a Fitbit Charge 2 so that I had a better sense of how many calories I was actually burning doing workouts. Sometimes it's more than I expected, other times, it's less than I hoped.
LadyLilion wrote 10 months ago:
I hate buying clothes these days as I know I'll have to replace them next year when they're too big. (Yes. I said WHEN they're too big, not IF.) So I have resorted to the corporate monster - Wal-Mart - which has a rather abundant display of plus sized Danskin workout clothes.

So far, I'm still buying black and gray. My Nikes are wildly bright though!
pattymason7 wrote 10 months ago:
Good for you,I work out on an elliptical trainer 6days a week,it is very effective.Do not give up persevere you will build up endurance ,listen to music,so you do not get bored,forge through.
good luck.
purebredpolly wrote 10 months ago:
How exciting! I look forward to hearing how it goes. :)
JuneAnneBrassington wrote 10 months ago:
Love that you are so positive. Using your motivation to help me to get moving more myself. Goo luck and enjoy the journey
pizzafruit wrote 10 months ago:
Great post! Your determination and positive attitude are always inspiring. Thanks and your right - it is a good day to be a good day!
Hoppymom wrote 10 months ago:
When I started losing weight adding bright colors to my ward robe made me so happy! I stayed with the black pants but I bought the brightest tops I could find. My bright yellow workout shoes sealed the deal. Have fun!
AmandaOmega wrote 10 months ago:
The last thing anyone should do is snigger at someone overweight who wants athletic clothes. How else are you going to slim down? Get in shape? Everyone has to start somewhere!

Congrats on your progress so far, and I wish you luck on your future endeavors! I know you can do it!
MrsBoney12 wrote 10 months ago:
Love this! Since I started working out again in March, I've become a little bit obsessed with workout clothes! I have so many now. I got to this point as well where I was antsy to move...and once I started I just can't seem to stop! If I'm not in my dresses for work or church, I'm in my workout clothes getting some form of activity in. Here's to hoping you'll have the same experience and continue to shed those pounds!
jennknut wrote 10 months ago:
Good for you! Just go at it easy...unlike what commercials and all the ads say, there should be no pain! Work your way into it and give yourself time to adjust to your workouts. My mind is what yells at me for workout time. It is the best stress reducer ever! I am really happy and excited for this next part of your journey.
pitchfordmalisa wrote 10 months ago:
lorinoye wrote 10 months ago:
That is great! I love that they make work out clothes in plus sizes that aren't big and baggy and actually have some *gasp* style?! Because why shouldn't big girls get to look good while getting healthy too?

Congrats on the progress and keep on chugging!!
lilacnine wrote 10 months ago:
You Rock! I love reading about your journey. Congratulations.
ggeise14 wrote 10 months ago:
Definitely a good day! Way to go!
debk0718 wrote 10 months ago:
This is an awesome blog!! Good for you and choosing brightly colored workout clothes. I'm still in the "dark" colors because I'm so afraid everyone is watching me. I wish you the very best when you're able to start using your Elliptical. You are doing great!!!
WhistlerToo wrote 10 months ago:
I'm looking forward to your future blog entry when these workout clothes need to be replaced because they are way too BIG! Cheering you on! :-D
Rognvaldr wrote 10 months ago:
I love this. 42 pounds is awesome!!

Hard and painful? Maybe. Try to enjoy your journey. Don't make the garage the only part of your workout. Get out and enjoy the world. Walk in malls, parks, etc. (remember, safety first)

Years ago, a friend of mine (an engineer and a distance runner, yuck) decided to do the math for running vs. walking. He discovered that the differences are negligible. Basically its distance x weight = calories burned. Running just lets you do it faster.

I am interested to hear as you progress on your journey.
LifeinReboot2018 wrote 10 months ago:
Congratulations on your loss. The first 50 were the hardest to loose but after that working out came next.I would encourage to put on your fabulous outfit and take a walk. It's easy, cheap, and great way to meet your neighbors. I walked until I built up my strength and stamina. Now 5-8 miles is easy and enjoyable. The one caution is body image. After loosing close to 300 pounds I have the loose skin issue so now it's to the gym with a great trainer.I wish you the best of luck and would love to hear how you are doing in reaching your goal.
sarajoellen wrote 10 months ago:
Awesome! I know what you mean about getting excited. Unless you have been incapacitated, it is hard to explain to others. You are always such an inspiration to me.
tcpoust wrote 10 months ago:
Fantastic! What an amazing story!
bobbinalong wrote 10 months ago:
Good for you! It is a good day to be a good day!
Clownfish423 wrote 10 months ago:
I can relate to buying "exercise" clothes in the plus department :). I have size 2X, and 1X, and XL (non-plus)...I can squeeze myself into the XL now, but won't go out in public yet in those clothes!

You're doing great!
norrisski wrote 10 months ago:
My work out shirts inspire me...."Today is an awesome day" and "Push your Limits". I hope your new flashy clothes continue to inspire you.
tpredovic wrote 10 months ago:
I loved this post! It's so hard to make changes in your life when you are so used to perceiving yourself through other's eyes and not listening to your inner warrior, so kudos to doing your own thing and 'going down with style'! One of the biggest changes to my own weight loss this year has been using the mantra, ' You do you and I'll do me!' because it has allowed me to stop comparing myself to others or what i think they think of me, and it's pushing me to step out of my comfort zone in many ways. You keep working your own style and I hope I see more of your blogging!!
Interbeing wrote 10 months ago:
Great blog, I wish you all the best in your life journey!
LJGettinSexy wrote 10 months ago:
Congratulations on your weight loss! You make me excited for you and for myself. We all have our personal stories but you told yours so well. Good Luck
swancin wrote 10 months ago:
Congratulations on your progress and for picking bright colors to energize yourself. Feeling good about what you're doing and yourself is the first step, I find when I feel good about myself (body included) is the days I want to workout. I battle depression so every day is a battle for me to stay out of bed much less workout, but I make myself do it. I'll be cheering for you to "go down in style" and rocking your new bright workout clothes. I have the following quote posted in front of my desk and in my bedroom, it reminds me of the ripples of a positive outlook,
"A great attitude becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life" Mandy Hale.
I'm finding this is truer and truer as I practice it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress.
daneejela wrote 10 months ago:
You are such an inspiration! Love this post!
PrincezzFabulouze wrote 10 months ago:
I'm glad you picked out bright clothes. You will shine, the colors will keep you motivated and happy. Everyday is actually a good day. Good post!!
PinkCaribou wrote 10 months ago:
I love your attitude! And pff, whatever to the manager ditching you. Ain't nothing gonna break your stride! :)

YEEESSS for choosing bright colours! I was veering toward dark and black shades for workout gear, then I kinda rolled my eyes at myself and bought matching tops, reversible capris, and socks in bright aqua, blue, and lime green. My current shoes are neon pink/purple Skechers so I'm just a happy rainbow when exercising :)

Keep up the awesome attitude!
PatanjaliTwist wrote 10 months ago:
What a wonderfully inspirational story. Feeling uplifted is the best part of the continuance of your transformation. Well done...
dlgray58 wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations! Your post is very inspiring. I've just started back to walking again and am also excited to be losing weight once more. I'm subscribing to your blog so I can follow your progress and continue to be inspired by you! Love the "attitude"! It's a great mental picture! Best to you and your continued success.
rainey4 wrote 9 months ago:
Ha totally relate.

I was in a local plus size store here in Bermuda.

Though have their workout stuff right in front.

Bought the cutest work out tights (look the the kind you see on the fabletics commercial) and a great top.

Just cause I am plus size doesn't mean I don't want to look cute.
cushman5279 wrote 9 months ago:
Woohoo! You own it girl! The fact that you make this comment: "I hate to waste money and buy clothes that will fit me now but will be too wide in a few months." speaks volumes about your dedication and commitment. I have no doubt in my mind that pretty soon people are going to start telling you you're getting too thin! And you know what... don't worry about the pain and/or possible humiliation... you do what ever you have to do to get it done! Believe me... I lift very heavy weight and am in a competition prep and I simply don't give a damn what I look like or sound like to anyone in the gym. It's about ME and my goals. You keep that in mind. Good for you! Keep going!!
Dancr1228 wrote 9 months ago:
Congratulations on your weight loss and your great attitude! And don't you hate it when people treat you like a fat person? I know exactly how it feels to have sales people treat you that way. BUT you got what you wanted anyway so good for you!!!

Take it from me, the exercise is hard (challenging) and painful (muscle growth) and, yes, humiliating but also life-affirming, and healthy, and rewarding.

You go, girl!
demuro wrote 9 months ago:
Wow! You are an inspiration. I have started exercising with the beautiful spring weather at 5:30 in the morning with my husband and dogs. Nothing like a brisk walk, but it has not seemed to help my weight loss so don't get discouraged. Will just keep trying!
PJFinSJ wrote 9 months ago:
Loved your story about buying the 'workout' clothes - I can relate. Congratulations on your weight loss, and also your inspiring attitude as others have commented! You go girl! :-)
JennieLeeAustin wrote 9 months ago:
Just reading this put me in a good mood! Today is a good day and even better than yesterday. Thank you.
Pamela_June wrote 9 months ago:
Your post/blog is so very inspirational...and lord knows I need all the inspirational help I can get!

Thanks for your posting!
suetour wrote 8 months ago:
You are awesome I totally relate. For years was doing same thing and getting same dirty and dismiss attitude. Keep it up and never lose your great sense humour.

Go go go girl go go go and strut your stuff!
sandyhatfield7 wrote 8 months ago:
The last time I was in Dick's Sporting Goods I said to the clerk as I was checking out, "you have nothing for some one who needs a plus size". She said ,"I know. I have told the buyers but nothing happens.".
Guess the buyer has not noticed that there are more of us "big" people than the skinny ones. The store is missing out on lots of sales. Shorted sighted of them.
I will just keep ordering workout gear from Land's End. Then when I need skinny gear I'll go some place other then Dick's.
crystalstreet1004 wrote 8 months ago:
This was very encouraging to read. I only have three pair of black exercise capris. I want to get exercise tops, but they are not long enough to cover my front and back. I think for now I'm going to go with oversized tee shirts. Once I get a little more comfortable I'm going to get bold and visit a plus size store for "real" workout clothes.
pkw58 wrote 7 months ago:
You go! Greatly encouraging blog post.

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