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 A good chuckle might burn a few calories. Perhaps 3 calories per 'HA!' so I'd like to do my part, because I care. I've gathered together a little collection of recent blog posts, linked below with some excerpts, that might make you burn even SIX whole calories. Then you can have that extra cheezit. Enjoy...


Great Gob, Directions, and Jell-O

“…So I rang him up with my thoughts, and he promptly answered with a deep and reverberating ‘YO!’ that made even this goblin’s knees quake at the mighty mightiness of it. Wow…”


The 5 Secrets of Leprechaun Health

“…1. Lucky Charms go in everything. Even grilled cheese sandwiches….”


The Man In the Mirror With The Monkey Wrench

“…"Who are you, you handsome demon with thinning hair!?" I exclaimed.
"I am the saboteur," he said. "I wreck your goals."
"Oh," I replied. "You."

Loaded Diapers and Negative Nurdles (a Dear Goblin advice column)

“…Now, to answer your question, you need a cup, a MEGA-V vacuum, and a garden hose hooked up and ready to roar. I do have all three of these available in my store.”

AND OF COURSE, THE NOT-QUITE-FAMOUS series, Star Jog: The MFP Generation, a 4-part series:

Star Jog: The MFP Generation

“…“These are the voyages of the Starship Exercise. Its continuing mission, to shed more unwanted pounds, to seek out new life and new muscles, and to boldly jog where no one has jogged before.”


Star Jog: The MFP Generation (PART 2)

Star Jog: The MFP Generation (PART 3)

Star Jog: The MFP Generation (PART 4 & Conclusion)


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