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A Meteor Is Going To Wipe Out The Internet

Just the Internet, that's all.

What a shame. At least Earth (and us, of course) will still be here. MFP, though, since it's on the internet, will be wiped into oblivion. Also Hulu. Makes me sad.

 Good knowing you guys, though!

Sincerely, TGR

P.S. This post will also have been obliterated by the meteor. So you can't actually be reading this. It's all in your head.

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Angelabec wrote 71 months ago:
OK, so I'm now singing 'Zombies' by The Cranberries, because 'it's all in my head' but possibly I'm imagining that. What's this internet thing again, anyway?
mrshoneybear1014 wrote 71 months ago:
Bysshe wrote 71 months ago:
I heard it was a solar flare...
MommyTKD wrote 70 months ago:
oh wait... you said a Meteor? I thought you said a Mighty Ore.... I was all excited!

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