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Jan 22, 2013

8411 more minutes to go in 2013.


 This week should be better than last week gym wise. My work schedule is better, I should get my 4 workouts in no problem this week, which makes me feel good.   

  I have been trying really hard to get out of my funk, the who " fake it till you make it " thought has been with me,   I dont remember it being this hard to want to workout. I know it has so much to do with my crazy work and commute nonsese, and I really need to change that situation , but for now till its better, I just have to fake it. 


 now that we have the step mill at the gym ,I have been on that all the time, and not running, I am obsessed with climbing the stairs, It gives me a crazy insane sweaty workout, I just love it.  


 Tomorrow I will run.  



60 more minutes

 Add another 60 minutes to my total hours this year. Today I climbed on the stepmill, 1955 steps.   That was intense.   I was a sweating mess , this was after a weight workout. with left my arms feeling like wiggly gummy worms when I was done. not good.  I have been neglecting weights big time, and I can feel that.... sucks.

I am still in my funk, not sure how to get out of it, I am having a hard time with alot of things .    

14 days into 2013, How are you doing?

Are you still hanging on ?   I think this is where people start to fall off, and a bit more each week. Some people stick with it through Valentines day, but then stop, cause hey, they made it 6 weeks , they did OK. But the real winners are the ones who have made it a new way of life, and not a diet, and they have figured out how to get more exercise in, eat better, and are even trying new foods !   ITs amazing how great you feel when the year is over, and you do not have to make a resolution to " stick with it this time for sure"  Just a thought ...


 I am doing good !  One thing I promised myself was that I was only going to get on the scale once every 4 weeks , This is a very big deal for someone like me, who for the 2 years of my weigh loss I was weighing myself 2x a day on 2 different scales.  I wrote the day and my goal on my mirror, so I see it every time I think about it. I also see that number , that goal. IT is a very reachable goal for the month, and I know I will not have a problem reaching it, and I am really looking forward to Feb 1 when I get on the scale again , and I can write a new lower goal weight on my mirror . 


 One of the ways I know I can get there is to not eat added sugar and not drink any alcohol. HUGE deal, I love my wine.  I have made it through the first weekend of no alcohol ( its the friday and Sat nights sthat I want my wine) , and I am holding out for the superbowl ( GO PATRIOTS!) for any drinks.   


I also had to set a very doable goal for my workouts. MY life is different from when I lived in Covington, I had a job that was 7 minutes from home ( that was IN TRAFFIC) and I worked 9-5 m-f. I woould go to the gym every night after work ( Half the time I was teaching , so getting PAID to workout) . So then we moved, I now commute sometimes over 1 hour, EACH WAY , and my hours are all over the place, Sometimes early AM, Sometimes I work till 10 PM.  Not really giving excuses, just saying that life has changed. So  I can honestly say I can work out just 4 times a week, So When I do work out those 4 days, I have to kill it every time.   The 4 days being 2 of my days off, and then just 2 days that I work.   I think this is something I can do, and not feel like crap if I miss a workout, ( like I would if I had planned 5 days ) . Anyway. That is my plan. ! :) 

 Today I worked out for 61 minutes, ran 3 miles.  9350 minutes to go, 487.8 miles to go

Jan 10

 60 mins today. all weights with splashes of cardio.  Hoping to get out and run 3 miles tomorrow.  


 This week has been OK. getting my eating and exercise all back on track feels good.  I put my scale away till Feb 1st. I have a goal in mind to reach by then, and I think it is pretty reachable.  No Drinking and No added sugar is a KEY for me, I know that. I lost 10 pounds last March in one month by cutting those out and doing more cardio. I am not reaching for a 10 pound loss, But I am reaching for a loss. So. No Sugar, No Alcohol.  


9411 mins to go for the year.  

Jan 7th

 Not a biggie today. Ran 2.04 miles, will hills. Did 90 pushups. and 90 squats. Total time 3s minutes. 


 490.8 miles to go 


9471 minutes to go . 


MY headphones went out on my run, and my arm band that holds my iphone keeps slipping. Goal was just two miles, so that was all I did. I keep trying this app I have ,called JOG fm. It pulls songs from your itunes based on your pace. I dont think I love it, probably cause my pace is too slow, lol. I need peppier songs. so I find that I mess with it alot.  I will probably go back to my own playlists. 


 ROLL TIDE!!!!   ( For my Hubby) 

JAn 6th Run

today it was 3.2 miles 43 minutes total. Still sprinted hills, ( it seems easier to sprint them , then try to just run , for some odd reason).  It was colder this AM, and I felt out of it, But I pushed forward.  My legs and ass were sore from yesterday. NEED TO STRETCH MORE.  goal 15 minutes today for stretching. 


 total: 7.2 miles  ( 492.8 to go)

94 minutes (9506 to go)


Heres off to a go start!

Jan 5th

well after starting off my new year with a stomach virus,  ( Hit on the 1st! ) I finally got to run my first run of 2013. 4 miles down, 496 to go !  50 minutes .


 I  plan to track my progress here. what better place to kyyl iesan dm ym lies and my minutes/ hours. ?


 I gave nothing fabulous to say, I am just glad I am better and I got that first run in.  That is all. :) 


 OK, First OFF , if you can, take a moment to read the post I posted back in 2009. I was half way to my goal, and it speaks of my husband.  Made me smile to read it,  I am happy to say :


 He turned around. As Did we.  He had a very hard time for about 2 years with my weight loss, it was hard for him, in so many ways. AND it took a LONG time for me to see what he was going through. He came around , the year after I hit my goal weight,  BUT,  he came around , just as I came around , and started focusing on my family. It was a tough Tought 2 years for us, and if you were not involved in my weight loss and fitness journey, you did get left out. I admit that .   Glad to say, I came around, Glad to say we made it! 



 OK , the reason for this blog post.  I wanted to post what I have commited to for 2013. First, I pledge to run 500 miles. So basically, 3 5 k's a week. easy peasy, ( as long as I stay imnjury FREE) and I commit to 146 hours of exercise. Again, should be very do able!  


 Who wants to commit to this with me ?? 



I love Blogging! why not do it here?

 I have loved blogging for some time, But didnt really talk about my wieght  on my blog. But I can do that here!

 I am at my halfway mark,  85 down, 85 to go, I feel good about my progress, and strong that I can reach my goal  by my 40th birthday ( march 16th 2010).  

 I dont know if my marriage will make it to my goal, but damn it, I WILL! lol 


 I have lots of support in this, but my husband is not one of them, for whatever reason, he is not a cheerleader of mine. IT makes it hard at times, but also motivates me to kick ass more , just to do it and see how he is in the end.  I dont know... 


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