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My May endeavors promises June to blossom..

This quarter has been so much of a learning process for me. As the endurance of my workouts has increased, I have learned to switch things up a bit. May was my Cardio EXTREME month, simply high cardio and no heavy strength training.

 Returning to my Heavy lifting 3x's a week while also incorporates a four week Boot camp. This boot camp focuses on Core and strength and I have been putting it off for too long (says my trainer).

TIME and a planned regiment of healthy dieting and hard work is what will make this my success. So with that said, I will post new measurements and routine beginning June first.

There will be no heavy cardio classes as my schedule will not permit.Squat/ Deadlift/ Bench Press/ Bent Over Row/ Overhead Press will be my weight training focus. Boot camp focus is on Core and upper body strength. Here's to my progression going forward...




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smurfette75 wrote 36 months ago:
love a lady with a plan!!
KeriD wrote 36 months ago:
get it girl!!!!!!!!!!!
sonyaj1125 wrote 36 months ago:
You will knock it out!!
cattracy0829 wrote 36 months ago:
Great Plan! Good Luck in June!
CraigG75 wrote 36 months ago:
Sounds good

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