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It takes 3 weeks to break a habit...

...and at the moment I am not faltering.

 I'm really proud of myself for not being tempted and for keeping my on top of my exercise regime.  However I'm worried, seriously worried.  On the 16th I go back to uni - and I truly don't want to let things slip.  The temptation of takeaways and chocolate and alcohol is unreal!  

 So to help myself I've devised a mantra that I'm trying to establish now in order to repeat to myself when I get back.


This mean that I will be almost at my three week barrier to a whole new way of thinking, I'm just going to have to keep telling myself - is that pint of cider worth sabotaging 100lbs weight loss? Is that bar of choccy worth staying a fatty forever?

It's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but together, with mfp and friends, we can do it.  We can smash through the 3 week habit barrier and put two fingers up to being fat.

TA DA FAT!!!  

Napolean - "Victory belongs to the most perservering" 

On another note I've also been on the hunt for things that can replace my bad habits but still satisfy my craving too..

 Like tonic and slim line gin - 46 cals!

Or a cadbury light choc mousse trifle thing -  only 130 cals - and satisfies and choc cravings!

And the answer to my prayers is eat lots and lots and lots of soup - it fills me right up and is delicious! 

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loischapman wrote 76 months ago:
Great blog, I love a vodka and soda with lots of fresh lemon and lime...very low in carbs and no fat. and tastes delicious. As for chocolate i make these treats that are very satisfying
two large 16oz bars of dark chocolate. ( the big ones)
I melt on very low temp on stove in pan. when melted I add 6 cup of Kashi go lean cereal...1cup chopped walnuts and 1cupchopped almonds...add raw shredded coconut if you like. Stir it until all mixed. scoop into Little balls to gets hard after 1hour or more i then put them in Ziploc baggies and allow my self two or three when having a sweet tooth. 3 equal about seventy five calories and is bigger than a candy bar. very low fat also.

2 160z. dark cacao chocolate
6 cups kashi go lean cereal
1cup chopped walnut
1cup chopped almonds
coconut shredded optional( i love this so I add it) hope this is something that helps...keep them in the fridge or freezer. makes about 60 balls. or less

loischapman wrote 76 months ago:
16 0z
goron59 wrote 76 months ago:
Switching to things that are naturally lower sugar/fat/cals rather than 'lighter' versions of existing things, works better for me.

Exception being full fat milk - I just don't like the taste.

But sticking to it, and having a mantra is a good thing!
chrissi_k wrote 76 months ago:
I know it is never easy to break a habit. At work we order lunch almost every single day and there are only 2 things available: pizza or pasta, sometimes indian. If we pick it up it is asian, italian or sandwiches...
My other colleagues are all thin, so I told myself if I keep on eating that pizza every single day I will just get heavier and won't do anything good for health. So I started to prepare everything I will eat at home so I can just take it with me, soups and salads are perfect for that :) I will go back to work on monday and I am not slipping back in the old habit and you won't when you go back to the university, because it is your body and you want to lose weight and you will lose it! :) You can do it!
libland wrote 75 months ago:
My mantra "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels". I find myself saying this over and over in my head when I am tempted. I works most of the time :-)
Dianadmt wrote 75 months ago:
Hi, I'm new to this, but not to life. Try to stay away from the alcohol. At my age I've seem the trouble and hurts from it when used in excess. I love soup too. My mother parents came from Poland and in Europe they eat a lot of soup and growing up my mother made a lot of it. I was skinny then. Good luck at uni and your goals.
LauraRose03 wrote 75 months ago:
@libland---GREAT mantra! Love it! I also highly recommend Edy's slow churned Samoa girl scout coookie ice cream. 120 calories for half a cup and it's delicious!!!
MaryDreamer wrote 75 months ago:
Wonderful loved it!
sharond322 wrote 75 months ago:
Good luck...use that mantra, it will help. I read on here a line I liked....what's holding us back is not who we are but who we don't think we can be...loved that since we are the only ones getting in our own way! Also, I like light cranberry juice and vodka with a bit of lime but try and moderate. Best of luck to you!
Filletsteak wrote 75 months ago:
Best of luck , esp going back to uni and what that can do to your best-laid plans. Keep up the good work!

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