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Anyone who follows my blog knows I've been down this road (and many others that look much like it) MANY times before!  About three weeks ago I had an appointment with a dietician which I blogged about in my last entry.  Since that time I have not been logging my food but have been following the one-half/one-fourth/one-fourth plate protocol and trying very hard to make healthier choices. 

As mentioned above . . . I've tried the "no logging" before.  If you look back through my many blogs you will find entires about "mindful eating", "eating like a thin person", "non-diets", "eating less", and several other efforts I've made with a non-tracking format.  But I'm finding that the divided plate idea has given me a better base than any of my other attempts.  

In the last three weeks I have lost just over 5 pounds and I feel like it has been with very little effort.  I'm feeling much more in control and am amazed how some of the little changes I've made has been amazingly simple.  Foregoing the bun with my burger, replacing lentils for some meats, snacking on fruit, and most importantly eating smaller portions. 

I have been down so many paths on this journey but I still maintain that the only way to fail is to quit so do whatever works for you . . . and if that doesn't work then find something else -- and keep looking and keep trying until something clicks with your lifestyle.  Who knows, my next blog could be all about my failure . . . but today it is about success so I'm going to bask in that for as long as I can.  

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Reeniekins63 wrote 5 months ago:
I am glad you found something that is working for you. Keep it up! You're doing great!!
HildieMe wrote 5 months ago:
Terrific success! Who can argue with five pounds less... Now, "snacking on fruit" would be my downfall, I love them too much - as you say, try until you find what works for you.

As you probably know, I've been living happily without flour for over twenty years. They call it "gluten free" now, but don't go for that ersatz stuff - overpriced and not worth it. In spite of it, I'm still eating too many carbs (fruits, rice cakes, the occasional oatmeal and honey bar), so I'm trying to limit that again. I'll probably never lose that sweet tooth!

Keep up the good work, and let us know how it works in the long run.
Let me guess: half the plate is veggies, no starch?

SnagTop wrote 5 months ago:
Half veggies, a quarter protein, a quarter starch!
joanthemom8 wrote 5 months ago:
I admit, I am getting tired of tracking calories (I've been here for 5.5 years). so the one-half, one-fourth, one fourth plate sounds appealing to me. I believe me down fall has always been portion control. I also have been doing the "bunless" thing for the last few months.

Thank you for giving me something to chew on. I love his site - in that it give like-minded people a chance to learn from each other (even after 5.5. years, lol).
debvee60 wrote 5 months ago:
So outside of the 1/2-1/4-1/4 plate do you have other "goals" for the day regarding dairy, fruit, fat, etc.? Just curious as I would think at some point I will stop tracking as well.
I like tracking my food as it helps me stay focused. I've recently started tracking servings of healthy food choices as well. My standard is the 1600 Calorie plan (if you just google those terms you'll find it). Getting in the fat, whole grains and nuts is new to me.
The coach also mentioned the same plan you are following the 1/2-1/4-1/4 - which I believe will be a future step for me.
Oh - and I'm also tracking stress and sleep. I'm seeing a correlation.
SnagTop wrote 5 months ago:
My other goals are less saturated fat, more soluable fibre, and actually eating salmon 2-3 times per week. I've always had trouble with the "fish" recommendation because my husband HATES fish so I never cooked it. I have started making it for lunch a couple times per week. I will blog more about my "no tracking approach" soon! I am very happy to feel like I actually have a handle on this -- at least for now!!
themedalist wrote 5 months ago:
Karen, this is great and I'm so happy for you. There is no one size fits all approach to healthy eating. The 1/2 plate, 1/4 plate, 1/4 plate approach makes a lot of sense. So happy for you!
HildieMe wrote 5 months ago:
Hi themedalist,

"There is no one size fits all approach to healthy eating." Sam goes for weight loss! I just posted a summary of the TIME Magazine article "The Weight Loss Trap" in my blog, and that's basically my take away... No diet works for everyone, you have to find what works for you.
jlo110 wrote 5 months ago:
I agree that what works for one may not work for another. It took years of yo yo dieting and trying fad diets to figure out what works for me.
LadyLilion wrote 5 months ago:
Bravo! My dietician is big on the plate method...but I must admit to being confused about how to count things like casseroles and soups where your veg/meat/carbs are all mixed together. Still, the fact that I'm thinking about it is half the battle!
SnagTop wrote 5 months ago:
Lady -- I just try to eat a smaller portion than I otherwise would have plus still make half my plate a salad.
purebredpolly wrote 5 months ago:
I use portion control plates too! Love them!
Deb4224 wrote 4 months ago:
This was good to hear. I will have to look into the plate protocol? I really am NOT good at logging everything I eat. Probably, because I hate doing it.

Congrats on how far you've already come!If you are accepting any new friends, please add me. I need all the inspiration I can get. =)

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