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Appointments, appointments, appointments!

My blogs have been few and far between . . . as has my activity at MFP.  I look like I have quite a streak going (555 days!) -- but the fact of the matter is it is mainly because my iWatch automatically uploads my steps every day so it looks like I'm logging when, in reality, I am not.  

I have had a busy spring and so much to catch up with you!!  It partially explains my abscence here but in all honesty it also includes some backsliding *shocking*.  

While I was in Arizona last winter I began experiencing some medical issues that were troubling enough that I made an appointment with my doctor at home while still in Arizona so I could see him promptly on getting home.  He was troubled enough by my symptoms that he has put me through a battery of tests and made a number of referrals.  

One of those referrals was to a cardiologist; who also put me through a battery of tests.  The good news is that all these tests came out normal.  As a matter of fact, the cardiologist seemed impressed with my cardiovascular results.  I was pleased that he did not chastize me (which I fully expected) for being overweight but instead commended me for being able to achieve 100% maximal heart rate on the stress test.  He had already quizzed me about what kind of exercise I do normally and we had talked about the walking I do plus the hiking in Arizona.  After the stress test was completed he sat down with me and explained what each of the tests were for and what my results meant.  In the end he told me I had a good strong heart and to "keep on doing what you're doing".

So I have a healthy heart . . . why am I not trying harder to keep it that way?  It at least got me thinking about the fact that I have NOT quit . . . or have I?  I haven't consciously thrown in the towel but am I just kidding myself?  What have I actively done in the last six months or more that says I haven't quit?  My heart, at least, just got a clean bill of health.  Why am I not doing everything I can to keep it healthy?

Today's appointment was with a dietician.  It seems my blood work showed slightly elevated cholesterol and triglycerides and my doctor referred me to see if I can get it under control with diet.  While talking with Chelsea (the dietician) I realized that NO, I have not quit!  I realized that I haven't forgotten the basic principles that I have learned and actually adhere to a good number of them.  But I also realized that I've strayed far away from basic strategies as well as delicious recipes that use to be my staples.  

While talking with Chelsea I conveyed to her how I feel that tracking is my downfall.  You see, as long as I do it I can lose weight . . . but as soon as I stop I gain it back.  She reiterated to me things that I already knew -- that I really don't have to track and, to a point, it is detrimental to me.  She explained that tracking is a tool to help us learn about nutrition and portion control but she pointed out that I already know that.  She reminded me that all I need to do is simply follow a few guidelines and I will be healthier, happier, and will lose weight without even thinking about it.  I believe her . . . and I'm ready to remember all the things I've forgotten!

So a few tips from our meeting today:

  1.  Always use the 1/2 - 1/4 - 1/4 principle when filling a plate.  (1/2 vegetables, 1/4 starch, 1/4 protein).
  2. Increase soluable fibre (I didn't know the difference between soluable and unsoluable fibre so that was enlightening!).
  3. Decrease saturated fat and red meat.
  4. Increase lentils, legumes, beans.
  5. Never say diet and never deprieve yourself. 

Chelsea told me that a muffin, cookie, or piece of chocolate is not going to make or break me.  That it's the habit of those things that cause a problem.  A special dinner out is okay -- as long as it is a "special" dinner and not a daily occurrence.  Most importantly she reminded me that the minute I tell myself "you can't have that", it will be all my mind will think about it until I not only eat that forbidden food but overindulge in it.  

Today I stop thinking of it as a wagon that I'm trying not to fall off of and instead thinking of it as the road the wagon is travelling on.  Not the wood and wheels of a vehicle but the bricks and mortar of the highway. 

Time to start pounding the pavement! 

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pizzafruit wrote 5 months ago:
Great reminder that the basics never change. I think sometimes we can get so caught up in what we're doing or not doing that we forget that we know. Thanks for the refresher.
Sunna_W wrote 5 months ago:
I would also encourage you to look at the Weston A Price foundation for some information about whole foods / healthy fats for health.

Also, bio-identical hormones are essential for heart health.

There have been major findings in teh last few years. best of luck on your journey.
themedalist wrote 5 months ago:
I really like Chelsea's advice!
JeromeBarry1 wrote 4 months ago:
Chelsea's got a good head on her shoulders. Use it.

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