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Day 16


I almost didn't workout at all today.  I didn't go to the Y because I feel like I'm getting better and I want to be totally healthy for the road trip we are taking on Friday.

I played outside with the kids (it is BEAUTIFUL outside) instead of going to the gym- and the bonus is that I met some neighbors and the kids had a great time.  Everything happens for a reason I suppose!

ok back to the 30DS blog... 

I kinda phoned it in and did level 1 with 3lb weights.  Don't get me wrong- I didn't modify the moves or anything and I didn't stop... but yeah... didn't break much of a sweat.  whatevs- at least I did it!  Tomorrow is a kickboxing day so I'll be good and rested for that workout :)   

next change: my yogurt

My approach to MFP since I started back in September has been to take it SLOW.  

I knew that if I jumped right in and drastically cut back calories and got rid of certain foods I would be completely overwhelmed!  

Slowly, over the last 6 months, I've made some changes including:


  • switched my morning coffee drink from a skim latte (130 calories) to a coffee with skim milk (16 calories)
  • switched my sandwich bread from one with 110 calories per slice to one with 80 calories per slide
  • stopped drinking soda! (diet and regular)
  • started buying low-sodium lunchmeat  
Now I'm ready for the next change: my yogurt.  
I LOVE Dannon light and fit vanilla yogurt.  I eat it almost every morning!  The problem with this yogurt is that it has aspartame in it, and I don't love that I have aspartame every morning.  Since I've stopped drinking diet coke I started to taste the aspartame in my yogurt and it just isn't sitting right with me.
So I've decided to jump on the greek yogurt band wagon!  I'm going to experiment until I find one that I like.  I tried Fage this morning and I really enjoy the texture!  I'm definitely ready for this change and I'm excited to be moving away from artificial sweetened foods.  


Day 15

I did level 2 today.  Felt just OK.  I'm glad I got it done, and now it is over, and I can try to make it through the rest of the day! 

Day 14

So, I didn't do 30DS on Friday or Saturday because we went on a mini-road trip. I was going to do it last night when we got home, but I was still hung-over from the concert, and tired from the long drive.  I woke up feeling really really crappy this morning- looks like I'm getting sick! wonderful.  It is that body-ache, throat hurt, coughing, foggy head sick.  I'm hoping that it doesn't last too long.  

I decided to do level 1 today with 5lb weights.  I definitely feel better after doing the workout. I'm weird like that- I like to workout a little bit when I'm feeling under the weather because it gives me endorphins and mentally makes me feel stronger even if I am not. I don't over-do it of course, and if I'm really really sick then I don't workout...  but yeah, I'm glad I did my workout today!  

We are driving to Colorado on Friday for a week-long vacation with the kids.  I haven't decided if I'll be doing 30DS on the trip yet.  I kinda like the idea of taking a week off of my normal workout routine.  I'll be skiing and walking a lot so there will be plenty of activity for my body, but I think the change of pace might be a good thing.  Hmm- I guess I have decided that I'm not bringing the DVD on the trip!   :)  I'll pick it back up when the vacation is over and start over with Day 1.  

Day 11

Who has 2 thumbs, ran 6.5 miles this morning, and just completed DAY 11 of 30DS on level 3?   



I didn't really feel like it, but I got my 30DS workout in today.  I'm glad I didn't wait until tonight to do it because I might go rock climbing with my sister!  I did level 3 and felt pretty good- even though my 1 year old tried to climb on me every time I was on the ground. :)

I'm glad I've decided to blog about this.  Blogging is turning out to be one of the biggest motivations for me to do this thing!  

Day 9, Feelin Fine!

I did level 3 today!  I think that level 3 is my favorite, even though many of the moves kick my ass!  My only complaint of 30DS is that Jillian doesn't tell you how many reps are in each movement.  It would help motivate me to push myself if I knew how many lunges or jumping jacks I have to do!  

A List of Justifications

I'm pretty committed to this thing, but my brain comes up with all of these excellent excuses to go easy on myself.  The problem is that when I add up all of the excuses, as good as they may be, I never seem to reach my goal!  

These are the thoughts that keep me from losing the last 5-10 pounds:


  • "My family and friends love me no matter what size I am."
  • "I'm at a healthy BMI."
  • "I fit into *almost* all of my clothes."
  • "I'm pleased with what I see when I look in the mirror."
  • "I'm just going to get pregnant again, so I'll have to do this all over anyway." 
  • "One day of overeating won't cause me to gain all of the weight back."
  • "I really enjoy eating."
  • "I need "fuel" to keep up with my kids, otherwise I get really cranky!" 
  • "I'll have more fun eating out if I'm not worried about calories."


These statements are mostly all true.  So I think that in order to reach my goal I need to really examine why I even want to reach that goal.

Here are some reasons why I want to reach my goal:


  • To look better naked.
  • To fit into ALL of my clothes.
  • To say that I set a goal for myself and actually achieved it.
  • To be able to look back on my life and say that I didn't settle for just a "good" body when I know I'm capable of having a "great" body.   
It is hard sometimes to keep my eye on the prize when it would be easier to just maintain the body that I have.  I'm going to give myself a few more weeks of doing what I've been doing and then I may switch things up a bit to snap myself out of the complacent funk I've been in. (if you can call it a funk...) 
And now it is time for day 9 of 30DS!  (if only I was as good at eating as I am at working out!) :)   


Day 8!

Technically this is the 7th time I've done the DVD, but I've decided to count the "rest days" as days too.  So today was day 8!  

I did level 2 with mostly 3lb weights. (I was tired from rock climbing yesterday) I was happy that I didn't have to modify any of the cardio plank moves this time!  (though I still go pretty slow).   

I know it has only been 1 week, but I'm starting to feel like my abs are getting a little tighter and my arms are toning up more!  Definitely motivation to stick with this thing :)  

I feel good that my workouts are done for the day :)  Now it is time to prep dinner! Skinnytaste Pepper Steak, here I come!  


Yesterday was my "rest" day. I didn't do any cardio and I didn't do 30DS.  I did however go rock climbing with my sister!  

I climbed up a rock wall once before and I hated it!  My stubby little limbs couldn't reach anything and I was scared of heights and I got tired really easily.  With this as my memory of rock climbing, I was not looking forward to it.  I wanted to support my sister though so I went anyway.

There are different types of rock climbing: top rope and bouldering.  We did bouldering- which is where you aren't hooked up to a rope or anything.  You just hop on to the wall and start climbing up!  The highest you could climb was about 20ft.  If you fell there were thick mats that you could fall on.   

The first climb I did was not so great.  I was scared and awkward and I didn't have any fun!  But I kept trying it, and after 20 minutes or so I started to get the hang of it.  By the end I was really enjoying myself!  We climbed for an hour and my arms were pretty tired.  

The part I enjoyed the most was when I was able to climb all the way up to the top and use my strength to help me do it.  At one point I climbed up the wall and held on to two holds and then let go of my legs and dangled off the side of an overhang!  Pretty thrilling! I definitely felt that the working out I've been doing allowed me to have the strength and endurance to try this new activity.  

My hands are a little calloused and my forearms are sore today, but I would definitely go bouldering again!  

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