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The more I drink, the better I feel

Don't worry- I'm talking about water.  :) 

For a while there I was in the habit of filling up my 32oz water bottle multiple times a day. I averaged about 12 cups of water a day and it really felt nice.  

For the last week or two my water bottle was in my car, and I was too lazy to get it and clean it and use it again.  (not proud to admit this)  I met the "8 cups a day" quota, but it was really hard for me to even get to 8!  

I finally started using my water bottle again, and it is so amazing how it makes it easier for me to drink the large quantity of water that my body seems to need. (with breastfeeding and intense cardio workouts I'm not surprised that the 8 cups a day wasn't cutting it!)  

So for those of you who have a hard time drinking enough water, try using a big water bottle!   It really helps me!  

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Saffyra wrote 77 months ago:
I 100% agree with you. If I dont have my water bottle, I drink way less. It holds three cups and on days when it has to go into the dishwasher, my water drinking tally plummets. I went and got another yesterday to prevent this from happening.
bluiz13 wrote 77 months ago:
i use a tervis tumbler and fill it with water from my fridge at holds the ice a long time which is great for me since i loveeeee cold water....helps me get in at least 10 cups a day.....keep drinking, it's good for you :)
cara19812 wrote 77 months ago:
thats what i do too. when im at work, i have my 32 oz styrofoam cup and fill it at least 3-4 times everyday that i am there. i hate tap water, so that would mean i would need to constantly drink my bottled water at home and that costs bunches of money. going to invest in a water filter at the house soon though.
CalderaGal wrote 77 months ago:
YES- I use a 24-ouncer. Three a day gives me 9 eight-ounce servings. I try to do three and a half. It makes a huge difference.Glad you got back on track with yours!
cornfritter22 wrote 77 months ago:
YEP! When using my water bottle I easily exceed 8 cups. I don't know if that is because it is pink or has a nifty lid or what! I've left my water bottle in my bedroom for the last couple weeks and when I think about it, I'm too lazy (not proud either) to go get it and instead use a red solo cup. I only average 6 cups per day now.
Tryin2findme wrote 77 months ago:
I agree! When I don't use my bottle, it seems to be a never ending struggle to get all the water in. It is so much easier when I use it. My husband thinks I'm crazy :) lol
Bride_2b wrote 77 months ago:
I am new to this entire process. So, I thank you for the water advice. I struggle to make my 8 cups/day quota but I look forward to letting my water bottle help me to stay on track.
mestrydom wrote 77 months ago:
Yup! I'm also a bottle drinker! :)
sexysize12 wrote 77 months ago:
a special water cup or bottle always encourages me to drink enough water. keep up the good work ;o)
MzKym30 wrote 77 months ago:
I agree...I purchased the 32oz Bobble from GNC & I love it! Most days I drink 12 to 16cups of water per day.

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