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FLO- for reals this time

Back in September I posted a blog titled "flo":

"Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, Auntie has been away for a 16 glorious months so far!  But I think she is coming back soon...  I can feel it...  This would be a wonderful explanation for why I've been so emotional lately- and why I've felt a little bloated even though I've been staying under my calorie goal and exercising regularly.  

or maybe I'm pregnant!  hahaha....   

 No but seriously, I think my time has come and I'm ready.  Come on, Auntie Flo!!  Bring it! I'm ready to start feeling like a normal woman again!!"

Now, FIVE MONTHS LATER, I FINALLY got my period!  

omg I am so happy.  This means that my hormones will finally normalize a bit.  And when I want to try for baby #3 my body will be ready.  And I can stop taking those damn pregnancy tests!  



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RealChange31 wrote 71 months ago:
Wow - it takes that long to get her back?
I have a lot to learn! When is baby #3 in the works?
Silvercivic wrote 71 months ago:
It is different for every person and every pregnancy. I got my period when my son was 7 months old and I was still nursing him. With my daughter It took almost 2 months after I stopped nursing her! (she is about 11 months old now) Some women get it 6 weeks post-pregnancy and others don't get it for many months after they finish nursing. Crazy!
Our plan is to start trying for baby #3 after I turn 30 in August. :)
Kmacavery wrote 71 months ago:
whew I know how you feel!! My "flo" has been WACKO since I started working out regularly again. This whole past month has been awful! I'm sure it's a totally different ballgame after having been pregnant, tho. Glad you are feeling more like yourself!

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