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First off Great Job in Weeks 1 and 2, those of you that are still working it!!  Some GREAT TEAM #’s ARE GOING UP!!______________________________________________

I do need to say….I went Very Easy on Eliminations this week – there were some special circumstances and, I believe, some misunderstandings from new people – so the only people that were eliminated were the obvious drop outs or those with virtually no participation! 

There were a few people that came close but didn’t quite complete the challenge and some weigh in’s that came in late without advanced notice…

That is ordinarily Automatic Elimination….I just want to make sure you are all AWARE! 

I did not eliminate those that came close but didn’t quite hit the #’s THIS WEEK ONLY!   

WATCH  the CHART!!!  Keep an eye on your #’s!!  Make sure you are reaching the requirements and then some!!  You’d hate to get eliminated cuz you were short 10 reps!!!  But that WILL happen from now on!____________________________________________________________

Sooo that said, no safe team necessary this week – but I am going to list the top 3 teams - weights and % of loss totals!  There were a few GREAT ones!  - And some may have been lower because they rocked it last week – or vice versa!  Keep in mind the lbs lost will VARY Heavily depending on how many people a team has – but the % of loss is what counts!!  (btw, this is a fair amount of extra work – that’s why I don’t do it every week…sorry!  But I will try and do it a little more often – I know it give the “teams” something extra to shoot for!!!!!)  These totals are after I’ve removed those that dropped out or didn’t participate this week. 

WellFor Week 2!

Dolphins in at #1 – with .82% of loss and a total of 18.9 lbs lost

#2 – Wolverines – with a .69% of loss and a total of 21.11 lbs lost

#3 – Geckos – with a .62% of loss and a total of 14.42 lbs lost


As you KNOW (but I like to mention Every Week) - IF YOU ARE ELIMINATED - YOU ARE VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED to stick with your team and these challenges! Your name will be moved to the bottom but your accomplishments will still be tracked!! You can still achieve goals here if you wish to continue on!!! PLEASE DO!!!!  Any who choose to do that will compete get back in the competition around Week 7ish


Discodaddy61 (Gecko)

kendib (Gecko)

nomorenassau4me (Gecko)

Samgramm (Gecko)

StacyJCrain (Shark)

Fattybumbum2012 (Mustang)

FunBettyWoo (Mustang)

Mike937 (Mustang)

Pebbles536 (Mustang)

Smilexoxo2513 (Mustangs)

(Mustangs and Geckos had a bit of a tough week for drops – but that means NOTHING!!!  Remember…there’s only 1 winner!  So Keep at it…it could be Any One Of You!!________________________________________________

*****The new rule - THE Challenge WILL Run Sunday-Thursday -  But anyone who wishes CAN USE FRIDAY MORNING FOR THEIR WORKOUT TO REPLACE OR ADD TO ANY OTHER DAY!  BUT your Workout MUST be completed AND posted to your team leaders BY WEIGH IN DEADLINE OF 10:00 am PST!!!!  IF it’s not it Will NOT count!!! 


*****I Believe I mentioned – that there will be a separate workout for people on vacation that don’t think they will be able to follow the “structure” of the challenge while they are gone, (since its summer and MANY of you have vacations planned) that I will allow people to use – ONE TIME ONLY per person -  and you must let me and your team leader know/ask BEFORE the week starts!! 

 It is NOT an “easy workout” it’s just much more generic of things that can be done anywhere with or without equipment. 

If you are someone that needs to use this please let me know – the specific workout will be messaged to you directly if that’s the case for you. 

Your #’s or lack of #’s specific to a week -  won’t hurt your team in any way as long as you complete it (and I will adjust team #’s accordingly) -  

BUT if your team is Not safe and you are in the bottom for “weighloss %” and that weeks eliminations come down to weightloss % than you will be eliminated for that.  ___________________________________________________________________

#1 - WORKOUT –  Doing the Miles this week!!!

Allowing conversions – Here’s a website that clearly and easily converts many exercises and rules of converting – follow these ideas!!!  – it gives you a pretty good idea of the kinds of exercises and how they convert – OF COURSE – This won’t be as easy as its been in the past…hahahaha! 

THE ONLY EXERCISE that won’t be converted is Walking/running – EVERYTHING ELSE – use the chart (including biking!)…

use FAIR JUDGEMENT about your activity – I WILL ALLOW CLEANING AND OTHER JOB RELATED ACTIVITES - THIS WEEK for up to APPROXIMATELY A QUARTER (1/4) of your total miles (NOT to be used SOLELY for your miles) – 

if people are having problems getting the chart, let me know and I’ll copy it to here.  Please Read the entire chart – its just 1 easy page but the bottom info about tracking only the period of time you are actually moving PERTAINS to this part of the challenge – That is How I want you to track yours!

EACH PERSON MUST REACH 18 Miles during the week

TEAM #’s For the Week Are:

Wolverines & Sharks - MUST REACH – 330 Miles  

Dolphins & Tigers – MUST REACH – 308 Miles

Cheetahs - MUST REACH – 286 Miles

Geckos – MUST REACH – 264 Miles

Mustangs – MUST REACH – 195 Miles

Just as in your Calorie burn rules this is to be counted in "workout" form! Not your everyday movement!!! No Counting “walking to the fridge!” Please do NOT count everything you do throughout the day! ___________________________________________________________________  


300 Reps of any kind you wish AND

100 Reps – Either working something you don’t usually or if you are pretty good about doing a little of everything – than find a “newish” type rep – just something different and a bit HARDER than what you usually do!  Does NOT have to be something you’ve Never done – but we all get into a “rut” – so try and push yourself a little harder And Try something a little different!  And post what you tried or did please!

Team #’s Are for the “any reps”:  (The “100” Newish is NOT COUNTED IN THESE TOTALS)

Wolverines & Sharks – 9000 Reps

Dolphins & Tigers – 8400 Reps

Cheetahs – 7800 Reps

Geckos  – 7200 Reps

Mustangs – 4900 Reps


#3 For your HR & FR this week.... Keeping this simple – Just your Core #’s this week – 4/5 days


#4 EXTRA MOVEMENT POINTS (I will post a comment at the bottom with what this is for those that are new to the challenge – those that have done it before – same rules apply – you don’t need to read it! – If you have questions beyond the explanation below (which usually people do) – please ask your team leaders – they are all aware of how this works!) 

I’ll start low with it till everyones gets the hang of it –

Each person Must have 10 EM points for the week!

These, like your HR/FR, do not take a lot of time – but do take the dedication to search out ways to “move a little more!” during the day.FIND Something that you can do EXTRA! No Team #’s this week for this


#5 – FOOD CHALLENGE#1 - Back by Popular Demand…SODIUM! ;-P  AND CARBS – This will remain the Same as last week! 

SODIUM (required) – need to stay under 4/5 days.  Please post your actual sodium intake mg

#2 - PM CARBS (Not required) – EAT the majority of your carbs in the morning and at lunch – try and cut out or cut WAY back on your carbs after lunch!  Of course, try for all 5 days

I don’t like to do food challenges like this for just 1 week (sorry) cuz I don’t think you get into the swing of it or get the effects from it after just 1 week…..A lot of people were really trying to do the carb thing and the sodium and not having a lot of success….wellll now, you can give it a go again maybe with more success…you have 1 more week to see how it might help you.

#3  - ADDING (optional) - drink 1/  8 oz glass of water within 30 minutes prior to EVERY meal you eat…helps to fill you up and gives you time to make sure what you are getting ready to eat is a good choice…try for all 5 days.  __________________________________________________________________  


Good Luck in Week 3! 2 votes



Had a GREAT WEEK 1!!  Many of you did really well and still saw a gain – this challenge is just getting started and I go very easy on week 1…so please stick with it…I believe, from past results…you Will See GREAT PROGRESS if you give it your all and stick with it!! 

I do want to post this link from our WINNER from the last challenge!!  She took before and after pics that are AWESOME…word of warning – they are “undies” pics…just don’t want anyone to be offended – but you should see the AMAZING progress she made in just 11 weeks…Pretty INSPIRING!!!  And a BIG thank you to her for Sharing this with us!!                                                                                                                                           _________________________________________________________________

I don’t know how many saw my post – that I’d like you all to take before and after pics for the challenge – if you feel comfortable doing that! 

Those that make it to the final week – I would REALLY LOVE you to share your before and after pics – And Anyone who is eliminated that decides to stick with the competition – I would also LOVE you to share your pics if you would like to!  They are Always Inspiring!!                            _________________________________________________________   

 As you KNOW (but I like to mention Every Week) - IF YOU ARE ELIMINATED - YOU ARE VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED to stick with your team and these challenges!

Your name will be moved to the bottom but your accomplishments will still be tracked!! You can still achieve goals here if you wish to continue on!!! PLEASE DO!!!!

There are times when you will be able to help your team out AND be able to compete to get back into the competition around Week 7 – I will choose 1-2 people to come back in!________________________________________________

This week – Week 1 – the only people eliminated were those that didn’t finish the week, chose to not continue or are out for injury or illness – those people are

:Ashhhhole (Dolphin)

Delmc1 (Dolphin)

SME1976 (Dolphin)

Jillkent12 (Tiger)

Corazondcrystal01 (Cheetah)

Jules2Be (Cheetah)

Nisijam5 (Cheetah)

Autumnbottom8 (Mustang)

Jerzeediva1 (Mustang)

Ellie0203 (Mustang)__________________________________________________________

I HAVE a Couple Clarifications – CLEANING will NO LONGER BE allowed in the competition for a calorie burn!   I reluctantly allowed it last time but won’t this time around.  It IS something we all have to do – and it is a regular part of your routine/life. 

The workouts I require for this challenge are supposed to be – “in addition” to your ordinary routine!  Anything you do – such as hard labor or such, for work – while a workout, I agree – is something you do in everyday life – so you must do additional things to go towards the challenge. 

Your Everyday Life exercise will Not count towards the competiton!

My other clarification is in REPS – I believe some people are counting certain things towards reps that are a little too on the “easy” side.  Consider Jumping Jacks or Sit Ups a rep – if yours is easier – than double it or triple it to count as 1. 

For your FR & HR – your 1 is fine – but for the extra reps for the challenge…you need to push harder!  If you do arm circles and count them as reps – you need to do front AND back and count them as 1 – ie – 100 front and 100 back = 100 NOT 200!  !  

AND ALWAYS – ANYTHING that is done on the left leg or arm – 100 left 100 right = 100 –

I believe your team leaders have a handle on this and can answer questions or feel free to message me direct if you have questions!!   

AND NO DOUBLE DIPPING!!!  (I’m gonna use me as an example)  - MY HR is 8 Pushups and MY FR is 100 Crunches – If I do 8 HR and 100 FR – and then do an additional 100 crunches – the extra 100 count towards my reps – but the HR/FR’s do not!  Also ANY calorie burn I do with those reps does NOT count towards the Challenge Calorie burn If I choose to use it as my Reps, HR or FR

You can choose where you use stuff but CANNOT use it in 2 places!__________________________________________________

Okkkk that’s all the grueling details I have for Now!!   ;-) _____________________________________________________________

OHHH BTW – THE GECKOS, WOLVERINES and SHARKS ARE KICKING SOME SERIOUS A$$$$$ - LET’S GO TEAMS…Time to TAKE them DOWN!!!   We ALL NEED TO GIVE THEM SOME SERIOUS COMPETITION!!!_________________________________________________________________

Ohhhhhhkkkkkk Here’s the Challenge….WEEK 2 GETS SERIOUS!!!  I now know Who’s in it to Win it!  Sooooo No More Easy Stuff!!!! 

And This Week There will be a SAFE TEAM to work towards – meaning if everyone on your team completes the challenge AND the team #’s are met – you have a chance at your whole team being “safe” from elimination – (weightloss will not be a factor for your team if your team wins immunity)___________________________________________________________________

#1 WORKOUT – Each person Must burn 1500 Calories – and Must workout at least 4 days during the week!!  I am not regulating the times this week.

TEAM #’s For the Week Are:

Wolverines, Geckos & Sharks - MUST ACHIEVE - 28,800 Calories  

Tigers – MUST ACHIEVE – 27,000 Calories

Dolphins & Mustangs - MUST ACHIEVE – 25,200 Calories

Cheetahs – MUST ACHIEVE – 23,400 Calories

YOUR CALORIE BURN IS ONLY COUNTED in "workout" form! Not your everyday movement!!! No Counting “walking to the fridge!” Please do NOT count everything you do throughout the day! ___________________________________________________________________

 #2 REPS –

 Each Person must have 200 Cardio Reps!


400 of any other reps (including cardio if you choose to do more – Upper body, Lower Body,  and Core) ___________________________________

Team #’s of “other reps” – this is IN ADDITION to your personal CARDIO ONLY requirements – but does include your “other reps”!

Wolverines, Geckos & Sharks – 11,200

Tigers – 10,500

Dolphins & Mustangs – 9,800

Cheetahs - 9,100


#3 For your HR & FR this week.... 3 Days this week …..

you need to DOUBLE your FR – Can be split during the day in no more than 2 sessions

You need to add 1-3 Reps to your HR – and again, can be split during the day in no more than 2 sessions –  

And for those that have planks (or something like planks) – add 5 seconds to your hold time and add 1 (one) plank to your quantity


#5 – FOOD CHALLENGE – “REQUIRED” – SODIUM – Stay Under your allotted Sodium – 4 out of 5 days in this challenge week!

  Sodium is SUCH a hidden factor in our diets and in EVERYTHING we eat!  It is NOT a great addition to our diets in any way!  It is SO loaded up in processed food you would be So surprised if you haven’t tracked it before!  Its necessary, but can be cut back – makes for clogged arteries, closing of our veins, retaining water and just all around not the best in your diet.  Please add it to your tracker if you haven’t already for this next weeks challenge. 



 No…to LOW Carbs after lunch! 

Try to eat most of your carbs before/at lunch time.  I Will Not give you a specific # - but look at your “norm” carb eating after lunch and cut that WAY DOWN! 

 IF your foods have HIGH FIBER you can up your carbs a little!

This was NOT something many of you wanted to participate in last challenge so this time around it is Not required – however anyone who wants to try it out – I will say, I believe Many of the people who gave it a try saw some good results with it! 

Because the major food challenges are optional and not elimination factors – I want, those who want to try it, to really give it a go! 

A little backround on the “why”  from my “Bob Harper – The Skinny Rules” book – “Carbs are forms of sugar, Sugar cues the pancreas to make more insulin, which in turn triggers appetite.  The later in the day you consume sugar the more likely it is that you will get food cravings late at night.” 

After a workout many feel like they need the carbs to feel regenerated – but those of you that want to give this a try…Go For The PROTEIN to make you feel that way instead of reaching for the carbs…

see how you do this week… and those that give it a shot – please let me know how you think it worked for you!  This will not be an elimination factor – however weight is – and this worked for Many people last time out – so if you are up for it – give it a try – it might just boost your efforts!!   __________________________________________________________


PS – still planning on adding in EM points to those returners that know what that is – but gonna go 1 more week before I do….


 Good Luck in Week 2! YOU GUYS Are Rocking This Challenge So Far!!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE - WELCOME TO WEEK 1 (Rules, Clarifications and Challenge)


Welcome OLD AND NEW to the competition and WEEK 1!

Please read this thoroughly, especially newbies...BUT - TEAM LEADERS - the basics are the same as last time so I'm not going to be quite as "wordy" as I usually am (sort of…just can’t help myself!). 

Though there have been some CHANGES so please do read through. 

We have approx 110 people that I believe are participating and I believe 32 of those are new to the competition.  They are spread out on all the teams so I think all past participants AND Team Leaders will be able to clarify many of the things in the challenge so I don't need to go into as much detail this time around.  Great Turnout, by the way!  Thank you all for joining up in the challenge and Welcome back to you returners!  I'm thrilled to have you ALL!!!

Each Team will have their own Blog or Groups page (set up by one of the team leaders) - Its up to them which way they want to do it and they (if they haven't already) will make sure you all have the link each week.  You will report all your daily #'s on your team page. 

I put my challenge up on the blog each week - all team leaders should, by now, know how to find that!  PLEASE TEAM LEADERS - copy the challenge from my blog into your page each week for your team to be able to refer to everything! 

And, as always PLEASE comment, banter, shout outs, questions, etc.  on my main challenge blog each week!  I know most of you stay with your teams for most of the week but I encourage healthy competitiveness between teams!   Keeps you guys workin' harder!!  AND KEEPS IT FUN! TEAM LEADERS -

PLEASE WATCH my wall regularly AND the main blog regularly - IF I have to make changes or clarifications throughout the week - that is where it will be done and I NEED you to make sure that info gets to the rest of your team!________________________________________________________________________   


#1 - ALL CHALLENGES will run Sunday - Thursday - You have those 5 days to complete the challenge unless I specify differently!   ALL postings of your workouts MUST come in throughout the week (that does NOT mean you have to post everyday (you can if you want) but you should be posting at least a couple times during the week! So your team knows where they are at with team #'s. 

THIS TIME AROUND - UNLESS APPROVED for a week (special circumstances) - NO POSTING EVERYTHING ON THE LAST DAY for the entire week.  It's not fair to the rest of the team for Weekly #'s.    

TEAM LEADERS let your team know how you would like things Posted - Usually in a similar order to the chart is easiest:

ie:  Monday

500  Calories - (kickboxing)

100 Core Reps (situps/standing crunches)

5 HR/75 FR  (and yes I am keeping this going...with a change up)

5 EM pts (walked the mall at lunch twice and ran up and down 2 flts of stairs 4x)

(btw - the HR/FR and EM pts will be explained below and your returning teammates can help you with this)etc.....

# 2 - ALL WEIGH IN's AND DAILY #'s MUST be in by Friday NO LATER than 10:00 am (pst) to your team leaders and Team Leaders need to get me the weights and chart updated by 11:00 am (pst).  IF for some reason you will Not be able to get to a computer - you need to let me or your leader know IN ADVANCE and we will make arrangements with you.  And, as always, Team Leaders - if you have any issues or need help...we will work it out!  Just keep me informed!

IF the above 2 things don't happen,  you will be dropped automatically from the competition.

That's pretty much the rules....this is, of course, honor based so please be honest with your posts.    


FOOD CHALLENGES - EVERYONE READ HERE PLEASE!!!!!!  AS I SAID WHEN I STARTED THIS CHALLENGE – The “Food” Challenges would be optional!  BY FOOD CHALLENGE I MEAN A SPECIFIC THING (as in the low carbs in the evening I did last time).  AND I WILL HAVE OTHERS LIKE THAT – but not this Week 1.

HOWEVER, things such as #4 (below) – where YOU pick what you give up or “drinking more water” challenges or adding Fruits and Veggies weeks – THOSE WILL BE REQUIRED in the challenges.  THOSE ARE UNIVERSAL in Weightloss AND Health. 

That is VERY different to “giving something “new” a try (which will not be required when I do those weeks – those will be a personal choice, you can try the ones you want and leave the others.


Normally the first week is pretty light so I don't scare everyone off before they get their feet wet...buttttt most of you know what to expect and you can help the others through this week!  I won't make it tooo hard...but NOT as easy as usual! FOR WEEK 1 ONLY - No One will be eliminated

AS LONG AS YOU FINISH the CHALLENGE On Time,  POST Your Progress Throughout the Week AND Weigh In On Time!  ______________________________________________________________  


#1 - WORKOUTBecause I'm going straight into teams (not the usual way I do week 1)  and those that are new - I don't want to put too much pressure on... but returners...well I don't want you guys thinking I've gone soft!!!!! -

So I'm going with Straight Team #'s this Week for Calories!   

HOWEVER, EACH PERSON MUST WORKOUT a MINIMUM OF 4 DAYS for at least 30 MINUTES to stay in the competition -

No specific Calories per person THIS WEEK.  Since there are no eliminations due to weightloss this week - so no Safe Team is needed...But there will be a #1 "THE BEST WEEK 1 TEAM" Announced this that is something to work harder for! 

That will be the Team that finishes the challenge with ALL teammates completing their part - and then goes to highest % of loss for the week if there are multiple teams that succeeded! 

DOLPHINS – Need to Achieve 25,500 Calorie burn for the week for the team

TIGERS, WOLVERINES, GECKOS & SHARKS – Need to Achieve  a 24,000 Calorie burn for the week for the team

CHEETAHS &  MUSTANGS – Need to Achieve  a 22,500 Calorie burn for the week for the team



Each Person Must do 200 Reps of anything you want for the WEEK - You can mix and match throughout the week as you please, however, they must be done in sets of no less than 25 at one time of one exercise.  (ie:  50 Crunches, 25 Shoulder presses, 75 Tricep Extensions, 25 Jumping Jacks, 25 Squats) - use any type of rep you would like for this – Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio, Core


DOLPHINS – Total Team Reps Goal – 5100



Some people are REP Killers and Some People are Calorie Killers – so don’t feel that you have to split these things evenly (but DO make sure you DO your part in helping where you can and NEVER the bare minimum – cuz that is one of the things I look at for elimination FIRST) – I just want to see people help out and push MORE in ALL areas – but expecially in their strong areas – you will figure out QUICK who on your team is a bigger help in one place or another!_____________________________________________________________________  

#3 HR (Hard Rep) FR (Favorite Rep) – Yup doing this again – Soooo returners should pick something new, if they got good at their last one) or stick with it, if it is still tough for you!

I’m going to let TEAM LEADERS explain/help the new people on this and just give a quick brief explanation

.HARD REP – a rep you can only do 1-10 of at once and feeling maxed out – ie pullups, burpees, pushups…etc.

FAVORITE REP – kinda self explanatory – but a rep you somewhat enjoy and isn’t horribly tough for you cuz I will be increasing this in larger dosages! 

On Your FIRST POST Let Your Team Leaders Know What You've Chosen for These AND How Many you can do at once.

For This Week - you will need to do your given # for each - Once a day for at least 3 of the days. 

You will be building a little on these " Most weeks!!  Let's see where you are towards the end with it!  There were Some good successes last time around!_____________________________________________________________________


GIVE UP SOMETHING for the week!  What is your VICE or a food/drink that you KNOW you shouldn’t eat or that you KNOW there is a healthier alternative for!   Let your team leader know what your choice is this week – and avoid that food ALL 5 DAYS – and it doesn’t have to be specific – some people have said “no fast food”,  “no soda” or if you are a chip or chocoholic – you can give those up for the week…etc.


(for returners – EM points Are ALWAYS part of my challenges cuz I think they are important – but I will be adding them NEXT week (and explaining them for newbies!)  Keeping this week somewhat simpleish. 

That's the Challenge for Week 1


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