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ELIMINATION CHALLENGE - And the Winner is........

First of all let me say YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!!!!!!!! 

You all completed and EXCEEDED the challenge Amazingly this week and have done a WONDERFUL job throughout the challenge weeks completing them, supporting your team and doing a FABULOUS Job with your weightloss!    


I know this is the Final Week and I’m Announcing the winner, as well as, everyone’s awesome progress But I do also want to show the WEEK 11 person who had the highest % of loss (as I have done each week)!  BTW, FOR WEEK 11 you ALL had a loss (VERY IMPRESSIVE!)   And you ALL did very well this week – The Highest % of loss for Week 11 goes to djthom – who lost 3 lbs and 1.98% of loss for the week!  GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!

 I am SO PROUD of ALL of you guys for doing so well!  Your Achievements over the last 11 weeks is nothing short of Spectacular!  Very inspirational!  AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of you had AWESOME Weight loss!!  WOWWWWWW!!

 In JUST 11 Short Weeks You guys have come SO FAR!!!!! Just Making it to the Final Week out of almost 70 people....VERY IMPRESSIVE!!  Check out your total progress over the 11 weeks.....

7.  hypallage -  Lost a total of 7.2 lbs for a 4.21% weightloss


6.  djthom - Lost a total of 8.8 lbs for a 5.61% of weightloss

 5.  Chicc - Lost a total of 12 lbs for a 6.74% of weightloss 

4.  Fahrenholz02 - Lost a total of 18 lbs for a 7.00% of weightloss 

3.  Chudson – Lost a total of 14.5 lbs for a 9.35% of weightloss 

2.  Amandac72 – Lost a total of 14.5 lbs for a 9.82% of weightloss 

But as the rules of the competition say....There can only be one winner!  

And that winner is Secret2December!!!!! 

1.  Secret2December - Lost a total of 22.8 lbs for a 13.36% of  weightloss!!

WOOHOOO!!!!!  FABULOUS JOB!!!!    *Insert Streamers and Balloons here*   ;-)  (I wish I could! but you'll have to use your imagination!!) 

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU DID AMAZING!!!  TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!!!!    (I will, by the way, be posting those amazing stats on the main page for everyone to see who's still keeping an eye on their teammates!! )


On a personal note, I would like thank so many of you that have sent me your kind words about the challenge and how its helped you and how much you've appreciated my doing it.  It Means the world to me that you have enjoyed it and that it has helped you!  As, clearly, it has if your amazing progress is any indication! 

  I believe after I take a short break I would like to do it again.  Probably won't be terribly different  but there is always the element of competition to keep it fresh.  So any of you that are interested in another go ‘round – please keep an eye out for my post – and/or let me know and I’ll try and message you when I’m ready.   

Thank you ALL So Much for participating in it!  I’ve Loved having you all as a part of it!!   If I don't hear from you and this is my last chance to talk to you, I wish you ALL So Much Success in your weightloss journey!  I have No Doubt you will all reach your goals!!


Much Love and Best Wishes!!!!!
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