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NEW ELIMINATION CHALLENGE – PRE-CHALLENGE CHALLENGE and Specifics/Details On The NEW Point System – Once you get the gist and the Rules - I’ll list them out in VERY SIMPLE FORM for everyone to keep handy ___________________________________________________

As I said in the first Blog - The Main Part of the Challenge will stay essentially the same as it's been in the past challenges - but may be a little simplified each week (though you never know with me ;-P ) Weekly Eliminations Will work the same - As will choosing the Final Awesome Winner!!  Safe Team will also work pretty much the same – I will put up specifics on the first week!

The new stuff.....I'm adding a "point system" to the challenge to HOPEFULLY appeal to those eliminated from the “Main” Challenge – which will essentially be an additional thing to COMPETE for and WIN!  - I will have ONE "SET" of things that you can earn points for - these will Stay the Same Throughout the Entire challenge (though some weeks there may be opportunities for "bonus points") - so once I have them up you will want to keep them handy cuz there will be Several things on the list.

EVERYONE,  Including those eliminated from the "main challenge" can earn points for Yourself And for Your Team. (and each thing will have a MAX # - so people can't just go crazy one week and rack up a ton of points).

The “ACTIVE” (see below rules) Person At the END of the 11 WEEKS with the Most Points (again See Rules) WINS the Secondary Points Challenge! In the event of a tie it will come down to whoever has the highest % of loss over the whole challenge. ____________________________________________________________

RULE #1... to continue on with your team and stay in the Points challenge you MUST STAY “Active” in the challenge – Your Points will start being tallied WEEK 1 – but as for the “staying in the points side” the minimum requirement won’t matter UNTIL you are eliminated from the main challenge…once you are…

to REMAIN “ACTIVE:  you MUST EARN at least 25 points a week!!!!!  Out of a Possible 45 Personal Points....Very Doable even if you are having an off week. But the points are made up of physical stuff, food stuff and personal stuff - so if you have a bad week or you're sick or hurt or whatever - it won't be too tough to get through an off week or two with the minimum points and still participate and shoot for the Win!! 


RULE #3 - TO BE  in the Running for the Points Challenge WINNER you MUST have lost At least 4% of your starting body weight during the challenge. This is not a huge # but certainly a significant # for many – It’s Not as much about weightloss for this part BUT Huge Dedication and Life Changing Habbits! 

IF You Are Eliminated and DO Not follow Rules #1 & #2 in any given week – then you will be Dropped from the Challenge Completely…. 
As Always…encouraged to stay with your team – but your #’s won’t contribute or be tracked…thems the rules…but I always encourage you to stick with your team for support... 


How To Earn Points….Here Are the Specifics!!!! POINTS are ONLY Earned During the regular “Challenge Week”  (Sunday – Thursday)

# 1   **Post a positive comment about yourself on the main blog – 2 pts for a single "positive" (2 Pts Max per week) - you are welcome to post more than one positive if you'd like - but you just get the pts for 1 per week.

#2  **Stay Under Your allotted 2500 mg of sodium -  1 pt per day - (5 Max per week)

#3   **Drink 64oz of water per day - 1 pt if you reach the 64 oz            

and 1 pt if you hit 8 oz over (2pts MAX Per Day) (10 Max per Week)            

 (in other words... you drinking gallons of water isn't going to get               You 20 pts!  But if you need more please, by all means, drink more water!                     

# 4   **Every 30 consecutive minutes of exercise you do counts is 1 pt (exercise being PLANNED  WORKOUTS - NOT Everyday Chores or Physical Work Duties) - (2 pts Max Per Day)   (10 pts Max Per Week)  

 (and yes your workouts for the "challenge" put up on a given week DO count here as well) - the ONLY "double dipping" you will do

Of course you can workout more and sometimes will be required to in a challenge week – but this is the Max points that can be earned. 

#5   **Complete the Weekly Challenge - 3 pts (3 pts Max per week) - anyone still in the “Main Challenge” would, of course, receive these pts - but those that are no longer in that part won't be required to complete the challenge - but on the weeks that you do - you get the 2 pts....

#6   **Every 25 consecutive Sit Ups (FULL SIT UPS) you do counts as 1 pt  (3 pts Max Per Day) (15 Pts Max Per Week) each set of 25 can be split up during the day....(lets face it…we could all use work in our tummy…and this isn’t usually an “injury” prone problem so we all CAN do more here! 

 AND IF “CORE REPS” or Misc Reps - ARE a part of a challenge week…umm You Guessed it! …..ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBLE DIPPING HERE!! Anything required for the challenge week Must Be Counted Separately if you are still a part of the “Main Challenge” or going for the Points of “completing the challenge” #5 – the more you do....the More You Benefit!!

EVERY PERSON “ACTIVE” is eligible for these!!!!
and EARNS - 1 Pt for All Their Teammates!___________________________________
A PRE CHALLENGE – CHALLENGE for this coming week
It Will Not be Tracked on the to give the Team Leaders One More Week Break before they have to “get to work” but This WHOLE challenge is honor based anyway....And this is to get EVERYONE’S Feet Wet with the New Points System – So ANYONE who chooses to do the pre-challenge – Must ACHIEVE at least 25 points – if you do then you receive “2” Bonus Points going toward your overall Goal!_________________________________________________ 
I WOULD Like ALL Team Leaders to have Their TEAM PAGE (whatever that might be) up and going for this  and Please Make Sure Everyone On Your Team has the Link...  – It will run Sunday – Thursday) – The MAIN WEIGH IN HAPPENS This Coming FRIDAY!  I would like your team to post their daily “points” accomplishments on your team page – you do NOT need to track it – I will trust the word of each person if they’ve reached the “25” points this week – this is just a mini challenge AS Well as gets everyone knowing where to post and How to post!!!_________________________________________
When posting Your Points – Post:
Total Mon Pts – 6  (1 water, 1 positive, 2 workout, 2 situp)
Total Tues Pts – 8 (2 water, 2 workout, 3 situp, 1 sodium)
(since this week Only won’t be tracked on the chart – at the end of the week – Please Tally Your Own Points and list it
Total Week pts - 32

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usernamekelly1 wrote over 2 years:
The points system looks really cool, can't wait to get started - I'm almost fully heeled :)
GINAvsGINA wrote over 2 years:
Got it, I think! Lol
DEVLe wrote over 2 years:
Looks really interesting. Sure will take me some time to get used to. So I will likely just fall back on my old stand by. List everything so I don't miss anything. :) Thanks again for the added extra challenge.
DEVLe wrote over 2 years:
Sure dumb question. But does the pre challenge challenge start, when?
usernamekelly1 wrote over 2 years:
@ DEVLe the pre-challenge starts tomorrow (Sunday) until Thursday with starting weight-in being next Friday (19th), official week one starts next Sunday (21st)
editnonnalynn wrote over 2 years:
Do we post our positive comment here? I Love the positive comments!!!
jaajh wrote over 2 years:
So glad you are running a pre-challenge challenge to help us newbies get the hang of this points system. Sounds complicated to me at the moment, but I am looking forward to getting to grips with it. Glad we have this coming week to do that in :-) I am SO READY for this challenge! Too many things going on right now that have the power to distract me and make me feel negative, so I LOVE the fact you are making us be positive too! Thank you for all your hard work.
Sheri869 wrote over 2 years:
Thanks got it perfect!

and I'm hoping to do the same as you...and be pretty healed by next Sunday so I can "get busy" again!! I'm glad you are almost fully heeled!!!
Sheri869 wrote over 2 years:
@nonnalynn - yup positive comment goes HERE! The rest of the stuff on your team blog!

@jaajh...I know it all sounds kind of confusing but SERIOUSLY is just a learning curve...then its easy to get...but HARD Work!! And this point thing is new to I am glad I could get it up a week early so people could get the gist and hang of it and IF they wanted....get a jump on the competition!! ;-)
Sheri869 wrote over 2 years:
I Apologize - I missed posting something on the challenge that I normally would...IF YOU HAVE A TRUE MEDICAL CONDITION that makes it so you are UNABLE to do the situps - then message me direct and we can figure out an alternative for you. I NEVER want people injuring themselves or pushing a medical issue for a challenge area.
Madeline2213 wrote over 2 years:
how do i officially become a part of this challenge???
Sheri869 wrote over 2 years:
@Maddiegirl2 - it is full right now - but if you want to shadow it this week - I will put you on a waiting list...If I have some drop out (which often happens the first week) you might be able to get a spot!! You'd be 3rd on the list? "Friend" me if you are interested!
BR3ANDA wrote over 2 years:
I am feeling marvelous today! Very excited about this new challenge, I know the points system will become 2nd nature in no time, so thank you for letting us get started a week early on it! ~Bre
dzmikki wrote over 2 years:
Thanks Sheri! Sounds awesome!!
toofat2toofit wrote over 2 years:
Thanks Sheri869 for putting this up early and giving us a week to get acclimated. Good luck to everyone!
sparkymom26 wrote over 2 years:
I got it :)
princessachristina wrote over 2 years:
I am sooo excited about this! This is going to be sooo fun!! My butterflies are flying!! What I don't get is what our pre-challenge challenge is! I can't find it! Any guidance will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Woo-Hoo!!
princessachristina wrote over 2 years:
Oh, is the pre-challenge doing 1-6? I think I get it now!! LOL!!
weefreemen wrote over 2 years:
thanks for putting this up early, gives us time to get used to it, especially for those of us that are new... Looking forward to getting going... :)
sbrnfrkn wrote over 2 years:
I would love to be part of this challenge. This is my first week on MFP and am interested to here more about this challenge. If like, add support friend.
sherrirb wrote over 2 years:
Super excited to get started.
LeslieMDoyle wrote over 2 years:
Postive Comment: I have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh.
GINAvsGINA wrote over 2 years:
Good morning everyone, I'm very upbeat, positive, and dedicated. I can't wait to get this challenge started, I look forward to some awesome results!!
daisyelaine wrote over 2 years:
Ok-- I think I have it-- there may be some required hand holding here!! Lol.. My positive comment-- I am strong and dedicated-- sometimes, even a little crazy. I love helping others reach their goals-- it inspires me to meet my own!
tsheetz wrote over 2 years:
Definitely a little overwhelming but glad we have a week to get used to it. Is there a specific place you go to see the blogs or will they be posted to us individually? When I go to the blog site, there is several and does not really give you a way to search.
tsheetz wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment - I am a dedicated person that loves a good challenge. Looking forward to losing weight and getting healthy!
DEVLe wrote over 2 years:
#1 Positive Comment. I don't let my challenges define me. I let them inspire me.
kristinc06837 wrote over 2 years:
#1 positive comment, I'm feeling better about my fitness! Muscles feeling firmer and stronger! And my hubby is noticing too!!!
BR3ANDA wrote over 2 years:
1. Positive comment-I feel inspired today! I'm supposed to be working out with a friend tonight, I cant wait to show her how DDPYoga can help her, the way it has helped me.
SkyClimbing wrote over 2 years:
#1 Positive Comment - I love this competition! Especially when my teammates are counting on me. I will pull my weight - no pun intended! LOL!

ibmgirl87 wrote over 2 years:
Sheri I know I asked this with the last challenge but not sure what you thought for this challenge and I figured I would ask it here so everyone can see what are your thoughts for this challenge about yard work? I know it is the time of year when we all need to be taking leaves and cleaning up the yard preparing for the winter but it is not necessarily an everyday task and I was just wondering if you were going to allow it for the challenge? I know today I was planning on doing an hour today in the yard starting to rake up some leaves so I just wanted to know if that would be allowed to count as my workout for the day? (I know the challenge hasn't officially started but since we are trying for points this week)
ibmgirl87 wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment about myself: I'm loving who I see when I look in the mirror now, I am loving the fact that when I see myself now I don't run and hide but am embracing myself <3 that and the act that I haven't given up on myself.
zzzzia wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment #1:
I am dedicated. I have not lost any weight since the Spring, but I did not give up. I won't give up. This is a work in progress and I am fully committed :)
editnonnalynn wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment!!! I am a beloved precious jeswel who has been given a sound mind and great promises! Therefore, I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!!!! I love reading the positive comments! Yay!
JRC47 wrote over 2 years:
What I like/love about me....I am a good person, I play well with others, but also enjoy my own company.
sherrirb wrote over 2 years:
My positive comment: I am striving towards being a woman my husband has never known before. Today I weigh the same as when we met. Very soon I will weigh less than when we met and he has never known a smaller me. I am becoming a new woman with the decisions I make every day to eat better, exercise and live rightly.
Cheeta_HH wrote over 2 years:
My positive comment-

MAJOR NSV this morning! I ran my longest distance ever (9.69 miles) in 91 minutes. The 27th is my one year running anniversary (the day I started C25K Week 1, Day 1) so I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish in a year. Also, it makes me feel good that I've inspired others to start running. (Oh, wait... that's more than one! I should have saved that for next week! Haha)

Good luck everyone!
weefreemen wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment about me; I've lived with fibromyalgia and chronic pain for so long I've forgotten what it's like without it..... however, over this journey I've been on since May I've been able to increase my exercise well and over above anything I've been able to do before - I'm really proud of myself for that... :)
MrsSamB wrote over 2 years:
I think I'm getting the hang of it. I went feel accomplished for achieving a fitness goal that I'd set just to challenge myself. I am happy that my husband is supportive of me.
GrandmaJackie wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment:I was able to get my 5k time down 15 from my first race! Running has became part of my life! :)
Mysticdi wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: My blood pressure shows me in the athletic range down from pre-hypertension. This is WONDERFUL!!!
carramel0705 wrote over 2 years:
I like that i don't have to hide from the camera or tell them only shoot from the neck up .
lauriebar wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment (sun): i got a call fri night from my doc and all my bloodwork has come back well within the proper ranges...cheers to healthy living
sunnysideup05 wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment (10/14)- I am proud of myself for doing the 75 sit-ups today even though I told myself I could NOT do them!
vodkoffee wrote over 2 years:
Loved reading all these positive comments. Here's mine: I'm really proud of myself for not splurging on junk food when I was sick this week. It was an old bad habit of mine and I think I've ditched it!
50kgtoofat wrote over 2 years:
Positive comments: i love my legs, they carried me for 3 hours and didn't complain... and compared to the rest of me they are skinny!
fang19423 wrote over 2 years:
Postive comment 15OCT: It is a beautiful morning and despite a challenging weekend, I feel motivated and I know I will get 30 mins of exercise done today. I love this challenge.
basenji wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: I'm proud of myself for taking the time last night to prepare healthy meals for today.
toofat2toofit wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: I love the fact that I am starting to love walking and being outdoors again. I am loving the stronger healthier me!!!
DEVLe wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment for the day (2nd for thw week)I feel like I got hit by a truck. But Im going to hit back :) Time to hit the workout. Not going to let this challenge stop me. Lets make today a great one everyone each in our own way. Time for a walk. Enjoy your day all.
jaajh wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: Today I ran 6km for the first time (50 minutes of non-stop running!) I wouldn't have been able to do that a few months ago. I may be slow, but I am someone who truly perseveres!!! I am feeling great today and ready to totally rock this challenge :-)
mangobadango wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment: I now fit in all the pants I own. I have stuck with this for 200 days and I'm not giving up.
dianerml wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: Today at my bootcamp I was the last to finish (by SEVERAL minutes) the exercise in one of our circuits (walking push ups) and instead of being embarassed, like I normally would be, I was really proud that I stuck it out to the end. I try to tell myself that if I keep doing what I am doing now in a year I won't be the least fit person there.
greeneyedaries wrote over 2 years:
Positive: I am still drinking about 2 cups of coffee, instead of 10 cups aday. Held over from last challenge..I so need this challenge...
usernamekelly1 wrote over 2 years:
Love reading everyone's positives :)

Mine is my determination, I'm determined that this challenge will get my fitness level back to what it was before my cycling crash and I'm also determined to keep going with my driving even after a 4 week break because of my injuries, on that note I have a lesson tomorrow :)
cdomoe wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment: Im determined. Living in a new place, away from family and friends has put me in some sour moods. however i still wake up every morning, put a smile on my face and do what i can to be happy, despite some depressing days i still run even if its only 2-3 miles a day its better than nothing. Hoping to keep this up while i live in a hotel for the next 2 months. :)
GrandmaJackie wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment:I was able to back on track with NO PROBLEM after beening on vacation for a week! Last year this time it took me another week to start eating right! It proves I've came a long way, yay for me!:)
Mysticdi wrote over 2 years:
I am determined to make the 100 pound loss by 12/14/12!
nafroese wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment: I found me today and I love how she makes me feel! :)
bbbccp wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment- today I pushed myself a little harder on my run, and my body obeyed. Today was a good day!
scythswife wrote over 2 years:
Positive for Tuesday...I am determined to get in my water for the day and get back on track completely.
Kai85 wrote over 2 years:
I'm kind to others :)
GrandmaJackie wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: I didn't want to get out of bed but I did! The treadmill and me did 3.5 miles today, yay!
Kooraloo wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment-
(yay! These are becoming easier every consecutive challenge!)

My drive & determination has helped me in ways that I could not have foreseen. This summer I merely wanted to get better at water polo and play in the Junior Olympics... the 4.5 hours every day, the extra time I put in, the dryland and running I did, all the punishment sets my coach had us do cumulated to help me not only A. Get a Districts time in the 100 butterfly, which is really cool (this coming from a girl who couldn't even SWIM a 100 butterfly last year!), B. made me into a much more mature and accountable person and C. pushed me to--and past-- my limits and I'm so much more mentally tough now. Swim coach gives me 20 200s as a main set? LEGGO! BRING. IT.
Aprilstar480 wrote over 2 years:
Positive Comment- I ran a 6 mile race this weekend and it felt awesome. I never gave up and completed it in a time that I felt was very reasonable for my level of fitness :)
DaughterOfTheMostHighKing wrote over 2 years:
positive comment : I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!!! I am beautifully and wonderfully made!
pamcuster wrote over 2 years:
I have been faithful with my eating plan and exercising for a few weeks now...makes me POSITIVE that I can keep it up! :)
Emwalker3406 wrote over 2 years:
Positive: I was able to take a great walk with a good friend today. We both set a positive example for her 2yr old son who joined us :)
bbbccp wrote over 2 years:
Tuesday Positive- I couldn't wait to leave work so I could take a walk- the stress of the day just melted away on the bike trail. I look forward to runs/walks instead of binging on horrible bad (but tastes so good) food to get me out of my works got me down funk!
bbbccp wrote over 2 years:
Tuesday Positive- I couldn't wait to leave work so I could take a walk- the stress of the day just melted away on the bike trail. I look forward to runs/walks instead of binging on horrible bad (but tastes so good) food to get me out of my works got me down funk!
carramel0705 wrote over 2 years:
got 9.86 miles in so far this week , the challenge was 7.5 by Saturday , yay me !
tniemeyer wrote over 2 years:
My positive is I finished C25K last night! Woot Woot!
princessachristina wrote over 2 years:
Positive comment: I am amazed & proud that I've done exercises 4 days in a row!! Wow! Very glad I found this challenge!!
kmbhoya2000 wrote over 2 years:
Positive thought: I am proud of how exercise helps my mood & helps me to deal with the pain I have.
DaughterOfTheMostHighKing wrote over 2 years:
I feel better now that 'tom' is done! I ate my yogurt like a good girl! lol!!!
Sheri869 wrote over 2 years:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading these positive comments!! And I Love everyone sharing anything that you've accomplished or just feel good about with yourself!! I hope many of you read through them...!

I guess its time for mine ;-) I have a bellydance performance coming up Saturday and I HATE performing I'm the most nervous person on the planet getting up in front of I am proud of myself for PUSHING WAY out of my comfort zone and continuing to do this! And this time I have 2 routines - one of which I'm a "fill in" for and have had to cram in learning a new routine! But I did it! I've got it down pretty good! Now hoping Saturday goes well!!
Kashton2011 wrote over 2 years:
I'm a late comer to the challenge (thanks Sheri869!) my positive comment for today is that I'm very committed to this challenge and will be giving it my all (once I've got my head around it!
lobstergirl wrote over 2 years:
My positive comment is that i am learning to love my body more than i have ever done at the grand old age of 30!
vhuber wrote over 2 years:
My positive comment is I am looking within for reasons WHY I do negative things and workinging on replacing them with positives. I am VERY hard on myself but even recognizing the negatives is a positive right???
princessachristina wrote over 2 years:
I am so proud of my week! Thanks for having this challenge, which helps to inspire & encourage me!!
greeneyedaries wrote over 2 years:
Started a new Zumba DVD. Love how I feel when I finish a workout.
Aprilstar480 wrote over 2 years:
Been looking at the gym class schedule and figured ways to fit them into my schedule for the week.Feels really good to have a planned workout schedule and I am determined to stick with it too ;)

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