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Progesterone Treatment Results

This is around the 7th day of giving myself the progesterone cream. I can say up to this point that I have seen no improvement, in fact my pain and fatique levels have never been higher. However, I can't blame it on the cream just yet due to a Chinese luncheon, ham for Easter, the day after ham sandwhich and so forth. Major MSG reaction could also be the blame.       Today I managed to make some meals for the fridge so that I have things to eat. I also lowered some of the painkillers for the day and felt a little better.     One major change the I made today is I am starting to log my food plan for three days in advance and I will not deviate from it. So far it is working but I am only on day 1. The stress of what to eat is absent and I love that. In fact I am eating less then what is on the paper.

Note ADVIL lower the pain today.

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