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Mother's Day photos, 100+ pounds difference

Mother's Day 2010 and 2012 - more than 100 pounds lost between these pictures.

It's really awesome to pose for full-length photos and not immediately delete them.  Even better?  This was taken right before we set out on a 14-mile bike ride, something that would have been very difficult for me before but now was a very easy ride. 



Quick little edit to add:  I did all this in a YEAR.  The only reason I didn't use a Mother's Day pic from last May is that I'm not sure I have one (I didn't love having pictures taken obviously!).  For those of you setting Christmas/Mother's Day goals, know that you CAN do this.  I've been pretty commited during the last year to healthy food and exercise but it was all a progression.  As I always say, just start and don't stop :)

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2012asv wrote 70 months ago:
Just love it! you are so inspirational, wait til little guy grows up and see how hard his mom worked!!! Congratts gorgeous!
sarahkatara wrote 70 months ago:
You look so beautiful and that is one sweet little boy!You should be so proud. Happy (late) Mother's Day! Congratulations <3
kristen_lynn wrote 70 months ago:
i bet you used to hear all the time, "you carry your weight so well!" your face has always been and remains beautiful. i hate people like you, haha.
that last picture of you and your boy in the sunshine is AMAZINGLY beautiful. please frame it.
oh, and about the weight loss -- as always, you remain my inspiration. you rock, girl.
Spence711 wrote 70 months ago:
TLPat wrote 70 months ago:
Beautiful! Inspirational! Wonderful!
mgraue82 wrote 70 months ago:
Love this so much! You are just GLOWING and look AMAZING and I LOVE IT!
77Maria wrote 70 months ago:
Perfectly perfect and your lil man is a doll too!
NMJosephs wrote 70 months ago:
YOWZA! You are gorgeous! Congratulations on the big loss! Enjoy your little man! :)
Dwamma wrote 70 months ago:
What an amazing transformation! I am so very proud of you! You are my iinpsriation! You are GLOWING in delight! I love to see this! You son will be so proud of you because he will remember all the fun you had togther! Congrats! Keep up the amazing work! ((HUGS))
mschuldt2005 wrote 70 months ago:
You have been my inspiration and I have now vowed to myself and my family that by next Mother's Day I will have lost the weight and will be a much better Mother and wife due to being happy with myself, healthy and able to run and play like crazy without being out of breath!

Thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you!
Annette_rose wrote 70 months ago:
That is awesome!!!
mcpherson4 wrote 70 months ago:
Just lovely!
theonenonlykris wrote 70 months ago:
Such a great post! Congrats to you and you are building great memories for your son.
Bonnieelizabeth wrote 70 months ago:
YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! I want to get to that point maybe by Christmas!
ChristinMielke wrote 70 months ago:
Hooray! What a lovely way to show that you are doing this not only for you but also for your family. Happy healthy momma, happy healthy family!
DancinSMartiPants wrote 70 months ago:
Look at that skinny girl!
Loislaine61 wrote 70 months ago:
Congratulations on a job well done.
moosetrap wrote 70 months ago:
That is just phenomenal! Congratulations.
Mehehe wrote 70 months ago:
I'm new to the site and don't know where to put this, but loved your before and after pictures, so looked at some of your earlier posting. I wanted to thank you for the excellent explaination of how to determine your calories when you exercise. I have never understood that and you made very clear! Thanks again, oh and you look fantastic! It give me hope that I can get there too someday.
suzu_2 wrote 70 months ago:
You looked beautiful in both photos, but you looked beautiful and HEALTHY in the current shot. Nice to know you are doing all you can to be a part of your little man's life for a long time to come.
1PoisonIvy wrote 70 months ago:
Shannon that is absolutely wonderful!!!!
Great job in helping yourself, and your family.
Sometimes I get frustrated because I am not losing fast enough, but to see your end results are all inspiring.
momofive98 wrote 70 months ago:
Wow, thanks for posting this!
raywoodhams wrote 70 months ago:
Well done lass, keep up the good work
whitey25817 wrote 70 months ago:
Now that's one Yummy Mummy! Great work!
julie10101 wrote 70 months ago:
You have a beautiful face. It was even beautiful when you were 100 pounds overweight. I have over 100 pounds to lose but it shows in my face. I hope I can lose it too. You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for posting your story.

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