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Today I reached a big milestone. Today my weight started with a "2" instead of a "3". By no means am I done trying to get healthier, but for some reason this means a lot to me. 
My weight has been in the 300s for a long time now, and I know I've done damage to my body. This go-round is different. I'm not starving myself, I'm not crazy hungry. This time I shall succeed.
And to me it is funny this happened today, a Tuesday. Very fitting.

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debvee60 wrote 4 months ago:
Great news and great play on words. I congratulate you.
BusyMomma_RH wrote 4 months ago:
Congratulations! That's great twos-day on tuesday :P
The_Movie_Chair wrote 4 months ago:
I am mighty proud of you, if I may say so. Well done!
brittvshows wrote 4 months ago:
Super! Celebrating with you!
EKarma wrote 4 months ago:
Tuesday the 2nd of May! Great job and keep up the good work!!
EKarma wrote 4 months ago:
Tuesday the 2nd of May! Great job and keep up the good work!!
xCreamDreamx wrote 4 months ago:
Congratulations! Can't wait to hit my One-Day! :)
raleighgirl09 wrote 4 months ago:
For some reason it meant a lot...? No - for every reason. The 10s are an amazing change but the triple digit changes are everything. Been there - done that. Sweet, sweet moment.
chapvern wrote 4 months ago:
just awesome.
summersoda wrote 4 months ago:
Awesome! What a great achievement :)
nuffer wrote 4 months ago:
I remember that milestone; it felt awesome. Congrats!
musicsax wrote 4 months ago:
That's a big milestone and reason to be proud of yourself, really well done !!
jefemmebelle wrote 4 months ago:
This is a huge deal, a big milestone. Losing weight is not for the faint of heart. Stay steadfast on the trail to your goal. Don't worry about slipping back a bit on certain days. We all have weight fluctuations from day to day. I'm sure everyone following this site is very proud of you!!!
ldecaprio wrote 4 months ago:
So happy for you!! I am 7.3 pounds away from that goal and can't wait! What a major accomplishment for you!!
Stpjudge wrote 4 months ago:
Well done! You've achieved a great goal! Congratulations!!!
brookielaw wrote 4 months ago:
Of course it is a big deal, that is a huge milestone. I remember it well---logged on to MFP and posted in my feed something like "OMG!!!!!11!!! Eleventy!!!111!! I'm in the 200's!" It's worth celebrating. Congratulations!
wcs6 wrote 4 months ago:
You go Scott A!You rock.
Keep at it and you'll soon be writing another post welcoming "1" and bidding "2" good riddance!!
debk0718 wrote 4 months ago:
Congratulations on your accomplishment. Way to go!!!
TraciLynneWright wrote 4 months ago:
Congratulations and keep it up! You are an inspiration and hearing stories like yours keeps me going as I work towards my own goals.
spoiledcat wrote 4 months ago:
that's awesome. congrats
whatsizbucket wrote 4 months ago:
Awesome! You can do it!
prlgator wrote 4 months ago:
Good For You!
Slainte1120 wrote 4 months ago:
That is fantastic!!! Nice work!! Keep it up!!!
Interbeing wrote 4 months ago:
mrmrsp2014 wrote 4 months ago:
lejajulie wrote 4 months ago:
Congrats! Impressive, Inspiring and thrilled for you on your milestone! Keep it up...
cheryldowns2017 wrote 4 months ago:
congratulations!!! that's very impressive and something to most definitely feel proud about!!!
groovy_D wrote 4 months ago:
Naaer wrote 4 months ago:
Great work! Keep it up...
ecurbeertbarc wrote 4 months ago:
excellent !!
bertadee812 wrote 4 months ago:
Fantastic achievement! You should be proud!!
mslrtpnc wrote 4 months ago:
A major accomplishment - great work!
dadsafrantic wrote 4 months ago:
well done.

words expressing praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion.
ksharrell48 wrote 4 months ago:
What a terrific accomplishment, Scott; well done! You've kicked the 300's to the curb - never look back is my unsolicited advice:)
Territrek wrote 4 months ago:
DaisheaBoo wrote 4 months ago:
This is awesome and well spoken. I can not wait to reach this goal! Have a great Friday!
Munn0025 wrote 4 months ago:
congrats!!!! that is awesome!
keep up the healthy work!
eggcluck wrote 3 months ago:
If you ever wonder if that "little bit" of weight loss means something, it does. Each lb lost reduces blood pressure and the stress on your joints, so even a 1lb loss means something.
BeUncommon wrote 3 months ago:
Well done to you!!! I cannot wait until I hit a twos It will be awhile but I will be very excited to see that milestone... keep at it you, are obviously doing brilliant xo
steadyfootbyeric wrote 3 months ago:
Great news. The best diets are the diets you can keep on your whole life without feeling you're different from anyone else.
Weddingweight10072017 wrote 3 months ago:
Anniepi66 wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations! I will be so happy to be able to post my weight starts with a "1"! Good for you!!!!
Anniepi66 wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations! I will be so happy to be able to post my weight starts with a "1"! Good for you!!!!
walterbewley wrote 3 months ago:
Congratualations, I hope that I can follow in your footsteps. My heaviest was 378, and I'm down to 340. I'm trying to reach 250.
vmoore520 wrote 3 months ago:
Congrats! What an inspiration you are to so many. Way to go!
zoeywilltry wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations!!!! I understand how you feel. The heaviest I weighed was 310 and today I weigh 290. Seeing that first number change gives a great boost of confidence that you can do it.
Lizziesnips wrote 3 months ago:
well done. you should feel proud.
pizzafruit wrote 3 months ago:
This is a big deal! Seeing success only reaffirms what you already know; you're more than capable of meeting the challenge head on. Congratulations!!
abigailbarce3 wrote 3 months ago:
How amazing! Great job. Wishing you all the best! :)
abybezold wrote 3 months ago:
Way to go!
JeromeBarry1 wrote 3 months ago:

I still have a brain that is conditioned to recite my weight by saying "two--" But no, it's "one--". It's going to be "one--" for the rest of my life.
largelassy wrote 3 months ago:
I have been stuck in the 300s way too long. I hated the 200s also but now I would be so so so happy to see the 200s again!!! So Yahoo for you!!! and for me......I weigh 320 today and weighed 310 a week ago so kind of discouraged and yet i cant give up!!! i want to see those 200s again and soooooooon!!!!! congratulations to you!!!! :)
Blupanther wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations! And thanks for the inspiration.
nickh438 wrote 3 months ago:
Keep it up mate! Cheering you on from Wales!
happyringer wrote 3 months ago:
Keep up the GREAT WORK! That's phenomenal!!!
Da_Big_Kahuna wrote 3 months ago:
Welcome to TwosDay! I too was over 300 for a long time. Started at 367 and currently at 253. Heading towards Onederland
liannematthews wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations. Its hard work but worth it.
chridid13 wrote 3 months ago:
Your post really made me smile! Congratulations.
sjkelley007 wrote 3 months ago:
That is very exciting news Scott! May I ask if you are doing something specific to not feel "starved"? I am having a hard time dealing with my "hungry brain"... vs my full stomach
pattysued wrote 3 months ago:
Congratulations Scott!! Awesome!!
JillCreagh wrote 3 months ago:
Hi from Aus!
You are now on the downward slope, officially!
What a great achievement, and isn't it a great feeling?!
Well done, and stay strong 😊
JillCreagh wrote 3 months ago:
To Largelassy above,
For me it was eating lots of fibre, usually in the form of home made chicken soup. Loads of celery and zucchini to bulk it up, was low in carbs and calories, and high in water content. I could literally eat it all day, guilt free. When I got tired of it I switched to pumpkin soup, or potato and leek soup, until I was ready to start again. The other soups have more carbs but they filled a need at the time. And still relatively low in calories.
Plus I allowed myself one day every week where I ate whatever I wanted! Choc, ice cream, pizza, pasta in cream, etc no guilt. Then back on the straight and narrow the next day. I found that one day splurge kick started my metabolism again and I lost weight! Wonderful.
As I got closer to my goal weight I found that I didn't need to splurge so much on my 'cheat day'. My body and brain had slowly reprogrammed back towards normal eating patterns.
I now follow my own version of 5&2, and it helps to keep my weight under control, plus it reminds me that I still need to be mindful about what I'm eating. I still have 10kgs to go, with no date in mind to reach it. Be gentle on yourself, besting yourself up only leads to depression and failure. Be kind to yourself and take it half a day at a time xx
celticlass69 wrote 3 months ago:
You are doing great! Be proud of yourself! You deserve it! :)
ScottASnider wrote 3 months ago:
WOW! Thank you all for your comments and votes. This means a lot to me.

To sjkelley007 who asked "May I ask if you are doing something specific to not feel "starved"?

Yes. I have been enjoying the Premier Protein shake between breakfast and lunch, and having a small snack (usually 24-28 almonds) between lunch and dinner.

My diet has shifted to low carb (100-125 grams) per doctor's orders. I have lost almost 10 pounds in two weeks. My blood sugar has been a problem for me in that it has been too low this past week, but with monitoring and careful attention, I've been back in the healthy range.

Also, my wonderful wife bought us a treadmill. I am not up to the 200 minutes a week goal, but I am building toward it (slowly).

Hope that helps.
IBikeNYC wrote 3 months ago:
How exciting!

That's a significant milestone! Good for you!
jewell0607 wrote 2 months ago:

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