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Ultimate Reset Day 1 Post Reset

I loved the reset and definitely recommend it.  I thought I'd take the time to tell you exactly what it consists of.

It is a group of supplements you get from BeachBody and there is a strict diet you follow. The first Phase you shift from eating meat the first few days to only dairy. By the end of Phase 1 there is no more meat or dairy. In Phase 2 you have grains and beans like black beans, lentils and pinto beans. Then in Phase 3 you have less grains. During the phases you drink the supplements 30 minutes before each meal and a green drink in the afternoon 30 minutes later you could have your only snack of the day. In Phase 2 you also drink Detox before each meal. In Phase 3 you start another supplement with are pre and probiotics. 

The meals are pretty good and you can substitute the ones you really like so you can have the same meal within the same week. To make that clearer you can have any lunch in Phase 1 for lunch during Phase 1 or within any of the Phases. All the meals consist of clean eating, no pre-made stuff, not additives, all whole foods. 

The supplements help you clean out your system and detox. There are a lot of toxins in teh air, water, the foods we eat. We eat lots of processed foods and these additives are hard for our bodies to digest and eliminate.  This helps with that. A lot of people have blood work done before and after the Reset and find that their glucose and cholesterol drops significantly. 

After the Reset you can continue the supplements, all except for the detox. You are encouraged to follow the meal plan in reverse and introduce meats and foods one at a time and to be aware of any discomfort you might have when you eat those foods. If you are not feeling great, eliminate that food from your diet completely.  

I purchased the maintenance kit and will be doing the Alkanize which I will do every afternoon and taking Optimize 2 times a day. I will continue with the Mieralize as well and am going to start taking pre and probiotics I will get online. I am planning on continuing with avegan diet.

During the Reset you can not exercise. You can take walks, do yoga and tai chi. The Reset makes you tired and achy while you do it. I also had headaches the first week. It would be too taxing on your body to work out as well. You would need to take 3 weeks off of whatever program you are doing.  You should work you way into the exercising increasing the intensity slowly over a week or two.  

 My results were fantastic.  I lost 19 lbs and almost 5% body fat.  I have an appt to get my blood work done and will post those results when I get them.  

 If you have questions drop me a line.  If you need a BeachBody Coach let me know. If you are interested i doing this let me know.  I should add that I am not currently a BeachBody Coach.  I have completed Turbo Fire and this Ultimate Reset and have had good results.  The Reset was such a positive experience that I am considering becoming a coach but I am not one currently.

Ultimate Reset Phase 3 Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Phase 3!  The last day of my 21!  I'm pretty excited about that.  It has been a pretty good experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in eating clean and/or a vegan/vegetarian diet.  I will be back tomorrow morning with my final stats and thoughts.

Ultimate Reset Phase 3 Day 5

So today is Day 5 of the Ultimate Reset Phase 3.  I feel FANSTASTIC this morning.  Wide awake even though I did not go to bed too early.  No ill effects at all.  I am lighter, my skin looks great, I feel great.  This has been such a positive exeperience.  I am down another pound this morning for a total of 17lbs exactly.  I still have today to get through and then another 2 days.  I can't wait to see what my total loss will be on Monday Morning!  I am also making an appointmet to get my lood work checked next week and will compare my old numbers from 3 month ago to after the reset.  I can't wait!
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