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Ultimate Reset Day 1

Today I am starting BeachBody's Ultimate Reset  I have been struggling with my weight, being tired, unmotivated, migraines and kidney stones lately.  The kidney stones came from uric aciddue to the increased animal protein that I was eating in an effort to lose weight and build muscle and from oxalate which comes from fruits and veggies.  The pain from the kidney stones and the fact that they were being caused by the healthier diet I was eating did me in.  I felt down and depressed, like no matter what I tried I'd never get back to my fighting weight and I'd never hit my goal.  I have been struggling with this for a weeks.  I found out about the Ultimate Reset and decided to give it a try.  It sounds like just what I need.  It claims it will help me move from where my diet was to a completely clean, vegetarian diet.  It says it will remove the toxins from my body that are making me tired, sluggish, moody and causing the kidney stones and migraines while lowering my cholesterol so I figured it was worth the try. 

I am starting Phase 1 today.  I woke up very tired this morning and bloated.  I have terrible bags under my eye this morning and look as tired as I feel. I have a slight headache and am retaining water.  The scale said 187 this morning which is up 3 lbs from Saturday mornings' 184.  I know I did not gain 3 lbs over the weekend but I did eat every meal out so am definitely feeling the effects of all the sodium.

I took my first set of supplements this morning then went on a little walk with the kids.  I had my breakfast of eggs and spinach when I got back  I have all I need for the rest of my meals this week and am looking forward to this.  I will be documenting how I feel on the Ultimate Reset on my blog if you are interested in following along.

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mom2fabfive wrote 70 months ago:
So excited to see how this goes for all of you trying it. It is something I definitely think I need to do in the future! Will be looking forward to all of your updates. Wishing you the very best!
samanthakre wrote 70 months ago:
This sounds great! I'll be following and supporting you :)
whulfc86 wrote 70 months ago:
Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
RmYWarrioR wrote 70 months ago:
Well, I do hope the new supplements work for you but, eating every meal out? There is a BIG issue. I would not be concerned about the sodium alone from eating out but, all the foods you did eat that were loaded with hundreds of excess calories. That is a good ripple effect which would cause a 3 pound weight gain over one weekend.
lgschutt wrote 70 months ago:
you can do it!!
I know of 2 people who have done the reset (not for weight-loss but for the health benefits)
They report feeling SO much better in addition to losing weight. I would love to see pics of the food your eating and what you *have* to eat. I am wanting to do the reset but am afraid of all the prep work and having to be so organized. :-P GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!! :-)
tristanathan wrote 70 months ago:
I'm considering giving it a try so I'm interested in seeing how it goes for you.
SafireBleu wrote 70 months ago:
RmYWarrioR- I don't usually eat every meal out it was just this weekend and even though I did eat out, I tried to make good choices. I know what I ate and there weer not enough calories for a 3 lb gain in 2 days. I didn't eat every meal at McD's. Thanks for your comment and the reminder.
SafireBleu wrote 70 months ago:
lgschutt- I have not been taking pictures of the meals but it really has not been so bad. It's just everything is home made. The foods are delicious. It has not been too hard keeping track of everything. I am actually doing this more because I have kidney stones and this is supposed to help rid the body of Uric Acid

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