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Day 2 Oct 2nd 2012


 Ok off to a good start woke up had poached egg and toast.


 Walked my big  28 stone bulk for half hour in the rain from the shops to my moms . I saw my brother drive past thank godness he was going the other way because i really didn't want a lift. Found it easy with up beat music in my hear ( Madness ).

 Had a little cry because as i write this blog my friend as been on the plane 1 hour off to Oz. I want to be slim the next time i see her.

 I enjoyed my walk and i will be doing alot more walking 2moz, but i need to go the markets for some fruit , salad and maybe a little veg (yuk).

 My dream would be to lose 2.5 - 3 stone by Christmas. Then to lose another 3 stone by Easter  . But small steps day at a time , moving slow is better than been still. 


My aim is to drink more water (squash) and to eat some fruit a day. 


note to self : vitimins 


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wisebadger53 wrote 19 months ago:
You are off to a great start, and certainly you have the right attitude! Stay focused on your goals, and it makes the rest so much easier. You got this! :-)
Rollacoaster2013 wrote 19 months ago:
Yea your right I can do this wisebadger53 goodnight x
tdavies1980 wrote 19 months ago:
Well done hon, you have made a great start. x
bohrsy88 wrote 19 months ago:
GREAT DAY! Well done hun xx
Jojobean67 wrote 19 months ago:
fabulous start!! congrats on your walk, I find at times it's cleansing both mentally and physically.
funkylemur wrote 19 months ago:
Sounds crazy but I love walking in the rain, gives you a tremendous sense of perspective. Good luck on your journey :)

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