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Rita's Blog: Show Stopping Abs!

Eating & Exercising for Flat, Sexy Abs

By:  Rita B.  R.D., L.D.N.

Has anyone been on the quest for those flat abs like you see in Hollywood Celebs,  Victoria's Secret Model's or envying those people at the gym with 4-6 pack abs?  Well, I know I have!  Here are some simple strategies to get those Hot & Sexy Flat Abs you’ve always wanted in no time!

How you eat, exercise and sleep can affect your belly. Follow these Research Proven Tips to get envy-worthy abs of your own:

“Remember, Great Abs start in the Kitchen”

Be sure to scroll done for my Before & After Pictures!

1.)  Include Green Tea and Whole Grains 

  • Studies show that these foods may shrink your waistline.  They improve insulin sensitivity, boost your metabolism and/or fight inflammation.
  • If you eat grains, choose whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and have them after a workout, which is when your body is primed to put the glucose to use, replete glycogen stores and fuel your muscles.

2.)  Decrease Calorie Intake by following a healthy diet, while increasing your physical activity

  • This dual formula strips away fat to reveal the shape of your abs, but unfortunately this could take months to work. 
  • Want to see results Quickly?  Try this strategy that Celebs use:  Stick to 100 grams of Carbs per day (preferably from nutrient dense fruits and green vegetables)

3.)  Eat Protein at Every Meal

  • Eat 30 grams of Protein per meal (choose from lean meats, eggs, legumes, non-fat or low-fat dairy, Non-GMO Soy, Almonds and Reduced Fat Cheeses)
  • Studies show that spacing out Protein throughout the day helps maintain muscle and burns extra calories.

4.)  Get Adequate Sleep

  • Why?  Your body views adequate sleep as a stressor.
  • When you don't get enough sleep the body releases excess levels of the hormone called Cortisol.  
  • Excess levels of this hormone prompt fat to be pulled from other areas of your body and packed into your midsection/abs. 
  • Research shows that people who get enough sleep while trying to slim down, lost twice as much fat
  • According to a New Study from Johns Hopkins, losing belly fat also improves sleep.
  • Simple strategy:  Hit the sack 15 min earlier each night until you’re getting 7-9 hours of shut eye each night. 

5.)  Skip the Crunches!  Mind Every Muscle Instead to work your Core

  •  To burn more calories, do exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once (think squats, lunges, Criss-Cross and dead lifts)
  • Even running challenges your midsection or try HIIT Workouts (I like TurboFire HIIT Workouts, Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat Workouts)

Also see this Shape Magazine Workout, courtesy of High-Energy BOOTY CAMP Classes. This workout includes 6 moves with a weighted ball or try the 45 min Cardio Challenge on the treadmill and burn up to 500 Calories!  Refer to Shape Magazine, March 2013, pp.145-146.  Also check out these 10 Crunch-Free Moves for Killer Abs (from Pilates to Kickboxing)

**Ritab19 Before & After!

Before:  9/2007 



                       After:  2/2013

Here are my results.  In 2007 I weighed approx. 110 lb and worked out 2-3x per week, I now weigh 103-104 lb. and workout 6x per week. A weight loss of only 7 lb., yet look at the results!  See my profile for my current workout regimen.

 My Favorite Inspirational Quote at the Moment

 I want to Dedicate this Blog to my Supportive Group of Friends here on, MFP!  And a special thanks to Mireygal76 for her amazing technical support. 

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Fit_Vixen1 wrote 55 months ago:
Great info!! Thank you so much!!! :) You're always such great help <3
bikinisuited wrote 55 months ago:
Rita, you absolutely look amazing. I am thrill and appreciate your new style that is rocking a bikini like a VS model. You are a true inspiration and those 5-7 lbs makes a huge difference. My style is looking great at any age, 40 and diet is 90% to great abs. Love your new body and take good care of your birthday suit always, amazing!!! MUAH!!!!!
Xhell_on_heelsX wrote 55 months ago:
Yay!! Thank you for sharing!
MireyGal76 wrote 55 months ago:
Well done girl!
debilang wrote 55 months ago:
Your blog is nice and clean...and I am lovin' it, Rita...CONGRATS...Well Done for little sleep!! Now you know how...and you will only get better :) WTG
Lesley2901 wrote 55 months ago:
Great blog!
jakeVScalories wrote 55 months ago:
Great work, tons of info and you can tell you put in the work! congrats and im a fan!
saabmbab wrote 55 months ago:
Good advice.
DewlyNoted wrote 55 months ago:
Amazing first blog with wonderful advice and tips to achieve fitness goals. Congrats on your transformation and good luck continuing your journey :D

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