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Lost as much as...

Today is a rest day for me, so I thought I would contemplate this challenge a little.

I was thinking about Mary, 9 months pregnant and making the trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  Her body probably aching from the bumpy road and her belly full of some incredibly precious cargo.

Then it hit me: I lost the equivalent of a healthy pregnancy.  That's right, I was carrying an extra 34 pounds! From what I have read, a healthy gain during pregnancy is usually 25-35 pounds.  Wowzers... If I ever see 181 on the scale again, I hope it's at the height of pregnancy that's for sure!

I like full numbers

Similar to my weight loss, fractions do not sit very well with me.  I prefer whole numbers. LOL.  So, as I was waiting for my homemade pizza dough to rise, I hopped back on the recumbent bike and did another 3.85 km.

So, 14 km down, 143 km to go!

Oh, and did  mention that the bike I bought was a floor model at the clearance store? Well, it doesn't have a cover for the batteries, but not having to put it together and saving about 100 bucks off the price put a smile on my face.  Many, many times, when we have bought something that needed assembly is has caused me serious grief (I am a woman with a quick fuse), so it made me joyful while I was riding today that I avoided having to put it together.



Another 5.15 km down

Alright, got on the bike and did another 5.15 km.  I've convinced my hubby to join me in this venture and he did 3 km, but plans on doing more like 10 km each time in the future (this isn't much of a stretch for him, he says it's the equivalent of riding to and from work).

Side note: we also bought a wii fit this weekend and it is so fun.  This is basically half birthday present, half reward for getting the weight off.  I love the weigh-in and games.  Even our four year old has been having a blast on it.  Anyways, I mention this because it is a bit of a distraction from the recumbent bike.  The wii fit seems to be mostly strength and balance, so this challenge will help me get important cardio in! 

Marj Ibn Amer

This is what I would likely be looking at if I were actually walking in Israel, a place called "Marj Ibn Amer" pretty beautiful if you ask me.  Outside my door is a whole lot of snow and ice that is melting slowly from an early snowstorm this year.

Found a cool website about the religious sites along the way:

First 5 km Smashed

Did the first 5 km, 152 to go!  (I really need to learn how to put a ticker on here,but this will have to do for now.)

I was surprised at how quickly I could bike through it, 5 K only took me about 17 minutes!  I was going a pretty good clip, but it's encouraging to know that this challenge won't be consuming my life.  I could see it being more challenging running at least some of them, so I may try this too.

I posted a thread for people to join the challenge and the response thus far has been encouraging.  For those of you reading this blog as a result, welcome!

So, someone quite clever posted that there are 58 days for this challenge and that it represents 1.68 miles everyday (or 2.71 kilometers for those of us that use metric).  Since I know I likely won't exercise everyday, I'll be aiming for at least 5 kilometers when I do workout, probably 4 or 5 times a week.  I figure if more clicks get done, all the better.  I like having something to strive for though. 

Oh, one thing I am hoping to do is post some stuff about the historical sites and attractions we might actually see on the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem....I'm sure there will be info available online since it is such a tourist attraction.  Anyone actually been to Israel?

Let the Journey Begin

I just bought a piece of exercise equipment: a recumbent bike.  To be honest, I am fortunate because my husband's work will cover the cost because they want their employees to be fit and healthy (pretty awesome!)  However, I know that all too often fitness equipment sits in the basement collecting dust.  I have finished losing the weight and I know that at times my motivation to work out and eat right has been waning.  So, I've decided to challenge myself.

At first, I thought I would start with a "cross Canada" trek in the comfort of my basement. LOL Quite frankly, this is simply way too overwhelming (it is 7148 km!) so I started to pray about it. At the center of my life is Jesus, it's my faith and it's very important to me.  The reason that I started this whole weight loss thing really boils down to honoring God with my body.  (It wasn't exactly honoring to be overweight and lazy, so I lost the weight). I began to think about Christmas coming up and the journey that Mary and Joseph took from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  I used google maps to look up a walking path to see how many kilometer, there is more than one route, but I decided on the shortest route (which also happens to be the road less travelled).  It is 157 km.  I'll be doing it anyway possible, like at the gym with the elliptical and the treadmill, but mostly on my new recumbent bike in the basement.  Join me if you would like.

I thought it might be fun to do some traditional cooking from the region too, you can look forward to some of those posts in the future.  Or, you could  send me some of your favorite recipes since I've never actually been to Israel!  I'm going to look into adding a ticker (if you know how, please send me instructions) or possibly just posting how many kilometers have been travelled each time I get some done.  Well, come along for the ride if you like, it's bound to be good fun and will help us to get in the mood (and shape) for Christmas.




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