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Day One: The Journey Begins

I wear a silver band on my left hand, it has "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" carved into it. It was my mothers and is my inspiration every day. I found it in my mom's jewlery box the day after she passed away, while looking for some jewlery for her to be cremated with. I slipped it on my finger and it fit perfect (my hands are bigger than hers) and I knew it was meant to be, it was like she handed it to me and said, "here, you need this!" I have worn it every day ever since. It reminds me that no matter how hard something is, it will never be done if I dont start! It got me through dealing with the funeral arrangements, telling friends and family members, dealing with all her finances, and getting things organized for my dad. If it can get me through all THAT, it can get me through losing weight too!

Every day is another step, another mile, another marathon. I just have to keep going to get where I need to be. There will be stops along the way, because even on a long journey you need to stop and smell the roses! I know not every day will go my way, go as planned, or even just go smoothly. Heck with 2 kids of my own and 2 more I babysit, nothing EVER goes smoothly! But I know that if I keep on keeping on, I WILL get there some day!

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naticksdonna wrote 34 months ago:
Just commented on your second day post and see we think alike!!! Your Mum gave you a gift - respect it and respect her but most of all respect yourself! This post shows a great attitude for success; my advice is to refer to it often! I just posted the other day that attitude is the difference between a nightmare and an adventure! So, so true...
NorthernMaineMom wrote 34 months ago:
Thanks! Making changes is hard but I am the only one who can change and I have only one life to change so I better get to it!
sargirl1973 wrote 34 months ago:
What a beautiful item to inspire you daily and so lovely that your mum can be with you on your journey. Very best of luck! x
Sweetgirl14 wrote 34 months ago:
You have a great attitude and your Mother is watching over you smiling proudly! Thank you for sharing your message! I too recently lost my own Mother and striving to be the best person which includes taking care of my own health this year! She was a source of joy and inspiration for me and I do know she will be my Angel on this journey in living a healthy life! Good luck on your journey as well! Take care.
NorthernMaineMom wrote 34 months ago:
Thanks all!
MegaMech wrote 34 months ago:
Just keep walking.... =)

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