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A New Year, A New Job, A New Me?

While I did start my "New Job" in August when school started, I just feel like I am starting fresh with it in the new year! I work as a one on one ed tech for a special needs student and I am changing our schedule, lesson plans and even rearranging our classroom for the new year!!

 I got new clothes with my christmas money, and hooray rather than an XL I was able to get a LARGE, and in a few case a MEDIUM/LARGE! I am really happy about that! For both work and home I wear "work out" gear, running/yoga pants, a running tank top and a light weight running jacket. At work I wear them because I am literally running at least a few times a day because my student sometimes bolts. It also gets REALLY warm in my classroom sometimes, even in winter, so layers are important so that I am comfy! I really like the feel of the clothes I am wearing and the function as well, which is a nice change, I am "living in" rather than "hiding in" my clothes!

Time to get working on this New Me! 


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