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We Started our 30DS today

WOW!  LOL  That is tuff but i know we can do it!!  I believe in us! 

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GreenTea703 wrote 75 months ago:
1/10, 0/10, 0/10

Day 1 208,191

Did it once... the rest is time, which we have already proven we are ready for. Two months in, excited to start this new workout routine. I have wanted more toning for awhile, thinking I needed an elliptical, but this workout will be exactly what we need. I am so glad we can do it together, so be ready to get dressed and bust ass, but really whats 20 minutes... its the best investment in our time to drastically reach our goal. Love you baby, you rock.

MrsGreenTea703 wrote 75 months ago:
You rock too <3 Love you!

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