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May 1st is our 9 month weigh-in

I know the person that I am becoming more and more each day.  A healthier, happier, more energetic ME!  I am very proud of the person that I am and can hardly remember the old me anymore.  It's actually really hard to remember what life was like 89lbs ago.  It's not something that I even think about anymore.  I know I don't want to ever be there again.  I look at my old pictures and I feel bad for the person in those photos, eventhough the person is me.  Because she looks happy and she truly is happy in life!!! BUT SHE IS NO WHERE NEAR AS HAPPY, AS I AM TODAY!  

As I approach two more milestones just around the corner, I can't help but get really excited!  May 1st is our 9 month weigh-in and May 4th is my 27th birthday!  I cannot wait to take pictures for my birthday this year, compare them with last year!  I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S BEEN 9 MONTHS ALREADY!??!  =)  That's so crazy how time really flies when you're having fun!  Live life to the fullest and enjoy every sweat you break with every step you make!  Enjoy the transformation and watch your body change one day at a time with your hard work and determination!  If I can change my life, you can change yours!  I have never said this was easy because it's hard work!  But I promise you it's worth it!  YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU TOO CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, ONE DAY AT A TIME!  I believe in you!

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simplyeater wrote 72 months ago:
Thanks for the pep talk! We believe in you too:) Congratulations on your upcoming milestone!!
asiavenetia wrote 72 months ago:
Congratulations, and a Happy (early) Birthday to you!
Thanks for those words- I really needed to hear those today!
Kphillips3 wrote 72 months ago:
Happy early birthday!
Ding724 wrote 72 months ago:
You have a terrific attitude and it's clear to see that it's played a huge part in you reaching all the milestones that you have in just 9 months!!! Good luck on your weigh-in and Happy Birthday!!!
SARAH7378 wrote 72 months ago:
Thank you so much for the inspiration! I really needed to hear this. :)
mmbleb wrote 71 months ago:
I just finished reading through your blog. Your story is so motivational! Thank you so much for sharing with me :) ...and happy belated birthday!

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