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What Defines Me...

Well it's easy to say what DOESN'T define me, so let's start with that.

1) The scale. You don't define me. Heck,  you don't even have words. You have numbers. And unlike "The Phantom Tollbooth", when it comes to definitions, words are WAY better than numbers.  The best you can do is tell me where I am in my journey, not my value or my importance or my spirit. You can't measure my personality or my sense of humor. I only use you because I need a yardstick to check my growth (or should I say loss) status.

2) My weight. I am more than a number, (see above if you're one who likes to skip). That just shows how much of me there is to love, not who I am. I'm a small person with a big personality and that's not going to change no matter what I weigh. I'd like to believe that my weight is not the sole measuring tool by which my value as a human being is measured.

3) Food. What I eat or don't eat or drink or don't drink is my choice. Cheeseburgers don't launch themselves at my unwilling lips while my hands remain tied to my hips. No one is holding a diet coke to my face and forcing me to drink it. So, as long as I eat what I choose and deal with it, food doesn't own me or define me.

So what does define me? That's easy. It's my life .... my kids, my family, my friends, my martial arts school. It's my spirit. It's the drive that keeps me doing taekwon-do when I can't walk without a limp. It's the push that helps me stay up late so I can work 3 jobs, raise 2 kids, manage 1 martial arts school and a house, pick up and carpool and yeah... by the way, exercise, remember to get the RIGHT kids at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. It's energy. Positive energy. So maybe I'm naive. Maybe I'm pollyanna-ish. Maybe I'm just not seeing how lousy the world really is or how little water is in my cup. I DON"T CARE!

I don't look at how much more I have to lose... I celebrate every ounce gone!

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magoch wrote 68 months ago:
I love your definitions! Internal measures, not external measures :)
TheGoblinRoad wrote 68 months ago:
nice post! You have your priorities straight and your head in the right place. :)
kimiebee wrote 68 months ago:
Excellent post!! Thank you for sharing...this is just awesome!!
swthrtsmrf wrote 68 months ago:
Totally awesome! Love this. You are motivational and inspirational!
ladynica wrote 68 months ago:
I made the mistake of reading this while at work. I bursted into laughter when I read, "cheeseburgers don't launch themselves at my unwilling lips..." THAT is a fantastic visual and reminder for me that food does not define me either. Great post! Thanks for this. :)

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