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Patience Is A Virtue

Today’s Run:  3.00 miles


I ran today!  It was uncomfortable at the beginning and it flat out hurt by the end.  Rats.  It sure felt good to be out there, though!


Having gone two complete days without running, without any form of exercise at all aside from walking the dog, I am going nuts!  I need my endorphin’s, those happy hormones.  It was not meant to be.  Yet.


Today’s route was a hilly route.  The running group had two routes today a 12.0 mile loop and a 15.8 mile loop.  I thought I was being conservative in selecting the 12.0 mile loop but it was hilly.  Hmmm, so was the 15.8 mile loop for that matter     :)


Leaving the meeting house involves going downhill from the get-go.  That is what was so uncomfortable.  The downhill.  After the downhill, it was flat for a fair distance.  Then the hills started and I knew pretty quick that this was not going to work.  Not with the hills.


If today’s route had been flat, I think I could have done the 12 mile loop.  The flat did not bother me.  Much.  Darn those hills!


So, I was able to run a little bit today.  It felt great to be out on the road again!  For being on the injured list, my pace was consistent and not too terribly slow (all things considered).  I was just tickled to be able to be out there!!!


My quad compression sleeve should arrive on Monday.  Tuesday or Wednesday I will give it the ol’ college try and see what my leg has to say about that!


The good news…my leg is not as sore as I thought it would be from trying to run on it this morning, so I know it is healing. Bells and Whistles to that!!!  And yes, I know, “Patience is a Virtue.”  I will wait until it is safe to run on it again without causing further injury.

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allylbrown wrote 21 months ago:
Be safe...quad injuries can easily lead to knee injuries:( Happened to me, I have been having probs for awhile:(
MellyLikestoRun wrote 21 months ago:
I am can sympathise - I'm coming off a psoas injury and didn't run for 4 days, which drove me batty. You are wise to be patient. It's hard, though. I hope your compression sleeve gives you some relief!
bebubble wrote 21 months ago:
I wish I could run. Do not know if I ever can. Every time I think about it I kick myself for not keeping with it when I was younger. You be careful! Sounds like you had a good time!
Elliehmltn wrote 21 months ago:
Nice run! But..... now that it's given you an inch, don't take a mile, so to speak.... short, slow and easy until you get that sleeve. And then still short, slow and easy till you're sure it's OK! :-)

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