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Coconut Oil: 10 Uses for this Miracle Elixir ;)

I discovered the many incredible benefits of coconut oil a few months back and I really wanted to share them with you guys. I'm amazed I spent 26 years not reaping the benefits of this incredible oil!

You want to get coconut oil that is:

  • Virgin. Or Extra-Virgin, if you don't mind coconut scent and flavor.
  • Organic. Not grown with pesticides or foreign chemicals.
  • Unrefined. Unfiltered, no additives; pure. The only ingredient on the label should be coconut oil.
  • Cold-Pressed is ideal, as it preserves delicate oils and nuances. I use expeller-pressed because that's what my grocer carries and it's working fine for me.

Here are the things I love about coconut oil!

  1. Weight loss. Really. The medium-chain fatty acids help dissolve body fat. Additionally, its exothermic properties can actually raise your core temperature a bit, which accelerates metabolism. You know me, I'm a big fan of increased metabolism. Check my green tea blog as an example:
  2. Appetite Suppression. I've been known to consume straight coconut oil (and foods cooked in coconut oil) before festivals and other events in order to quell my appetite so I don't spend money or calories on iffy foods. It works every time. If you're just starting out, take one teaspoon by mouth in the morning on an empty stomach. You can increase this to up to two tablespoons slowly over the course of several weeks. Do not jump right into the max dose or your tummy will be mad at you.
  3. Hair conditioner. I'm not an all-natural-obsessed hippie (sorry, hippies - I ♥ you!). But I have been using coconut oil exclusively in place of conditioner for the last four months and I will never go back. It makes my hair look and feel amazing. It's actually stronger and shinier now. I save no less than $200 per year on conditioner. A little bit goes a long way! I scoop a bit onto the back of my thumbnail, liquefy it in my hands and apply from ends to roots (without actually applying to the scalp). It's glorious.
  4. Teeth whitening. Yes, you can whiten your teeth dramatically using coconut oil. I've always had relatively white teeth but now they are freakishly so. It's great! No one believes I don't get them professionally whitened. It takes a few weeks but the natural results are worth the wait. Once per week, every Monday, I do oil-pulling using coconut oil. Oil-pulling has many benefits, one of which is whitening your teeth. Basically, swish half a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth, through your teeth, through every nook and cranny, for up to 20 minutes. Spit out ALL the oil and brush your teeth normally afterward. Easy!
  5. General health of teeth and bones. Coconut oil facilitates calcium absorption by the body. It also stops tooth decay. No dentures for you!
  6. General overall body health. Benefits include boosting immunity, healing bruises and skin infections, Kills viruses that cause influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes, SARS. Kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat and urinary tract infections, pneumonia, gonorrhea. It's also effective on fungi and yeast responsible for causing ringworm, athlete's foot and diaper rash.
  7. Skin moisturizer. Before bed, scoop some oil onto your thumb nail and liquefy between your palms. Smooth over skin. Repeat as necessary on all body parts in need of moisturization. Cover all oiled parts with clothing so as not to oil up your bed linens. This means long-sleeves and pants for me sometimes. I shower at all different times of the day and the oil is totally absorbed by morning. I tend to moisturize only certain areas daily but make sure to do a full-body oil-down once per week. Feels great and, for me, eliminates the need for body creams. And I live in über-dry Arizona so that's saying something!
  8. Healthier cooking oil. I love cooking with coconut oil. Its calorie count is identical to extra-virgin olive oil but its neutral flavor lends to a more expansive array of foods. And it's great for baking!
  9. Saturated fats for improved digestion. The saturated fats present in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties that help deal with bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause indigestion and other tummy troubles. Also helps prevent constipation. Always a good thing. ;p
  10. Higher smoke point. I make my homemade popcorn with coconut oil and it's wonderful:

These 10 things really are the tip of the iceberg. Coconut oil goes SUCH a long way. I employ it for all these uses and more and am JUST NOW finishing my first 14-oz. jar! At $8 per jar, I can say it's WELL worth it.

Coconut oil. Get some! :D

* I've gleaned all this information from a wide variety of sources over the last several months. There is TONS of info about coconut oil benefits online. I urge you to ask me questions and I will answer them as best as I can...or do your own online search. There's so much great info available! :)

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SarahJaneDeschamp wrote 42 months ago:
sounds amazing...will be looking for this in the supermarket :)
rfcollins33 wrote 42 months ago:
very interesting. I always steer clear of anything coconut, because of my mother talking about how "fattening" it was, so this is definitely new and interesting information. I'll have to check it out. Thanks :)
InstantSunshine wrote 42 months ago:
Me too - just off to Asda, I'll let you know if they have it!
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@rfcollins: Sure, it's got calories but no more than extra-virgin olive oil which is notoriously healthy. These other benefits make it an absolute keeper! ... The trick is finding the one you like. I lucked out when the very first one I bought turned out to have a neutral scent and flavor. The brand I use is Spectrum. ... Now, I love coconut so I need to find one with coconut smell and taste and keep both around the house. :)
crazypenrod1508 wrote 42 months ago:
I am a guy and not a very good cook. What can I use this in? Any tips?
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@crazypenrod1508: I use it for popcorn, stir-fry and baking most but use it in place of any oil or butter. If you want to consume it for its benefits without actually cooking it, you can also add it to your morning coffee or tea in place of creamer. Add a bit to protein shakes for an energy boost. It's pretty versatile and you really can't go wrong with it. :)
Bmorrow wrote 42 months ago:
Great post. Getting mine tomorrow!
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
Hey, all, crazypenrod1508 had two amazing ideas that I hope he doesn't mind me sharing with the group: adding coconut oil to oatmeal and using as a salad dressing! Genius! I bet whisking in other flavorful ingredients would make a salad pretty tasty, indeed. Keep in mind that coconut oil is solid at cooler temps so you may need to warm it in the mic or on the stove for a few seconds. If your lettuce and other veggies/ingredients are cold, it will likely firm up into a creamier consistency when tossed, which actually sounds quite nice. :)
hpsnickers1 wrote 42 months ago:

hpsnickers1 wrote 42 months ago:
I'm using weight lifting to increase my metabolism.
katzav wrote 42 months ago:
i'm all over it. thanx!
wendinbill wrote 42 months ago:
The one I use is NSI brand from I buy the 54 oz. size! I use it in my smoothies, oatmeal, and as a moisturizer in the shower. Love it!!!
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@hpsnickers1: Thanks for the info. It's always really important to look at all sides! * * * I rarely eat out or eat anything pre-packaged so I think I'm going to stick with coconut oil for cooking. :) * * * And, to be clear, I'm not advocating consuming buckets of coconut oil (or any oil!) on a daily basis. However, it is a good, healthy alternative to other products. * * * I will continue to investigate the pros and cons while maintaining my current uses and will switch it up wherever necessary. Thanks again for the info!
FemininGuns wrote 42 months ago:
I can vouch for all of these - I've been using it since January of this year and have reaped the rewards! Thanks for taking the time to inform others of this wonderful product!!
hpsnickers1 wrote 42 months ago:
i am interested in the other uses though. I take fish oil supplements which the doc told me is great for my skin (she was right). But I color my hair and it really dries it out. I wonder if the coconut oil would be good for it.
Kirstie_C26 wrote 42 months ago:
thanx :) il try n get my mum to buy it from morrisons :)
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@hpsnickers1: One of my MFP pals, mattcoop, pointed out that his hairdresser daughter informed him that sunflower oil is often added to hair products to, as he put it, "extend the life of hair coloring". May be something to look into. :)
LadyT02182011 wrote 42 months ago:
Great article! I have been reaping the benefits of coconut oil for the last few months as well. I absolutely love it! I use it as a skin moisturizer and I also cook with it (I love scrambled eggs and no seasonings because the coconut oil gives such great flavor). I will try it as a teeth whitener as well. Thanks again!
Mynewyearsvow wrote 42 months ago:
I'm intrigued by this teeth whitening aspect. Whitening kits actually hurt my and my husband's teeth. I may have to keep this in mind! Thanks.
sanura wrote 42 months ago:
Fantastic!! I've been using it for a moisturizer, and occasional hari treatment, gotta try some of your other ideas!!
khk2010 wrote 42 months ago:
I will have to check this out.
NotAllWhoWanderAreLost wrote 42 months ago:
Nutiva cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil is the brand i use and i got mine thru Its fantastic!
zenabby wrote 42 months ago:
I'm an Indian origin person, and there are many Indian recipes that use coconut and coconut oil in the cooking. It tastes fantastic, it is fattening though, but most recipes call for a small amount and that greatly enhances taste. We have, in India, used coconut oil as a conditioner for hundreds of years as well, and as we are getting westernized, we are slowly moving away from it (sad). Agree, it is very healthy overall. You can go to any Indian store and buy coconut oil.
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@abitha: I definitely stole the hair conditioner method from an Indian friend. I wanted to go into this in the blog but felt it was already a bit verbose. Thank you for the great comment!
seleck05 wrote 42 months ago:
I think I am going to buy some now next time I go grocery shopping! I can't eat soy sauce because I am allergic and I bet this would be a great substitute for a veggie stir–fry!
LovingMe19 wrote 42 months ago:
Where do you get your coconut oil from?
McKayMachina wrote 42 months ago:
@mrsgomez19: My local grocery store is an Albertson's but it only carries this one kind. I am going to check out the local, organic grocery and health food stores and middle eastern stores this weekend.
Gmnidrm wrote 42 months ago:
I am so excited that there is someone who loves,uses and knows all the wonderful benefits of coconut as I do. I am so glad that there are even more Coconut products out there now. I am drinking So Delicious coconut milk like crazy and I love their yogurt. I drink so much Coconut water I should have stock in it. and the god where does one start???? really summed it up :o)

Another "Coconut Lover"
Anonymous wrote 4 months ago:
What brand of coconut oil would be best for oil pulling for teeth whitening?
VibrantAnnette wrote 3 weeks ago:
coconut oil is really versatile and good too. I wanted to share a good tip on where to buy it no matter where you live. I am a chocolate chef, and get all my coconut products (oil, chips, cream, etc) from wilderness family naturals. Anyone can buy from them. I found them before I became a chocolatier. Their service is fast. Product is excellent. I love making a snack of coconut chips, especially when my glucose goes wacky cause I need a little food. I carry a small container in my gym bag, suitcase, briefcase, vehicle, purse... and I have a hundred pounds on hand at all times. I've used every type of coconut oil they carry, all delicious.

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