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30 day squat challenge -- 50 for Tuesday :)

Photo: The Fit Community  4 seconds ago.    Squats Challenge starts today! Some have already started and doing great! This calendar has gotten shared quite a bit and lot of the same questions on the thread so I have tried to answer most of them below. Remember have fun with the challenge, that's what its for, hopefully to get your butt in a little better shape for summer :) Get you toned, your legs a little stronger and most of all hopefully jump start a new fitness journey..Happy Squatting!!

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Lyssa62 wrote 57 months ago:

there are some proper forms
aschn620 wrote 57 months ago:
I'm in. I'm not going to be able to do them all at one time every day but I will do my very best! I just did 30. I will work on getting the last 20 in for today while I make dinner! :)

Great challenge Lyssa! Thanks for putting this out there for us! :)
Lyssa62 wrote 57 months ago:
some of my friends on facebook are also breaking them up into "groups" long as you get them's all good!!!! :)
missshoes07 wrote 55 months ago:
I'm on Day 17 and yes I break them up too. 25 squats in the morning, get coffee, 25 squats, do half my makeup, do another 25 squats, pick out my ensemble for the day, another 25 squats, finish makeup, and another 25 squats. My bestie told me about this. I can tell you that in 2 weeks I've noticed a difference! my thighs are starting to look pretty amazing. Like I feel confident in relatively short shorts (4")
madshayes123 wrote 55 months ago:
i m in starting today - 03/06/2013
AprilSchulte10 wrote 55 months ago:
Starting today too!!

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