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My recent dream

I just had to share it. It was the night before last, and I just keep replaying it. 

So I had a dream that my family and I had just moved into a new house. We're in the middle of actually doing so, so I can see how it's worked it's way into my dreams. Anyway, so there we are in the new house, and I say to my Husband "It may not be the back yard we originally wanted, but it's not so bad." while looking out a HUGE plate glass window over a gorgeous lake surrounded by pine trees. (Clearly much more amazing than anything we have looked at, so I don't know how it was just 'not so bad' in my dream!!) So I step towards the window to take in the view, and I am suddenly nude and there are people sitting at little bistro tables staring!! I gasp and retreat down and backwards and that's when I see him: Only the CUTEST, most FLUFFY gray bunny in my kitchen!! He's eating a bowl of sugar that we apparently fed him, and his big ears are twitching adorably!! Just then my Daughter comes into the room and wakes me up, and what is in her hands!? A plush bunny toy! What in the world!? I immediately say to her "Can I pet him? I just had an amazing dream about a bunny!!" 

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