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I took some progress photos today because I'm two weeks into Stronglifts 5x5 - which I'll get to later - and as long as I had the tripod set up, I snapped a couple pics in a dress that I haven't had the nerve to wear out of the house yet. And compared it to a photo from January 2010 in a skirt and corset top I was sewing (didn't have a strapless bra at the time, hence the straps showing).


Weight lifting did a better job bringing in my waist than cinching it with a corset did!

Anyway... Stronglifts, yeah. Been doing that for two weeks. I'm going to take photos every two weeks. I'm not seeing any major change so far, but I didn't expect to. My weight is about the same. My lifts have gone up as follows:

Squat: 45 -> 70
Deadlift: 75 -> 90
Bench Press: 65 -> 75
Overhead Press: 45 -> 55
Rows: 65 -> 75 

I'm eating about 2000-2100 calories (about 10% below TDEE) Monday - Friday, but not logging on weekends. Not logging today, either. Just wasn't in the mood. I'm lifting 3x a week and running between 3-6 miles 3x a week. 

Here's the photos:


Not much has changed, but I got more bootylicious! :D


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SarahCW1979 wrote 19 months ago:
Wow... just wow. You are fab-u-lous!
Im so trying this lifting lark, got to finish the shred first but looking at you is making me want to dump Jillian Michaels and pick up a barbell! Ordered a copy of the lifting book you suggested so fingers crossed!
auroranflash wrote 19 months ago:
Girl, you are SMOKIN'.

You look better than a lot of 20 year olds I see. Seriously.

Be careful wearing that dress out of the house. Make sure you or the hubs carries a club to beat away all the gawkers. ♥
danasings wrote 19 months ago:
You...and that dress...are absolutely scorching hot!! You are such an inspiration!! I can't wait until I can have my home gym and lift HEAVY weights, not the <20 pounds I do now.
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 19 months ago:
Holy shitballs! You have to wear that out in public!
newhabit wrote 19 months ago:
you are the one who inspired me to start lifting and running!
newhabit wrote 19 months ago:
you are the one who inspired me to start lifting and running!
Michelleypoo82 wrote 19 months ago:
You look super sexy in that dress! I can even see a difference in the bikini shots. : )
happypath101 wrote 19 months ago:
You, a bikin, and heels! My GOD woman, you are inspiring!
Vansy wrote 19 months ago:
I think you can definitely see some differences in the photos from last month to this month! (your glutes and quads definitely look more toned). That red dress is stunning!!! You look great!
Williamj wrote 19 months ago:
Are you doing cable rows?
CurrieWilliams wrote 19 months ago:
Look Awesome!!!
SweetNSassee wrote 19 months ago:
girl you better wear that dress in public you look FAB!
elizabethis wrote 19 months ago:
You look truly gorgeous in that red dress - and a great smile! Nice work.
monianderson wrote 19 months ago:
congrats lady! you look amazing!!!! keep it up!
joz160 wrote 19 months ago:
WOW what more is there to say
brendaschmitt1 wrote 19 months ago:
Wow , Wow and Wow. Keep up the good work! Hopefully I will succeed as much as you have with getting in shape. A true inspiration.
ShmoozyQ wrote 19 months ago:
Damn! I see that booty! Nice work. You look smokin' in the red dress. Hope you're planning on wearing it somewhere very soon!
barbiek999 wrote 19 months ago:
You look so damn hot in that red dress girl! Definitely wear it out somewhere, you deserve the looks you're sure to get;). BTW, you are looking more toned already, just in the 2 weeks. Can see it in your legs and toosh. Well done! You are my inspiration for getting fit!

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