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The Secret to my Success.

(Props to ICanHasCheezburger?)

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coopersmom2006 wrote 17 months ago:
One of my cats weighs in at around 26 lbs. This might actually work for me! ;)
LorinaLynn wrote 17 months ago:
That's a lotta kitty! My biggest are around 15 pounds.
Hearts_2015 wrote 17 months ago:
lol cute, since I only have one now, it might not work. I guess I could use an 7lb soup can in the other?
truecaligirl wrote 17 months ago:
I think I just found my best weight loss tool...A CAT!!!... I am allergic to them so after my workout I would probably spend my time rubbing my eyes and nose, keeping me from eating ..YES!!! Thanks Lorina :)
ptbodacious wrote 17 months ago:
I can see this happening at my house - except one cat weighs 17 pounds and one weighs 6 pounds, so I would have to make sure to alternate or risk severe lopsidedness (is that even a word?!?!?).
cuterbee wrote 17 months ago:
This is my house, except with dogs!
HeidiMightyRawr wrote 17 months ago:
Haha I love it! I never got much of a workout from my cats, they were tiny little things - About 8lb each fully grown!
LorinaLynn wrote 17 months ago:
One of mine - thankfully, one of the smaller ones - likes to jump on my stomach when I'm on the bench.
Iron_Feline wrote 17 months ago:
Ha yes - one of mine likes to sit on my stomach when doing sit ups and sit under me when I do planks!
Mogwai913 wrote 17 months ago:
I really love this cartoon, it makes me giggle. I especially like how unhappy the cats are with being used as weights, hehe.

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