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I Get By With A Lil Help From My Friends

I have been struggling with weight since elementary school. I was always a bit chubby and the kids in gym class would always point out how bright red my face got. I actually think that point alone lead to me not wanting to excercise. (mean kids). Plus I always loved to talk more than work out at Figure skating as a kid too. Trust me its not fun being hoisted up in a harness to land jumps when you are over weight. haha.

 In college in didn't get much better. You've heard about the freshmen's REAL. I used to eat burritos, beef patties, sausage, bacon, mounds of mashed potatoes, cheese with no restriction on portion size. Not to mention all the drinking one does in University and College. I used to drink Max Ice which is a 40oz of beer. Cheap, nasty and high on calories.

Going into my 3rd year of school I decided to start biking to work (40 mins each way). I also decided to change my diet and become a vegetarian.

 I lost 15 pounds in 4 months and it felt amazing! (I was using MFP of course)

Living with my sister at the time it was so easy staying motivated and keeping track of my calories.

But of course I put some of that weight back on when I got into a new relationship. We drove to the store, ate take out, went out for dinner, got treats etc. Plus we were both so busy with school work.

 Now is my time though, I have some free time and I am going to fill it with excercise. My best friend is dedicated to get abs (she is really close). I am so greatful to be losing weight with someone. Doing it alone is very hard. Especially if your partner isn't on the same plan.


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