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Fruit Review - Bubble Gum Flavored Apples 0.o

"I'm sorry, You must have the wrong title."

 That is what my co-worker stated when I started typing up this little ditty. :)  Small back-story: When I was growing up - I hated eating my veggies, and my fruit. Yes, I was one of those weird kids but give me a plate of my Great Aunt Minnie's home made Macs-N-Cheese prepared with her own secret recipe and fruits and veggies became the farthest thing in my mind.  I remember anticipating the two days per week I spent with my Great Aunt and she would never disappoint - making the Macs-N-Cheese every time.

So when I received a text from one of my health oriented friends that merely stated 'Bubble Gum Flavored Apples' - I was intruiged.  Being the big kid at heart, I am always looking for fun ways to eat healthy and have a giggle along the way. Everyone needs a good giggle each day - just one with a smile can make all the difference on how the day goes. So I persuaded my friend to send me a few of these so-called bubble gum apples to try.

First thing - It's a Fuji Apple. At least the Bubble Gum ones are (yes - they have other flavors).  Upon looking at the packaging:  11% of the daily value of Vitamin C, 3 grams of Dietary Fiber - not bad.  15 grams of sugar.... whoa.  So I looked up on several nutrition websites and found that Fuji's range from 15 to 20 grams of sugar per apple. My nerves were calmed a little but I was still a skeptic when it comes to a piece of fruit tasting anything different then it's name.  I opened the packaging and waft of bubble gum scent filled my nose. Can it be? Really.... have they made a hybrid apple to appease even the finkity of children??

Upon my first bite, there was a hint - and I do mean ever so lightly a hint - of bubble gum 'taste' to it. But in the end, it was just a Fuji Apple (which I love by the way).  For giggles - this is a fun piece of fruit.  But at $1.50 per piece, not really budget saavy in any way.  However I did enjoy the 'Fun Factor' of the product, displaying the packaging upon my desk for everyone to see and hearing the Ooooos and WTFs.  If you are interested in taking a gander.  A refreshing snack when my tummy was grumbling, but I can also get at least two non flavored fuji apples at Whole Foods for the price of just one Crazy Apple.

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