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Top Ten Reasons My Cat Is Better Than a Boyfriend

10. He lets me control the remote control.
9. I never have to close the door when home alone with him when I go to the bathroom.
8. No matter what I eat or say or do he thinks I hung the moon.
7. He knows when I'm sick or worried and comforts me.
6. He likes to snuggle in bed until I fall asleep, then leaves me alone.
5. He listens to everything I have to say usually with great interest, and when he chooses to respond, I can make up whatever I think he means in my head to agree with me.
4. He's happy every time I come home. I've been told he starts waiting for me by the back door at 4 p.m. even though I don't usually get home until 5.
3. He's a cat named Duck, enough said.
2. I can blame stains, messes, spills, breaks on him. Even if its not true. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.
1. He's seen me naked and still thinks I'm a rock star

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susannahcooks wrote 69 months ago:
I wish Duck would give Gracie (Grace Kitty) a lesson on #6. If Gracie thinks I'm awake (even if I'm totally not), she will put her face up in mine and sniff or lick my nose or something so I'll pet her. Whiskers are cute and all, but not at 3 am! :)

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