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Hairy Bikers meal one. Cajun Chicken and Wedges. This is NOT an advertisement ! :)

Today I bought the Hairy Bikers weight loss book. 

For those of you that don't know who they are, they are a couple of men who are from Preston and Newcastle, in England and they travel around the country looking at local food , such as pies , sausages and bacon and usually make a dish of their own using the local ingredients.

Usually their food is full of calories , but it is so good.

And they are not small guys, they were big, until they went on a diet and made meals which are low in calories.

I made my first meal out of the book today - Cajun spiced chicken and Wedges.

The recipe was easy to follow, and it went down a treat with my mum and brother, and at only 284 calories per serving it was well worth the time it took to make.

Although I won't put the recipe down (it'll be copy right and I'll get in trouble!) it contained;


  • A Chicken Fillet.
  • Paprika
  • Potatoes cut in to wedges.


I basically cut the potatoes in wedges , covered in Paprika and banged in the oven. The chicken I made a herb mix (made from scratch using the recipe) which I covered the chicken in and then pan fried them in one cal spray oil. 

I'm not the best cook in the world, I usually have bad time management , but this time I was lucky I got it near enough right !

The book is filled with lots of food that is low calorie but looks really nice , and they don't leave anything out , they make food that people think they can not eat when trying to lose weight , such as filo pastry flan and lasagne, but in stead of pasta sheets they use things like leeks !

I honestly believe this book will help me with food ideas, I'm not a very fussy eater there are only a handful of things I will not eat (peppers, bananas and courgettes) but I can never think of any good recipes to cook. I think in this book I will be making everything atleast once and I will post when I have made them.

I know I sound like I am advertising this book , but I'm really not , I just know that some people find it very hard to think up healthy meals which are suitable for everyone. And I just can not get over how good this book is , usually in cookbooks I like possiby three things , but in this one I like basically everything!

So if you're interested please look it up, and if anyone already has this book , tell me what you think of it and if you have made any meals ! 

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