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February 1st Flex Wall

Super THANKS to those who participated in the flex wall this time around! It's so awesome to see people embracing themselves and showing off their confidence to help inspire and motivate others! I know I like to look at other people's journeys as I'm doing my own so I figured putting together groups of people who want to share their own could help those who need to keep their motivation going.


Now for this Week's FLEX WALL!! Featuring: Jayme Bales (, Seth Pavlak (, Laura Silverman, Stacy Wilson, Kathy Polumbo, and Albinogorilla!! 


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 Join us next time by either by posting it on my fb page at or e-mailing me at


I look forward to all your inspiration!!! :D





Flex Wall

Had some of my fb fans and MFP friends submit their Flex Friday pics so we could put them together! Hope to do this once a month because it's awesome to see so many people commit to making progress! Thanks everyone for being motivation no matter if you are just beginning or in the middle of your journey!

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I used to HATE running!!!!


I used to HATE running!! (Can you believe that?!)

As a kid, when forced to run a mile in gym class, I would usually run .5mi then walk the rest or run every other lap, not necessarily because I couldn’t but because I didn’t want to. I had friends that would walk the whole thing, and I think they influenced me into walking as well.

Looking back, I noticed a spark in running when I was in my strength training classes in High School. We had to run twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the winter, we would run inside the hockey arena through the hallways around the ice, and it was almost like “free” running. I had fun going up the couple steps and sharp turns as we ran, but it was still considered a “chore” as I was forced to do it. I also liked seeing my improvement when we did this running exercise across the gym to a soundtrack which beeped at certain intervals. If you didn’t make it to the line, you were out. It got faster and faster every tenth beep. I’ve always been competitive and that drive to beat most always pushed me a little farther each time we had to do it. But still I didn’t enjoy it…

When I joined the AF, my biggest fear was being forced to run 1.5 miles in basic (even though I had the "I can do it" attitude. 1.5 miles seemed so long at the time. Now it's crazy to think that's really all I had to do!! I did it but still didn't like it. In tech school, I was so excited when I accomplished the 1.5mi in just under 12 min, but I still would never have thought I’d enjoy running on my own time.

After finding motivation to get into better shape back in 2008 (I had a flight chief pull me in the office and asked me if I was pregnant), I started running quite a bit on the treadmill, doing sprints and such mostly for the fact that I could visualize my calories melting off when the treadmill numbers went up (not having much education in the fitness realm, I didn’t realize I should have been lifting more, but it still was a competitiveness that I had).

I got out of the AF in 2009 and went into a slump. I gained all the weight I had back plus some. But somewhere in mid 2010, I decided enough was enough… I tried doing some runs on my own and found that I could get to 2 miles without stopping. I ran 2 miles around my “block” at a time at first, sprinting in my apartment garage with the neighbor in the winter. I found that I was getting faster, and less winded, and finally found a pace where I could just keep going, and my runs got longer and longer.

I always sprint at the end of a run. No matter what. I like the way it feels, and I think it keeps my body from giving up too soon because it always has to push at the end. I pick a point up ahead, and sprint as fast as I can go. This is what I think helped my speed in the long run.

Just shows ya that a little push every time, will eventually get improvement! I focus more on my strength training now, but cardio is important for overall health and well being. I found that I don’t want to do the “long” runs all the time now as it goes against my muscle building, but to be more of a “sprinter”. Think of the body shape you want, and the differences between a marathon runner’s body and a sprinter’s body.

Anyway, I hope my little runners journey will help someone out there find their love of running! <3



Our Engagement

So my weekend was pretty awesome. My boyfriend, Seth, and I usually do legs together Sunday nights, but he has been on nights for a couple weeks so on Friday when I asked him if we were going to go to the gym , he just said, “We’re going out”. I was like cool! He rarely wants to go out himself but it didn’t really faze me at the time, thinking it had to do with his schedule. I went out with my girlfriend on Friday, had a blast with her.  Seth and I went and had an awesome cheat meal at Pizza Luce and devoured an amazing Largse “Maximus” Pizza. So far, awesome!


On Sunday, I woke up with the intention of hitting the gym asap and getting ready for the week before Seth and I “went out” at 5ish.   I asked what kind of going out, like do I wear? He said wear something nice.  Hmmm…. Well I got to the gym in the afternoon and killed legs, had an amazing workout. Felt great! Went back home, Seth is kind of pushing me to start getting ready (it’s two by this point) but I needed to make lunch (steak, sweet potatoes and broccoli) and get my protein muffins baking. Did all that, took my shower, did the whole hair and makeup thing,  and was ready by 5 (minus cooking off all my chicken!)

Warrior Dash 2011

In the car, I didn’t quite know where we were going, but we headed off towards St. Paul and St.Paul came and went. I then had the feeling we would end up at the Mall of America. Seth and I are technically employees for the House of Comedy there. I used to work there as a full time bartender but I’m now only on call and Seth will do the door once in awhile, because of this, we on occasion take advantage of free tickets and see a show on Sunday.  So far, no big deal.  We arrive and we get there super early. Seth is known for always being late so he made sure we couldn’t be late this time. We were the first ones there but I didn’t know we were expecting others. After a little while, his dad, stepmom, and brother and sister come in. Hey cool! I know these guys!  Next came two of our best friends, then my parents, more of our friends, and ended up being a group of about 15. Neat!! I kind of had a thought in my head that if he was going to pop the question, this is prime set up. Ha! Well we watch the entire show, which was hilarious!! Of course the headliner was ripping on being married and relationships, making everyone else, but me!, a little uncomfortable because they knew what was coming and I didn’t.



At the very end of the show, the MC makes a few announcements, the normal “tip your servers” and “use these exits” and then he says something along the lines, “I have one more special announcement, I’d like to bring Seth and Jenae to the Stage.” Seth was fumbling, sitting in front of me and quickly stands up and drags me along up on stage. He turns around, just shaking! I felt so bad for him really. He looked so nervous! He got down on one knee and and says “Jenae, will you marry me?” I immediately say “Yes!!” but it wasn’t into the mic, so only the front rows heard, so he got into the mic and says “She said Maybe, I can work with that!” Hahahaha! I think he actually confused some people who didn’t hear me say yes. Ooops!! But hilarious, needless to say!

Newly Engaged!! 

Full Album: (So Far!)


Banana Protein Muffins

Okay.. A bunch of people are asking me about these.. I tweeked a "banana protein pancake" recipe off of so that I could bake it and make it much easier than it already was. These are delicious and have replaced my protein bars (haven't had one in a couple weeks!)

 Banana Protein Muffins:

  •  Quaker Oats - Old Fashioned Oatmeal, 2 cups
  • Banana - Banana, 1 banana
  • Mott's - Natural Applesauce & Vitamin C - No Sugar Added, 1/2 Cup
  • Muscle Tech - 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus - Deluxe Chocolate, 4 scoop
  • Vanilla extract, 1 tbsp
  • Baking Powder, 1 TBSP
  • Brown Sugars, 4TBSP
  • Splenda, Bulk - Sweetener, ¼ Cup

Mix all ingredients. Adding a little water will keep the protein powder from puffing up and making a mess.

Spray 2 6-muffin tins with baking spray. Divide evenly

Bake at 300F for 20 min. Let rest for about 10 min.


  • Calories:125
  • Carbs: 21
  • Fat: 1
  • Protein: 8

 I usually eat 2 at a time... or just one for a "quick" snack.. 

Optimal Time for Training

Figured I need to post more in my blog so it can be used for reference much easier than trying to find a forum post. So I apologize for some of the redundancy. :)


Here is an excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding that answers one of the questions I get asked the most. I always say find the motivation not just to exercise but the motivation to form a habit, a routine.. A simple 30min walk everyday for 30 days will get you in the routine, without burning you out. After that, build to more. Time and time again, I see people quit just because they went too hard, too fast, and they just weren't ready for it.

Optimal Time for Training--- You can boost the success of your aerobic workout by training at specific times. Early morning is one of the best possible times to get in an aerobic workout, but it's not the only time that offers extra fat-burning benefits. Right after a weight-training session your body is in fat-burning mode. Your metabolism is high from the weight training and you have used most of your glycogen stores during the strength-training session. Your body burns off more fat for fuel sooner. Post-weightlifting is an excellent time to squeeze in an aerobic workout and take advantage of the fat-burning processes already at work. **BUT REMEMBER** The key to success is CONSISTENCY! Far more than time of day! As long as you're doing those 3-5 30-45min sessions per week, you're doing fine!! Don't let anyone tell you that you must exercise at any particular time.

"Lift Heavy! Run Hard!" =D (Daily motivation, to keep you going!)


Answers to E-mail Questions

I've decided to do a blog post that incorporates some e-mails that I get, as I do get a few e-mails that ask the same thing. I always respond to my e-mails, but I figured I could post parts of them so that others could get the information. (I won't post names, of course, and names will always be kept confidential)..


  • Person 1: I was wondering what type of workouts did you start out to work on the body u have now I want to have my body the way u have it lol:) I see u run now and lift but what did u do before?
  • Me: run and lift.. I just didn't focus on lifting as much, but once I did the weight fell off... =)

  • Person 1: oh okay Im not a runner at all lol

  • Me: I wasn't either... I joined the AF, and I was dreading the 1.5mi run they were gonna make me do.. while I did it, and got through it, I thought it was terrible.... training for my PT test a couple years later, I decided to try and run 2 mi.. made it, and I was like wow, I ran that? at the gym, I was going on the treadmill, and I would run a little, walk a little, and always push myself to run a little longer, or a little faster...

    After getting outta the AF (3.5 years ago).. I gained about 40lbs over the following year and a half. Decided to run a bit.. and I would run 2 miles a few times.. then I decided to go farther.. and kept pushing just a little farther each time...

    Now. I can run. and I can run fast. Because I pushed myself. I told myself I could do it.

    So when people say, "I'm not a runner".. I say I'm not either. You need to tell your body that it's you that's in control.


  • Person 2: I need to lose about 20lbs then I will be at my goal weight. Should I wait to tone and lift weights after I'm finished losing? I started lifting 16-20 lbs everyday this is bicep dips but only 60 reps.. So I do 30,20 and then 10. along with push ups.. I don't want man muscles!! only girl
  • Me: You don't have the testosterone in your body for "man muscles" hence why they are called man muscles! Have you ever seen a woman in real life with man muscles? you may have seen pics of female bodybuilders, but they have to take hormones and steroids to get like that, plus they look much more muscular when they are posing and flexing..

    You should start lifting right away, especially since you're so close to your goal weight, you will get much better results as your muscles will not only help your metabolism (even by a small amount, it helps right!?) plus if you're only doing cardio, your body isn't getting the well rounded workouts you should be doing. It's a combination of both plus a good, clean diet, that yields the greatest results.

    My last 20lbs fell off after I took lifting seriously. (in about 2 months)


  • Person 3: I'm hoping you can set me on the right track again. You are very motivating and look awesome. I was losing weight pretty well up until January when I started training for 5K's. I have ran 10 now and I keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over. I tried lowering my calories and increasing my calories and nothing has helped. I noticed you take in a lot of protein. Do you think it would help if I increased mine? Take a look at my diary if you don't mind and maybe you could give me some suggestions. My foods lately don't look that great but it's because no matter what I eat I can't seem to lose anymore. Any advice you have or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  • Me: (after looking at their diary) I have to be blunt here.

    Nothing in your diet says healthy.

    You initially lost weight because you increased exercises (WTG BTW!!!).. Your body adapted and now if you want more change, you're going to have to make some more changes.

    Switch out those processed foods for whole foods. Eggs are great for breakfast. Chicken and Veggies for dinner. Salads (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, any veggie, sm. amount of cheese, and a "light" dressing"... )

    Those are just examples, but your next step is to switch out some of those foods for "whole" foods... they are much more nutritious. Take a look at my diary :)

    For exercise, if you've reached a plateau, you must adapt (run faster, farther, add in weight lifting, etc)...

    Hope that helps a little!

  • Person 4: Hey there I have a question for you. I currently weigh around 181 and I would like to weight train. I was told that I should wait to heavy weight train until I have lost most of the weight I want to lose. I was thinking that I would wait until I was around 160, do you think that is a good idea? I usually work out twice a day mostly cardio/walking/hiking and the weight is very slow. I am in a wedding in September and I would LOVE to be as close to 150ish as possible. Any ideas/thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated

  • Me: START LIFTING NOW!!!!! I can't stress that one enough! Muscles burn more cals at rest, so it helps peak your metabolism, thus resulting in faster fat loss. Plus you will start looking more toned/fit.. even at a slightly higher weight you'll start looking better.. since sept. isn't that far off, you should stress to see improvement, not necessarily your lifetime goal. You will also feel much better after you lift weights and tone, and that gives me energy and motivation to keep going. If you've been doing a lot of cardio for awhile.. you've prolly hit a plateau.. and your body is now storing fat to use as energy for your cardio sessions.. I do 20-25 min cardio (running) 4-5 times a week. and I lift 45-75 min 4-5 a week.. so if you do workout twice a day, try changing one of those sessions to purely lifting... hope that helps!!!! =D



  • Person 5: Hey girl!! What kin of a plan do you follow as far as calories and exercise? You look absolutely wonderful and I would love to look like you!!

  • Me: Thanks!!! Hard work does pay off!

    For my plan, I'm a bit complicated because I just kinda make up as I go and find out what works for me.. I have my basic routine posted on my blog but I can change it up based on how I feel.. I try and net 1800 cals (give or take) daily. I don't mind if I go a bit over as I'm at a 300cal deficit. I lift weights 4-5 times a week, and run 20-25min 4-5 times a week..

    Hope that helps.. let me know if you have any more specific questions.. =)


  • Person 6: Hi Jenae,
    You've been at this weight loss/fitness lifestyle for at least a couple years, haven't you? How have you consistently lost weight/fat for the last two years without a plateau/stall? I'm considering a metabolism reset (as described by Leigh Peele) because I've been eating at a calorie deficit for 2 years, with the exception of a handful of vacations. If you have experienced some plateaus, how did you overcome them?

    Thanks and have a fantastic day!

  • Me: I think it's because I'm always tweaking, I was at sort of a plateau a few weeks ago but I upped my cals so I was only at a 300 calorie deficit.. but I also don't try too hard to make that number "0".. somtimes I'm over by a couple hundred, sometimes under a couple hundred, and I feel that it "evens" out, and keeps my body guessing. I also try to always push my body everytime I work out. I don't just "workout".. I always want to do better then the last time I was there.. for example, last time I did squats, I hit 185lbs.. so of course when I did them last sunday, I was going to try for 200lbs.. I warm up properly, work my way up, I make sure I have good form, and hit it. And I try to do that with every exercise. I shoot for 4-8 reps** (Varies for exercise and muscle group).. If I can do 10-12 that means I'm ready to up my weight. When I run, I try to run faster, or farther, or when I do intervals, I can sprint one more time, even though I want to give up.

    I change up my exercises, and while I follow my own split, I don't get mad when I have to adapt, such as staying an extra hour and a half at my day job yesterday which took my gym time away. I was planning on doing chest, but I got home 30 min before I had to leave for my 2nd job.. did I just sit around and wait? nope.. popped in an Insanity (cardio abs, the 16min one) workout and made my abs work! Sweated up a storm! Got my dinner into my lunch box, changed clothes, and got to work.

    It also doesn't matter if you have 30 min or 120 min.. If you make yourself work in that time, it's a huge benefit to your goals! I used to give the excuse "oh, not enough time at the gym" if my time got short.. but It's amazing what you can accomplish when you are short on time.

    Sorry, I sort of rambled there, but I hope it helps! If I missed something, let me know!


MFP deletes e-mails after 30 days, I wish I realized that because I would have done this sooner! Anywho, feel free to e-mail me any questions/comments you may have!!

 Have a great day everyone!!


"Lift Heavy! Run Hard!" fitness (Daily Motivation, Pics, Quotes, Etc)

Bored at work... and the mind goes...

So my work is done for the day, but I still have 30 min left til it's time to go... (I've actually been done for the last hour or so). But gives me time to browse MFP and other motivating websites. It's amazing how much you can find on the internet nowdays! I've been able to update my progress and now that I actually see it. I'm just even more motivated.. but where to go? What are my goals? I'm actually not quite sure (other than getting stronger). I've had people tell me to go into competitions, which I think I'd really enjoy but I work 65+ hrs a week.. where do I squeeze that in? That is a whole other arena.. posing, tanning, oils, shaving, judging, walks, suits, whew... uh yeah.. when? Then I start thinking about what I want to do in life. I'm currently working a day job as a temp.. at UPS as a PT Supervisor.. I have a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics with minors in Aviation Safety and Management... and where am I at? Working my butt off at jobs that I enjoy but not where I see myself at in another 5 years... I really really enjoy what I've been able to do to my body and really get enjoyment out of motivating others... I'd like the shot at being someone like Dana Linn Bailey... My amazing boyfriend is really into fitness as well... he thinks we should go get our personal training certificates and build from there. I've briefly thought about maybe going back to school for a second bachelors in kinesiology.. as that can also be applied to my aviation safety interest (as in ergonomics or just occupational health and safety)... jeez.. life and their decisions!! I'd really like to not work so much and enjoy life.

I'd really really like to hear other people's thoughts on my choices... if anyone's been in some similar situation or has a little push for me in the right direction. Hmmmmm....

 Thanks for reading! =D

I love Squats!

Loved Squats today!!!  Warmed up with 10 min stairmaster, free squats and lunges, 3 sets of pushbacks, back extension, and core (warms up all muscles that will be engaged for squats).. Then here's my squat line up:
15 reps @ 45lbs (just bar)
10 reps @ 135lbs
8 reps @ 155lbs
6 reps @ 175lbs
6 reps @ 185lbs
6 reps @ 185lbs
15 reps @ 95lbs
15 reps @ 45lbs x2


After, I went onto walking lunges,  hip ad/abbductors, leg extensions, calf raises, 5 min cool down on bike and stretching.. 


My legs may hate me tomorrow.. but it feels GOOD! =D



My Rountine (Tue/Wed)

Another installment of my routine. While it looks cut and dry, it isn't. I change a bit, from maybe going heavier and a couple less reps, to switching up an exercise. This is just more of an idea for what I do..

On arms day, I usually do a set of shoulder press, a set of bicep curls, and then a plank movement, just to keep my heartrate up and do more of a circuit. On Back day, I'm usually rotating between a set of free squats, pushups, and plank movement between my sets.


  • Shoulders/Arms
    • Warm-up- 5-10 min on cardio, arm circles, 10-15 pushups
    • Shoulder Press Dumbbells – 4x10, 30lbs
    • Bicep Curls – 4x10, 20-25lbs
    • Tricep extension, standing, dumbbells, -- 4x10, 35lbs
    • Shoulder Fly (I can’t think of what these are called), 4x10, 15-20lbs
    • Shoulder Shrugs 4x10, 40-45lbs
    • Cool Down – Bench 95lbs 10-15, bench bar 10-15, Some sort of cardio for 5-10, stretch
Wednesday:·         Run on Lunch Break (25min..about 3 mi)·         Abso    Insanity DVD.. at home oro    This at the gym-1.     Stairmaster 10min2.     All kinds of planks3.     Russian twist w/10lbs4.     Captains chair5.     Cool down—Cardio for 5-10 min

  Abso    Insanity DVD.. at home oro    This at the gym-1.     Stairmaster 10min2.     All kinds of planks3.     Russian twist w/10lbs4.     Captains chair5.     Cool down—Cardio for 5-10 min


If I'm busy one day, I will push something around. For example yesterday, I went on a 5 mile run but was planning on going to the gym in a few hours. Well I was waiting for my brakes on my truck to get looked at and they got delayed, luckily I was in my running gear and knocked out a couple more miles because I wasn't able to make it to the gym...

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